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Watch: super complex function time series 5073P Platinum Disc black watch

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luxury swiss watches!The Patek Philippe

Ref.5073 three is one of the few with time to ask the watch chimes and church calendar watch. More commendable is that table ring 103 long-range diamond shaped and 55 gold inlaid in the dial and table buckle on the diamond shows this watch showily temperament. While the disk is used as the standard scale, however,, 3, 6,, 9 points have been used in the square cut diamond, saving the disk space.




PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,


watch with a 42 mm diameter case, PT950 platinum material, with the traditional cold molding process and processing. Watch bezel and table inlaid ears were 103 top Wesselton long shaped diamond, weighing about 4.33 carats. Black gold inlaid dial 13 long shaped diamond (0.25 carat) as time scale. Another 42 long – shaped diamonds (about 0.69 carat) were embedded in the surface of platinum. In accordance with the practice of Patek Philippe, watchcase in position between the lugs mosaic a low-key introverted 0.02 carat diamond, in order to show the platinum watchcase.