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bracelet watch;

count this bracelet table inspired by Lady bra and laces, and perfectly show the charm of art. Rose Gold bright ribbons filled with praise of female graceful curve. This table is the combination of advanced jewelry exquisite craft and advanced fashion show the elegant expression of the best model. Watch Size 24 x 17 mm,, 18K rose gold case,click here, inlay 60 round diamonds. 18K Rose Gold Inlay Bracelet, 237 round diamonds, equipped with count 56P quartz movement.

collocation interpretation: luxury

The design of

V at the waist deep to highlight your beautiful curve, but also adds a bit of mature charm. Some count this sense of luxury watch rose gold delicate,Replica watch, very suitable for mature women wear.

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Beijing count store (Oriental Plaza)

address: Dongcheng District Chang’an Avenue East Beijing 1 Beijing Oriental Plaza Oriental Plaza New World Shopping Mall A201D No.

The Earl of Shanghai

store (middle Huaihai Road)

address: No. 798 Huaihai Zhong Road, Shanghai city

Guangzhou count store (City East Road friendship store)

address: Guangzhou City, city road, No. 369 friendship store



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