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movement of the thickness of the process has been a creative play, the count family Gé rald and Valentin brothers are in order to have a new way of showing time and enjoy the beauty of the watch,, so the size of the movement is small. In addition to the classic watch design, but also designed a ring table, gold watch and other works.

< p > in 1967,, count and super realistic art masters Dali Salvador Dali poured unrestrained creative passion, work together to design Dalid ‘or gold coins: blend into the positive Dali classic bearded image and his wife Gala portrait, back of Dali’s works in the common theme the eggs, and fascinated by the author gave birth to the "world of tomorrow" theme echoed. Count from Dali’s surrealistic alchemy magic inspired and acquire the exclusive right to use,, antique gold ideas shape extends to watch, bracelets,, pendants and rings design. From Daly’s D or ’22K Dali gold coins in the year only limited production, respectively, the individual number of casting.

Van Cleef & Arpels legends ball Watch skimming over the surface of powder Gold Dial watch watch auct

Van Cleef & Arpels: Pink Gold Dial Watch dance legend between skimming over the surface of

St Petersburg, February 11, 1903

of St Petersburg, nestled in a world of ice and snow, like emerge from the Russian fairy tales in the magic world. Winter Palace Wang court gathered crown cover. The theme from Alexandra James: seventeenth Century Russian Imperial Palace queen.

Bal Du Palais d ‘Hiver watch

< p > BAL du Palais d ‘hiver watch with mother of Pearl for decoration, using complex function "24-hour poetry movement, time between powder Gold Dial skimming over the surface.

Van Cleef & Arpels: Pink Gold Dial Watch dance legend between skimming over the surface of

Venice, September 3,, 1951

< p > BAL Du Siè CLE is "Don Carlo" dedicated "to a quiet country" Venice of a gift! He’s going to be a grand ball to reproduce the past glory of the Venice,, Acura Shuicheng is not world of China and the United States. Whether in France or Italy,, he has a special liking for eighteenth Century,, so he set the venue of the dance in the grand Libya Venice palace, because the reception room is to mention the Poirot painting as a decoration. The theme is eighteenth Century non natural?.

Bal Du Siè

cle watch;

Bal Du Siè cle watch with mother of pearl dial color collocation aventurine glass, very kind of dance. 24 hours and watch it complex poetic time echo each other at a distance.

3999 Wyler limited edition Chronograph niche models table watch back _ watch _ auction _ fashion

< p > 2009 business,, stainless steel case, titanium and carbon fiber elements, the limited number 1584/3999, automatic winding 2894-2 movement, case size 53× 43 mm.

forecast price: 27000 – 18000 Hong Kong dollars

including commission price: 18750 Hong Kong dollars

< p > and a watch industry veteran eat when speaking of a niche brand, he believes that small brands to success often rely on limited edition, bengguan he limited how much,, whenever there is a limited often can achieve the desired results.

this WYLER time table is limited, in 2009 the world invested 3999 – but also enough. Shape nor particularly remarkable place, only to be outside of the crown bridge some meaning, also in pointer color under the some Kung Fu,, this time table is actually very much, since the FP 1185 and ETA 7750 movement,, small brands do Chronograph more and more. This table is not to twenty thousand Hong Kong dollars in the commission price transactions, it seems that the name of this limit does not help WYLER how much.

Hublot a young luxury brand momentum watch _ _ watch watch small knowledge _ fashion watch _ Paci


: a young luxury brand momentum

was able to stride into the new media, perhaps with Hublot young enough about. In several high-end watch brands, Yu ship table is age minimum a: the advent of 1848 in Switzerland,, a reincarnation table creation, (zenith) to Bihaoya is five years younger, and Yu ship table in 1980 after more than a century before the birth. It is only 30 years old, do not need to follow the tradition of the old brand.

Yu ship set up executive social network marketing position in Switzerland, in the Chinese market also plans to search for relevant personnel.

focus on new media

is very important for a young brand that wants to quickly open the market. In 2004, beaver became Hublot CEO go to take office. As a save and omega watches marketing veteran, beaver know, Yu ship must bypass the has hundred years history of the old luxury watches, opening up new markets, he aimed at 25-45 years old young entrepreneurs.

compared to the past luxury watch consumers, they are younger, more like the futuristic design. At the same time, they are accustomed to a group of people in the Internet,, to the United States and the Chinese market, for example, the average age of Internet users in the United States is 40 years, the proportion of Internet users in China 20~40 years is more than 50%.

Hublot: a young luxury brand momentum

Yu ship began very early deployment of new media. In June 2006,, beaver established Hublot TV,, this is the first online TV channel has ever created luxury brands. TV station staff to produce all kinds of news about the brand, and in the global communication.

subsequently, the popularity of social networking sites has changed the way the brand and consumer communication. Beaver will look into this new platform in Switzerland, set up a special charge of social network marketing position. At present, Hublot has 210000 fans on Facebook, and maintained a rapid growth. Beaver said, Hublot in China market also plans to search for relevant personnel.

new media is a major strategy for our future marketing, is very important." Beaver said.

< p > is not only Yu ship table to realize the importance of new media recently internet blowing "luxury style" — high-end brand decision through the Internet directly to Chinese consumers and sales of clothing and bags. Armani Emporio first to make a try, through their own website to start the network sales business; GUCCI (Gucci), Burberry (Group PLC Burberry) and the Italy footwear manufacturers s SpA Tod also said that there are plans to enter China online shopping.

Expert weapon how to watch master Ni Siwen watch collection of watches _ watch _ auction _ fashio

watch identification master Ni Siwen weapon: how to

collection of watches

stunt watch repair master

in Shanghai there is a famous watch repair evaluation master, said any watches are good or bad he just a pinch of a mold on the know, and as the only Shanghai watches Certified Expert, the relevant judicial departments involved in the case of the clock must pass through his identification, the target has been more than 5000 Watch by him. In fact, a long time, collection of watches has become the market a hot topic, has also become the object of concern to many investors. Then, the mysterious mechanic what trick, he will tell us which of the secret


watch identification master Ni Siwen weapon: how to

collection of watches< p > Ni Siwen since 1975, began to Hengdali clocks shop watch repair and maintenance work, relying on own diligently,, honor will ensue, watch repair industry a resounding name. In 1995, Ni Siwen finally got the title of senior technicians,, and in second years was included in the Huangpu District senior technicians in the directory, and the country in this industry to obtain the senior technicians, the title of a handful of people.

< p > after the reform and opening up, he was entrusted with the task,, in October 1979, single handedly up at the time of the first imported watches repair shop?? citizen special maintenance center, become in China after the reform and opening up the first foreign employed by technical and after-sales service management personnel. At the end of 1995 he in Hengdali clocks within the company established "Ni Siwen watch repair studio, specializing in the world watches maintenance, maintenance of antique clocks, gold shell repair and other characteristics of the project,, to fill the time gaps in the watch repair. And now, he set up a studio in the East pawn, but also allows people to understand the entire process of the repair table through the glass window.

And integrating watch watch auction used fashion watch the Pacific women’s network the two top brand

integration of the two top brand essence of Bvlgari Octo Maserati watch

The mechanical process of

extraordinary as if done by the spirits,

joint table to stand up and have a future thinking of the brand of traditional ideas for inspiration. In order to achieve the pursuit of perfection and precision technology, performance and style of the brand, Maserati Octo is specially equipped with a representative of the exquisite mechanical process of advanced watches movement: GG7800 Calibre. With all kinds of time measurement information display excellent arrangement design, this movement can be in the same type of complex mechanism to maintain its unique nature.

< p > in addition to the 12 o’clock position of the jump out of the window, this series of self movement is also equipped with four inverse jump display Benten fro. A including minutes, date and hour and minute time inverse show jumping, movement of all the complex mechanism all by Bvlgari Le sentier haute Horlogerie workshop personally R & D and manufacturing. Central timing second special configuration to 6 o’clock, to avoid affecting clockwise display Niao Kang C traditional build calibre GG7800 to guide column wheel system control the timing Benten fro. A given movement of top watches the excellent characteristics.

integration of the two top brand essence of Bvlgari Octo Maserati watch

height precision mechanical

have great originality "motor" collocation on the big 45 mm diameter stainless steel case. Start / stop and return to zero time according to the design at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock direction,, closely integrated into the table body, the rich table side of the design. This structure is integrated with the star shaped design lines, carefully crafted to the shape of the crown. Extremely sophisticated mechanical structure, each of the details are echoed with the core principles of Bvlgari and Martha Lahti brand. Pedigree,, technology of complicated Octo Maserati senior watches profound interpretation of lead the top car factory cars create a masterpiece of spirit.

< p > the scale of the ring part of the table, and velum is copying covered with Maserati factory producer of top sports car front front air dam design. So exquisite face plate is carved by Bvlgari enamel (champlevé) technology and processing. Enamel painting need through the ornamental hairpin h stage manufacturing, first of all to carve knife out hollowed surface for painting, then injected into the enamel, grinding, calcination, and polish, each procedure are not careless, was able to create the drow extraordinary velum.

integration of the two top brand essence of Bvlgari Octo Maserati watch

< p > disc shows the overall style of the multi-level effect, with blue background,, the various spiral lines and satin surface polishing treatment, 12 o’clock is 60 minutes scale ring, the date graduation in 6 >

Watch School the charm of the moment the clock inverse jump calendar display watch watch watch littl


Basic characteristics and composition of

inverse jump

Basic characteristics and composition of

inverse jump

< p > inverse jump function, also known as call back, return, it meant (retrograde) is retrograde, it plainly is go backwards. For timing tool, inverse jump is very worth pondering a function, because time is not retrograde, when the inverse jump pointer operation to the scale at the end of, seem to have cornered,, but in the next moment returned to the origin, to give the illusion of a time instant reflux.

< p > the appearance and inverse jump table the most obvious feature is the disk sector display area, such as inverse jump calendar is 1 to 31 digital in the sector to 180 degree show angular distribution of open, in addition and inverse jump week calendar, inverse jump calendar and reverse phase Tiao (this is rare), even when, minutes, seconds, etc. based display functions can be achieved by inverse jump to achieve.

The key components of

inverse jump mechanism

The key components of

inverse jump mechanism

< p > the first jump inverse cam, the parts in the inverse jump mechanism plays a role of connecting link between the preceding and the following, can say no it inverse jump function can not be achieved. "Bearing" refers to the inverse of the cam to jump with the inverse of the functional wheel (such as the calendar round or Zhou Lilun) fixed as one, for the day of the day in the next round of the driving force of the driving wheel, to reverse the mechanism to provide power. After the start of the inverse jump cam is obtained, it will start the core part of the reverse jump mechanism – cam lever mechanism. Leverage with the rotation of the cam to the rotation of the rotary shaft set, and along the outer edge of the cam driven slowly lifted, the characteristics of the outer edge of the curve of the cam is from the lowest point of the start end to the highest point, then matched with the lever will rise to the highest point,
Movado Watches, from the lowest point of, the final completion of a fall (inverse jump) process.

The key components of

inverse jump mechanism

second is the inverse of the fan wheel,, this part is the combination of the cam lever mechanism and the gear, the shape of the gear is not the round, but the interception of which is a fan, which is an important feature of the reverse jump mechanism. The reverse jump is connected with the reverse jump display wheel. The third is the positioning mechanism. The is the positioning mechanism, which is located in the setting of the inverse cam which is connected with it. The fourth is an auxiliary rod spring, which provides the elastic potential energy to ensure that the close coordination between the lever and cam, thus ensuring the reliability of the core part of the reverse jump mechanism. In addition, the positioning mechanism is also required to provide the elastic pressure to help locate the rod spring.

The gold watch on the map [decryption component] _ _ watch watch small knowledge _ fashion watch _ P

Rolex oyster Series Gold strap machine’s

< p > history, many of the alchemists, have tried to through some means to make synthetic gold cheaper to obtain profits, therefore has accumulated gold to add the different elements of different texture and color effect of experience.

< p > and standard of 18K gold, the color slightly red 18K pink gold, pink gold) has a different title red gold, red gold, rose gold, rose gold), and because it was in the early 19th century popular in Russia and the name of Russia (Russian gold. The composition is generally 750 thousand pure gold and 250 thousand of electrolytic copper, with strong ductility, high hardness, not easy to deformation or scrape injury and color changeable characteristics. The latter is especially benefited from the change in the composition of the alloy if added to the silver, the color will be lighter, the more the more silver, the more light red. When the content of silver increased to 10%, copper content back to about 15%,, the color will be relatively light or partial powder. Now, people have become accustomed to define chromaticity changes 3N gold powder (component for 75% pure gold and 13% silver and 12% copper), 4N gold powder (component for 75% pure gold plus 9% silver and 16% copper), 5N gold powder (component for 75% gold and 4.5% silver and 20.5% copper) with different numbers. It can be seen that the addition of silver and copper more, the color is also more and more partial red.


SERPENTI series of quartz watch,, 18kt rose gold case,, inlaid round brilliant diamonds.

addition, the most likely to cause people to misunderstand is 18K platinum. Although the color is generally difficult to distinguish from stainless steel, platinum,, etc., but it is still a kind of 18K gold, but its composition has a slightly different. The gold proportion is 750 per thousand, the other 250 1000 metal, it is often the secret. Vacheron Constantin changed the platinum formula for its men’s watches in 2007. More common platinum component is 75% pure gold and palladium copper 6% and 4% silver and nickel 2.5% 12.5%, then plated with rhodium metal protection, but Vacheron Constantin PD ratio increased to 15%, the expensive action the platinum rhodium plating without can more shiny, the factory also pointed out that this kind of formula will increase its strength, is not easy to be damaged. In fact, with 18K platinum, 18K gold is also prone to fade phenomenon, so Patek Philippe and Rolex in recent years are propaganda their 18K powder gold formula special, is the so-called "eternal" not fade of new material, in fact, only experts can tell their color and the difference.

In depth evaluation Cartire collectors love watch _ time zone watch watch _ auction _ fashion watch

Calibre de Cartier

multi time zone Watch

travelers must – Cartire de Cartier Calibre for a long time zone watch

people have long realized that different regions of the sunrise and sunset time is not the same, for example, when Beijing is at noon 12,, London is the morning of 4. When the distance is no longer a problem of communication, the problem of time is highlighted. 1884, Washington held the international meridian conference, the world is officially divided into 24 time zones, countries from then on the use of world time. At the same time, the watch business launched a fierce competition, trying to develop a watch that can display time zone time. Cartire is no exception. A leader in the field of the twenty-first session of the Geneva Watch Fair debut of Calibre de Cartier called the multi time zone watch. This is a traveler must be worthy of the name watches, Cartire also gave the business travel gift. This watch a total of three major highlights:


is a legible multi time zone display.

Calibre de Cartier

for a long time zone watch, for travelers to provide all of the practical information, watch the center of the sun and moon symbol of the sun and moon symbol day and night, indicating the time of departure, the main indicator of the time to watch the destination.

second highlights is the side of the city’s city indicator.

you can zoom through the side of the magnifying glass to show that this design can avoid the inconvenience caused by the excessive number of dial indicator. Just press the switch button, you can read the time of the 24 cities in the time zone, each press the button to display the city and the corresponding time, as well as the corresponding time between the city and travel.

Finally, a

Calibre de Cartier innovation highlights the long watches have summer and winter time conversion function. Implemented daylight saving time in five months, only transitions between urban instruction disk read in different time can be implemented daylight saving time and winter.

< p > so convenient ingenious features are derived in calibre de cartier watches a strong core of 9909 MC type automatic winding mechanical movement. 9909 MC type of movement is entirely made by Cartire research and development and manufacturing,, is Cartire’s senior watch series with multiple time zone function of the movement, but also a design for the traveler’s movement, with multiple time zones,, city display, (starting) day / night and time difference indicator.

Strong > not only within the core,, calibre de Cartier multi watch appearance is unforgettable, it has cartier watches all the classic elements: Roman numerals, "minute track" scale, blue steel hands and Cabochon sapphires. 45 mm case very male just.

The other side of the story — the top watch at night

On the other side of the

night legend — top watch of the night

dark night aesthetic

some watch the day to see the momentum, the night will be gentle and quiet, some of the table in the daytime quiet and dull, and one night will suddenly be gorgeous as fireworks. A table playing table is not due to the moment, the same. No surface and the truth, perhaps just this moment, he was. This time we want to say, is a range of art and technology control in the eyes of the luminous watch.

< p > during the day to see you will be slightly too fancy "California", to the night you will find its graceful: half Roman numerals half Arabic numerals dial design, in the night all watchcase surface detail is spent only left luminous pointer and scale, form the watch will break the monotony, is fun. And it is important to read, it is very easy to be in the night, and if the scale is simple and consistent, it is hard to tell what you are. And about this famous "California" also probably is more than Panerai and Rolex fans heart tangled (saying the "California" was originally specializing in production of precision instruments Panerai told the Italian Navy commissioned by the system, which uses a Rolex movement and crown technology, and the number of 3464 "California" Rolex Panerai watches has become the darling of the watch collectors). That later spread far and wide in the World War II Italian piece, Panerai has also been "cute" arrangement for a while for the Italian Navy "lay shot back. But it is undeniable, Panerai and Rolex in luminous technology and continuously explore.

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On the other side of the

night legend — top watch of the night< p > in the dark hours of readability, most of the watch is on the key scale with different shapes in order to make a distinction, such as Rolex 12 o’clock position is usually inverted triangle,, and Panerai is best known is typical of 369 type, namely at 3, 6, 9 scale by Arabic numerals. Of course, the clear luminous display, also have to mention Panerai famous sandwich sandwich structure dial, so to maximize the effectiveness of luminous material. And Rolex also do not throw in the towel, was widely welcomed the "Mercedes Benz needle", is in the clockwise to "Mercedes Benz" shape increases luminous range, so you can be the simplest way to tell time.

Pohl table of the "lantern",Graham London watches, not only from the form of color to distinguish. Blue gas lamp is arranged on the scale of minutes and 12 o’clock gas lamps for orange, green gas lamps in Chronograph pointer, and yellow gas lamp is arranged on the hour,, minute and second hands on. In a completely dark space, see a day exploration watch quite brave,, become like the fireworks shining sky.