Rojdu that single button Chronograph _ watch _ auction _ fashion watch _ Pacific women’s ne

Rojdu his single button key timing table

about manufacturing in 1990,Tudor watches, 18K rose gold case, single button chronograph, the observatory, RD65 movement, case diameter 40 mm.

forecast price: 120000 – 80000 Hong Kong dollars

including commission price: 118750 Hong Kong dollars

Roger Du Pi a lot of not only in the form of a very good design,, the function is also very idea. For example the one button chronograph, although a single timed button is also not what epoch, but the match rogeris of the design looks comfortable. 30 minutes total time disc and single bond is very take tone, in fact, to me said the world has entered a completely electronic and information technology, mechanical watches on the timing function is really so important?, no, in fact, is a play, a state of mind, a hobby.

Rojdu his single button key timing table

< p > so Roger Du Pi Alfonso Xing put this table is designed to go against the classical,
Graham Watches, red gold watchcase, black dial, stereo Hongjin scale, the Arabic numerals is cursive, and not too much of a luminous display. The results a whole table fight together really is such thing. Of course rogeris is not only playing the appearance of the brand, the movement of RD65 simply by the Swiss Observatory of COSC attestation and across the board movement won the Geneva seal certification.

Watch how to deal with broken glass _ watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _ Pacific women’s

How to deal with the

after the rupture of


glass will lead to serious damage, the watch is not sealed, thus affecting the waterproof function. From the watch glass material, vintage watches that plastic glass will not appear crack, and mineral glass on the table, especially popular now sapphire crystal glass is more prone to breakage. Photos of the Rolex watch is a typical can see it completely burst, and rupture of the damaged surface is inward (toward the table disk), glass debris covered dial. If you encounter this kind of situation must make a prompt decision to take measures immediately, the measures are as follows:

How to deal with the

after the

watch glass

(1) pull out the table to let the watch stop,

(2) can not dial the needle, nor can it be adjusted calendar.

(3) watch flat on flat (best glass),, until the clock repair shop to keep the posture of the wrist watch.

(4) there is no violent vibration and shaking.

(5) told the watch repair shop,, in the demolition and repair, pay attention not to let the glass debris and dial and hands.

Fashion watch brand how to repair failure _ watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _ Pacific w

fashion brand failure how to repair

watch about weakness, balance sheet may be stopped, watch mainspring instability or spring deformation. Tighten the cover later watch does not go, remove the movement, and the normal walking,Chopard Watches, fault location may be: second high touch table glass, glass not impaction circle table, resulting in the second touch watch glass. Fault analysis of the watch,Glashuette Original Senator Watches, it is only possible to determine the location of the fault may occur. Where the failure occurred in which one or several parts, but also must be specific to the watch, to determine the final.

fashion watch brand failure how to repair

1, watch about weakness,Breitling Watches, balance sheet is stopped, the breakdown of where

?< p > watches failure may be: mainspring torque instability or spring deformation, prolapse of the box cover box of the gear tooth bending or break a handle shaft of small round rod is too long and scraping strip wheel box; a wheel box wall fracture or deformation of the spring is too wide, a box of lamp convex.

Introduction _ Richemont watch school _ fashion watch _ Pacific women’s network

Richemont group:

< p > Richemont create in 1988, including the company’s main business:, handwriting tools, leather goods, fashion jewelry, accessories, Richemont group is by the South African billionaire settle & middot; Rupert (Anton Rupert), a hand to create the group after decades of development step by step into robust, according to a turnover of 2004 look for the world’s second-largest luxury ranking in another luxury watch LVMH group.

founder of Richemont Group Profile:

· Rupert (Rupert Anton) in accordance with our statement can be said to be a standard of the rich two generations, his father settled (Anton) rely on liquor and wine, and then the rapid development of the tobacco industry was controlled by 90% of the tobacco market in South Africa, some tobacco companies in the United Kingdom also have shares. But settle & middot; Rupert and unwilling to inherit his father, is just the beginning of keen interest in their hobbies management South Africa’s most famous two vineyards,, old settle Richemont group was founded in 1988 when, Rupert is involved in the separation of assets and restructuring, and listed on the Swiss securities exchange of the Richemont, which he put into the family business the first substantive work, after they gradually over Richemont’s things.


Development of

Richemont group:

After the establishment of the company has been rapid development, in 1990s, the performance is particularly prominent,, with · Rupert’s words: "the company is like standing in the elevator, you are standing still, it will have been rising".

< p > but short-lived, due to operating costs are too high in 2002 appeared capital operation without problems, which also dragged down the product development process caused by the decline in the vicious circle of sales performance in a straight line,, but settled & middot; Rupert quickly identify problems decisive off too much store compression operating costs, looking for professional managers and product R & D personnel to launch new products, in the year launched a new series of watch and jewelry, and some cheaper products, other brands have followed suit, soon new listing sales accounted for group sales of more than 20%. Under the leadership of Rupert, the company will reverse the plight of two years.



have watch brand:

< p > the company after the establishment of wantonly expansion and acquisition of luxury brands, most proud of is had to grab the hands of the rival LVMH group (IWC), -LeCoultre (Jaeger LeCoultre), A. Lange & amp; S & ouml; HNE (Lange). After each top watch brand convergence currently owns dozens of luxury watch brand, some brands are as follows:


The complex function of gift eight Patek Philippe rare treasures _ watch _ auction _ fashio

< p > luxury distinguished Patek Philippe is also the auction the whirlwind of the watch brand, the following editorial we introduced eight rare Patek Philippe auction treasures with complex functions, each a watch virtuosity can make you breathless.

Patek Philippe 5002 model, with certificates and boxes, 2006.

< p > Hide point of very important and rare, 18K white gold double dial watch, with 12 complex functions, including: three questions, tourbillon, perpetual calendar, inverse return calendar, star chart, stars, phases of the moon and the moon orbit, trajectory display.

Valuation: 7200000~12000000

bid price: HK$10068000,; RMB 8231597; NT$38398345.

as early as sixteenth Century, a lot of great ambition watchmakers, have been included in the astronomical watch. Patek Philippe will be mindful of dream to play to the extreme, the creation of the flag since the inception of the peak complex watch representative for – the Patek Philippe sky moon Tourbillon reference 5002. The watch made in 2006, the factory has kept very ideal. This gold super rare and important double platinum dial watch, according to the test is the first time to appear in the auction market platinum styles. Watch with 686 parts to form 12 super complicated mechanical function, including tourbillon, perpetual calendar, the leap year cycle, fly back, three questions, chart the stars, the moon and other celestial bodies locus. This fascinating masterpiece, the annual output of only two, and only for Patek Philippe’s top customer order.

Patek Philippe 2481, 1955.

hidden point introduced: unique design, 18K red gold wrist watch, distribution center and the second "Lighthouse" filigree enamel dial.

Valuation: 1600000~2400000

bid price: HK$3140000; RMB 2567264; 11975646

NT$< p > in Patek Philippe numerous historical works, equipped with mid second hand and filigree enamel dial the pink gold, the lighthouse 2481 types, was recognized as has always been one of the pieces of the largest wrist watch. Watches available in 1950. The filigree enamel dial design, citing the brand leadership in aesthetics, technology and rarity. 40 to 50 years in the last century, Patek Philippe had only production for a few brief time displays watch,, and with splendid, composition and meticulous filigree enamel dial the works is very few are generally depiction map or forest, or similar to the auction of the lighthouse in the pattern. Like this gold auction as well, without any defect or damage,, will really be called "

Moist jade lasu white porcelain painted dial _ limited edition watch _ auction _ fashion wa

as a jade white porcelain painted dial Limited Edition

< p > the high-temperature kiln firing and white painted porcelain dial with texture strong, color lasting characteristics,, texture like Guangrun suet. Delicate white painted porcelain dial Mason made glashutte, unique style, the perfect performance of the different types of artistic style, Huo Luo Er special style of customs figures and Kakiemon style of tiger and plum blossom theme.

moist jade lasu white porcelain painted dial Limited Edition


white porcelain dial and painted enamel dial,, with high artistic value. The whole world can manufacture painted enamel dial watch factory has a number of manufacturing,, and white porcelain dial only Mason a porcelain factory. Mason porcelain factory have lasu Meter Factory Limited produced many different themes of the dial. The themes of these themes are mostly in the form of "Schultz" (Codex Schulz).