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< p > A is from all the bishops has increasingly become a universal goddess angelababy, a is in "those years" in the "hundred years repair Ke Jingteng Ke Zhendong, two of the most popular youth idols, and work aboard the manners of men ‘s uno" 2013 in the February issue of the cover, the interpretation of exclusive style sweet Valentine’s Day!,
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Angela Baby and Ke Zhendong hand in hand with the sweet style

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was born in 1989, Angelababy and Ke Zhendong, born in 1991, the youth is the best description of their. In 2013,, Valentine’s Day is on the upside of the movie the in together ", they staged a romantic twists and turns fascinating love story. As there have been pleasant cooperation, angelababy, Ke Zhendong two people to the manners of men ‘s uno "in front of a camera, still a sense of understanding and full, they or funny sell sprout, or full of pathos, or sexy, charming, in this romantic season, bring you thick open the tender feelings honey meaning. They also wear the Cartire blue balloon series, although not orthodox couples, but full of sweet!

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lovers watch blue balloon series lovers in the table

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,


Cartire although not specifically released couple watches, but the combination is one of the two watches appears youmoyouyang. First is the table size slightly larger blue balloon men’s watch, black leather strap will 42mm large dial as a foil to the more handsome heroic spirit rather than 30mm lady blue balloon is delicate, pleasant. From angelababy and Ke Zhendong,Women Backpack bags, the match can be seen this watch perfect couple style, not only can watch ornament, more let a lover’s heart more closely linked.

couple clothes collocation Tips

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,,


is the winter basking in the snow beautiful season, a white thick wool coat, wrapped the most gentle warmth. In such a temperament’s coat, collocation Cartire blue balloon watch, immediately highlight ladies temperament. Man can dress up mature, a double breasted dark coat is enough to match, Cartier wrist watch make you appear more sedate charm.

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