Fashion DNA injected tannin wrist tide get along well with rivets.

Watch: Ho Yakalaila recommended twill series

cowboy is a popular fashion industry has long been a favorite, although no longer monopoly T Taiwan, but the impact of the cowboy to fashion a subtle role, perhaps the cowboy is a popular blue. When Hao Yakalaila launched twill series of watches, the stunning touch cowboy blue make countless love fashion people with bated breath. This summer,, blue jeans again swept in Zhan BA Disita & middot; Giambattista Valli Valli 2013 winter high fixed runway, wearing a beloved cowboy strap watch,buy jaeger lecoultre watch, fresh and together feel fashionable breath.


collocation cowboy strap watch + denim blue skirt

as a design element in the cowboy watch a few, but it is hard to find the trace of the watch in the major suit. Fortunately, TAG Heuer for us to such a full taste of fashion watch, cowboy blue skirt collocation,luxury watches, summer head to foot diffuse fresh style is a good deal.

Dorothy Perkins


Chantal blue and low with the bow tie


Alexander McQueen

blue water bag



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