Money worship must have a budget of 100000 yuan can not miss the expensive gold watch

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disk can be regarded as the most elegant OMEGA classic series, and we can use these words to describe the disc flying series,, it is dignified, elegant, simple,, simple. This gold watch diamond bezel, white pearl dial set off fresh alice. 22 mm table size is delicate and extraordinary, the most suitable elegant woman wearing, both weekdays in the workplace or in various banquets, the watch can perfect match your style.

collocation analysis: the formal dinner of the election

< p > common people life is difficult to meet a white tie temporarily do not say, but common,, black tie you will have the opportunity to meet, best choice for precious metals and diamond watch on such occasions, collocation of elegant dress is perfect.

purchase guidelines:

Beijing OMEGA store (royal jewelry watches)

address: Beijing City, Xuanwu District Xuanwu street outside No. 8 South Zhuang Shengchongguang department store floor (royal jewelry watches)

Shanghai OMEGA store (Yongan hundred)

address: No. 635,,, Nanjing, Yongan, Shanghai

Guangzhou OMEGA store (Garden Hotel)

address: Guangzhou City, city, three six eight Garden Hotel,


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