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as a sports watch, time function is essential. At the same time, the sports table should have good waterproof function and a certain anti – earthquake resistance. In order to make the movement more comfortable, a lot of sports table has adopted the "lightweight" design, based on this, the sports table in the choice of material is keen to use today’s popular rubber material. This material has a soft rubber, light, full of toughness and waterproof anti sweat and other excellent characteristics, more suitable for use in sports.



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first appeared in 1960’s "Admiral ‘s admiral Cup Cup" KunLun table sports watch. More than half a century, this series of watches to heritage the unique mark of 12 sided arch watchcase and dial position 12 nautical flag pattern,http://www.fashion-chrono.com, and innovation, let admiral Cup Watch series will continue to interact with the fashion, and the Admiral’s Cup victory No. 40 Chrono diamonds watch launched, also reflects its fashion sense. Watch design can satisfy the desire to watch women today, the case with a diameter of 40 mm fusion elegance and fashion movement in one, perfect fit pinkey Yuwan,www.onheresale.com, foil women stunning attractive side.




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!< p > Kunlun table deep Ms. Ming craving is a sports watch, rather than a medal men’s table. Therefore, the Kunlun table cleverly combines the design characteristic of the Admiral’s Cup series features and ladies watch, create the Admiral’s Cup victory No. 40 Chrono diamonds watch,
http://www.wrist4usale.com, black or white Polly Nessie pearl timer display window, inlaid with 66 diamond (a total of 0.924ct) of of 12 arch side watchcase outer ring, showing light dynamic central the hour hand and the minute hand and second hand did not end design Kunlun table key symbol, the achievements of the exquisite watch surface. The Admiral’s Cup victory No. 40 Chrono diamonds watch after grinding and sanding steel tabulation models with rubber strap and 18K red tab paragraph with an alligator belt and diamond surface, design black or white two colors to choose from, waterproof to a depth of 100 or 50 meters.