The time of crystallization of the eternal theme of the wealthy family of eternal watch manufacturin

brand history

every producer has his own story. Wealthy family (SARCAR) of the founder of Carol & middot; own Salzano (Carlo Sarzano) before had worked for many famous Swiss brand. Due his efforts to the accumulation of watchmaking expertise, he happened to find a set up in 1919 the name for de MontresNiton manufacture factory is up for sale.

< p > Carol & middot; Salzano acquisition of the factory, and in 1948, Geneva and the birth of the a future among the forest of watches watches manufacturers,
copy bags, wealthy family. Slowly, the giants began to produce the top manufacturing process and the use of the most high-quality diamonds and watches, and to be the first to launch his product in the global market.

wealthy family jewelry watch< p > wealthy family (SARCAR) of the founder of Carol & middot; Salzano died in 1974, his wife Paulette Sarzano took over the management of the company. But soon, a series of difficulties also come in a throng. If you succumb to the times of mergers and acquisitions, mergers and mass production of the times, it is completely contrary to the original concept of Carlo. Finally, his wife PauletteSarzano chose to focus on creating a gold watch in the world. In the same year, the giants family launched GLORIUM series. This is a thickness of only 2.5 mm of the watch, the movement is completely integrated in the back cover.

< p > early in 1972, Carol & middot; Salzano set a such an important concept: "to invincible, ranging from no arrests." It never occurred to him that the idea was to be a guide to the action of the company, and to lay the foundation for a long time.

today,, sarcar tabulation technicians still insist on this principle, their intention to create the perfect exterior. Wealthy family of the designers have been able to gold, platinum, rose gold, precious stones, natural pearl, diamond all materials used in watches,, the right to deduction of precious metals. All of these are in order to perform their invincible free brand concept.

Crystallization of


Swiss watch master, love to say that the watch is like his child. Watches are not just timers,, but also the symbol of their lives.

starting from the production of the first piece of watch, giants family has produced more than a dozen series.

sarcar Odysseus Ladies Watch

the eternal theme

for the mechanical watch, creativity and quality is the eternal and unchanging theme. Giants family of watches and clocks are indeed