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talking about "seeking girl", I believe we are not unfamiliar. After all, in the film starring Zhang Yimou,luxury swiss watch, the most famous director in China,, has served as the leading lady in the film,, which means a new height of his career. The latest generation of "seeking girl" Ni Ni recently shot a group of magazines. Dressed in pink dress her in the scenic backdrop of dazzling. Coincidentally, Zhang Ziyi,, Dong Jie and Dongyu Zhou also have similar pink dress. Let us take a look at their collocation effect, the evaluation of a good or bad!

Ni Ni

showed bright pink coverThe overall

score: assumes

.< p > the latest generation of seeking girl Ni Ni, in the 2011 movie of the Jinling 13 hairpin successfully played the "Yu Mo" such a righteous, dare love to dare to hate the woman and a new attitude to boldly entered the film industry and by virtue of the film obtained a number of rookie of the year award. On the cover of her to show signs as in the past smile, bright pink dress is also very refreshing. The sparkling diamond watch collocation, you can not for dumping.

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