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the first stop of the Sicily

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is decorated with a rose delicate time for blocking the troubled eyes cover,, the quiet time flow away. The wrist gently, the flowers, the picture will be time to walk leisurely presented in front of. The subtle tonal harmony, so watch the whole beauty shown to the best advantage. Rose gold and hollow diamond petals around the embedded single circular diamond flower heart,, quiet natural bloom and crown and cover with mother of pearl coating. The fresh soft flavor to the female tribute.

element: lace, tropical,click here, hot sun, white,

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the Sicily in the Mediterranean, is always a bright pearl in the territory of Italy. The gentle sea breeze dense with the special charm of the medieval restoring ancient ways, fully display unique in their clothing and tender romance. Hollow small details, bloom in the skin pattern, regardless of carrying on the pure white lace, or black lure lace, a dress is like a long story, romantic intoxication.