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series ultra-thin Blancpain watch

painting< p > the Ms. Blancpain table collection has a very bold and avant-garde flange design,, precious mother of pearl dial,, diamond and the quality of silk strap times luxurious. The petals of a flower and a vivid interpretation of the flowers and flowers are made of a three-dimensional feeling. The size of the diamond studded with dew makes the whole table is smart and witty. Two lines of delicate mosaic of diamonds make the classic double double circle more vibrant. She like a lotus, is a symbol of purity and perfection forever,, if your girlfriend is a gentle lady, send this watch quasi right.

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Petite Herue Minute micro painted enamel dragon table

< p > watch to yakedeluo most representative section of the table is modeled and uses the brand most good at Daming fire enamel craft and exquisite enamel painting techniques, in eccentric disc to map out exquisite paintings. Painting technician adding fine gold foil in the paint, draw the radiant pattern. To show the true to life likeness Shuanglongxizhu,
click here, and scenes of the wings of the phoenix. Red gold watchcase and sharp golden hands embraced each other, Chinese and western wind cathartic for girl gave the pursuit of individuality.