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January 17, 2013, Li Bingbing attended the Lijiang Banboo Gucci series conference. A body tender yellow skirt foil Li Bingbing Jiaoqiao lovely, neck decorative flowers increased her sweet feeling, a pair of yellow ankle with high-heeled shoes and clothes collocation of right. Most attract sb.’s attention is undoubtedly the watch that Gucci specifically for Bamboo series Ladies Watch Li Bingbing Li Bingbing special design.

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!< p > bamboo series Li Bingbing especially ladies watch with circular design style,, paired with dazzling light bamboo material bezel. In the code (35 mm) using stainless steel watch bracelet watches and bamboo material collocation,, horsebit logo of table Gucci. Dial with ivory, a color scheme of the whole watch creamy.

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pattern design continues the simple style,replica iwc watches, using only a few Rome time standard to be decorated. The words "Gucci" logo and "Made Swiss" (Swiss made) were inscribed on the 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock positions. Is that the cooperation between the two sides, the back engraved with the "Gucci case and Li Bingbing for Responsible Life".

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series T019.430.16.031, Tissot VISODATE watch

< p > a brief review on watch: classic three needle, not too much fancy things, simple and practical is this watch people’s first impression. Tissot is a location in the mass of the Swiss brand,
click here, over the years diligently for everyone to bring a lot of practical watch, watch the workmanship and quality are worthy of trust. This watch is equipped with ETA 2836-2 movement: automatic mechanical movement, power reserve 40 hours, the three o’clock position with date and week display,, if not the pursuit of too many features,
longines watches, this watch is a good choice.

watch series: Heritage

movement type: automatic mechanical

case material: stainless steel



case diameter: 40 mm

domestic price: ¥ 4600

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Casio EDIFICE series EF-524D-7AV watch

watch on Casio: Japan is one of the three famous watchmaking brand, is a representative of young, fashion. This watch is a Casio heavy series are very popular, edifice Series in the Casio wrist watch as middle and moderate price. The whole steel watch dial, durable, inspired by the car stereo, strap and mechanical sense. The overall feeling of design but not too young, suitable for a wide range of age. Quartz movement, with timing function, the price is very pleasing.

watch series: EDIFICE

movement type: quartz

material: steel

Braceletstuff: steel

case diameter: 41 mm

domestic price: ¥ 1690

Yang Mi Gao Yuanyuan on the same stage mature wind encounter Joaillerie Zhengyan who is more beautif

luxury swiss watches

Gao Yuanyuan: spell color skirt to take the purple diamond table charming elegant

< p > Libra Belle delegate Gao Yuanyuan the embodiment mature elegant elves, green stitching skirt the proper benefits highlights the her charming posture, animal pattern handbags is added to the somewhat sexy charm. Accessories,, Gao chose a purple diamond table, generous elegant circular watchcase, noble atmosphere diamond modified the Gao Yuanyuan original intellectual quiet beauty show out. In addition, Gao Yuanyuan also used silver bracelet watch mix, the fashion index suddenly increased a lot.

index: the mirror assumes you

collocation recommended: a color short skirt + purple drill table

< p > Dior christal watch purple models have been redesigned and integrated into the new tabulation process characteristics and watch equipped with quartz movement,, 33mm bezel set with diamonds and chain decorated with pyramid Cut Sapphire crystal elements. These gorgeous ladies watch shows unique preferences for color Dior mr..

Dior Christal 33mm Dior series CD11311JM001 watch





Manolo Blahnik


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Keep a classic little black dress party queen collision Bracelet Watch

Watch: count series Limelight Couture Pré creative cieuse

bracelet watch;

count this bracelet table inspired by Lady bra and laces, and perfectly show the charm of art. Rose Gold bright ribbons filled with praise of female graceful curve. This table is the combination of advanced jewelry exquisite craft and advanced fashion show the elegant expression of the best model. Watch Size 24 x 17 mm,, 18K rose gold case,click here, inlay 60 round diamonds. 18K Rose Gold Inlay Bracelet, 237 round diamonds, equipped with count 56P quartz movement.

collocation interpretation: luxury

The design of

V at the waist deep to highlight your beautiful curve, but also adds a bit of mature charm. Some count this sense of luxury watch rose gold delicate,Replica watch, very suitable for mature women wear.

[Purchasing Guide]

Beijing count store (Oriental Plaza)

address: Dongcheng District Chang’an Avenue East Beijing 1 Beijing Oriental Plaza Oriental Plaza New World Shopping Mall A201D No.

The Earl of Shanghai

store (middle Huaihai Road)

address: No. 798 Huaihai Zhong Road, Shanghai city

Guangzhou count store (City East Road friendship store)

address: Guangzhou City, city road, No. 369 friendship store



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Money worship must have a budget of 100000 yuan can not miss the expensive gold watch

recommended: gold watch Ville 4175.71.00 watch

disk can be regarded as the most elegant OMEGA classic series, and we can use these words to describe the disc flying series,, it is dignified, elegant, simple,, simple. This gold watch diamond bezel, white pearl dial set off fresh alice. 22 mm table size is delicate and extraordinary, the most suitable elegant woman wearing, both weekdays in the workplace or in various banquets, the watch can perfect match your style.

collocation analysis: the formal dinner of the election

< p > common people life is difficult to meet a white tie temporarily do not say, but common,, black tie you will have the opportunity to meet, best choice for precious metals and diamond watch on such occasions, collocation of elegant dress is perfect.

purchase guidelines:

Beijing OMEGA store (royal jewelry watches)

address: Beijing City, Xuanwu District Xuanwu street outside No. 8 South Zhuang Shengchongguang department store floor (royal jewelry watches)

Shanghai OMEGA store (Yongan hundred)

address: No. 635,,, Nanjing, Yongan, Shanghai

Guangzhou OMEGA store (Garden Hotel)

address: Guangzhou City, city, three six eight Garden Hotel,


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Opening ceremony in 2013 the year of the snake struck [map] Watch HOT _ watch _ famous shopping guid

Mé tiers D Art

‘86073/000P-9752 Watch< p > since its inception in 1755, Vacheron Constantin in exquisite decorative techniques has been outshines the rest,, the pursuit of technology perseverance. The launch of the year of the snake watch each limited edition 12 the number will also seem to work to become a myth, lifelike stereo snakes coiled dial above, luxurious.

L,Fashion Travel bags.U.C XP Urushi

snake Watch

top Japanese traditional crafts and Swiss luxury watchmaking combination, the L.U.C XP Urushi watch was born. Japan’s "national treasure" of the title of the art of the 1950,, the Japanese government is a reward in the heritage of traditional culture and heritage,Replica watch, and the traditional process to make outstanding contributions to the establishment of. Japanese traditional lacquer painting and maki-e naturally in this column, the beauty of the simple and smooth and Chopin L.U.C XP series ultra-thin watches style perfect fit.

Out of a limited top barrel type flavor [map] _ watch watch _ famous shopping guide _ fashion watch

< p > elegant chic, the full flavor of the barrel type watch from the traditional circular and square design,
copy bags, individual brand of watches to better fusion to watch and movement to be reformed. This watch has a unique temperament, with their own artistic charm won many friends over the table.

18K rose gin bucket

Watch: 5098 series 5098R rose gold watch

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Patek Philippe has been in a leading position in the clock technology, with a number of patents, which are used in the original manual exquisite,click here, adhere to the quality, beautiful, reliable excellent tradition, Patek Philippe with its strong sense of quality,Women Backpack bags, exquisite technology, a steady stream of innovative products, and to create a global watch brand. 5098 new Gondolo rose gold watch, the continuation of the 2007 platinum watches. The design of barrel type arc case, from the 1925 advent of the historic Patek Philippe Chronometro Gondolo watch.




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!< p > the Gondolo series of 5098R, 18k rose gold wrist watch the continuation of the 2007 platinum style,, cask watchcase streamlined design is very unique, slightly raised edge so that the overall more mellow and full; Arabic numerals dial only set the hour and minute hands, type track scale from the outer ring; back through the bottom of the table mirror can be clearly see the interior core structure, unique and simple design much table friends favor.

Angelababy weapon Valentine’s lovers watch a sweet Style! [map] _ watch _ famous shopping guide _ fa

< p > A is from all the bishops has increasingly become a universal goddess angelababy, a is in "those years" in the "hundred years repair Ke Jingteng Ke Zhendong, two of the most popular youth idols, and work aboard the manners of men ‘s uno" 2013 in the February issue of the cover, the interpretation of exclusive style sweet Valentine’s Day!,
Fashion Travel bags,

Angela Baby and Ke Zhendong hand in hand with the sweet style

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was born in 1989, Angelababy and Ke Zhendong, born in 1991, the youth is the best description of their. In 2013,, Valentine’s Day is on the upside of the movie the in together ", they staged a romantic twists and turns fascinating love story. As there have been pleasant cooperation, angelababy, Ke Zhendong two people to the manners of men ‘s uno "in front of a camera, still a sense of understanding and full, they or funny sell sprout, or full of pathos, or sexy, charming, in this romantic season, bring you thick open the tender feelings honey meaning. They also wear the Cartire blue balloon series, although not orthodox couples, but full of sweet!

Recommended: Cartire

lovers watch blue balloon series lovers in the table

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Cartire although not specifically released couple watches, but the combination is one of the two watches appears youmoyouyang. First is the table size slightly larger blue balloon men’s watch, black leather strap will 42mm large dial as a foil to the more handsome heroic spirit rather than 30mm lady blue balloon is delicate, pleasant. From angelababy and Ke Zhendong,Women Backpack bags, the match can be seen this watch perfect couple style, not only can watch ornament, more let a lover’s heart more closely linked.

couple clothes collocation Tips

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is the winter basking in the snow beautiful season, a white thick wool coat, wrapped the most gentle warmth. In such a temperament’s coat, collocation Cartire blue balloon watch, immediately highlight ladies temperament. Man can dress up mature, a double breasted dark coat is enough to match, Cartier wrist watch make you appear more sedate charm.

High complex mechanical watches the pioneer 2013SIHH Audemars Piguet Royal Oak [map] watch products

< p > Royal Oak Offshore watches appeared in 1993, watch design very sporty show don’t trees resolute temperament. 20 years after publishing, this outstanding watch for the first time and a disdain for the group of London’s large and complex function movement combination set Q function, needle chronograph and calendar function after three treasure rare complex functions and integration, amazing.

2013SIHH: of the Royal Oak Offshore Large Complex watch

< p > Royal Oak Offshore large complicated watches is with modern style outstanding watches, to titanium and high-tech ceramic material,, case diameter of 44 mM, rubber strap collocation, show the broad. Watch with large size, design have great originality, modeling simple and elegant,
Fashion Travel bags, sophisticated functions. The line of the natural, perfect highlight the wearer’s demeanor. In addition,, watch movement not just a traditional automatic mixing mechanical movement combining several rare complex functions: three questions function, double after needle chronograph and calendar function.

< p > this embodies artistic classic timepiece works full of modern style, is a veritable Audemars Piguet tabulation crystallization, show the brand tabulation of talent and skill. The master’s attitude is to be a meticulous attitude, and the 648 parts are assembled in a tiny space of only 8 cubic millimeters. Through blasting and other modern surface processing technology, highlighting the unique aesthetic chamfer and drawing a traditional craft. Through the sapphire crystal dial and a bottom cover, a glimpse of mechanical movement make this watch more Art beats nature., rise above the common herd. Under the ingenuity of the transparent bottom cover,
Replica watches for sale, can be clearly seen on the treatment of black gold automatic disc, the perfect foil for the overall design of the modern style.

Extrovert winter sports watch [map] recommend Ms. _ watch _ famous shopping guide _ fashion watch _

as a sports watch, time function is essential. At the same time, the sports table should have good waterproof function and a certain anti – earthquake resistance. In order to make the movement more comfortable, a lot of sports table has adopted the "lightweight" design, based on this, the sports table in the choice of material is keen to use today’s popular rubber material. This material has a soft rubber, light, full of toughness and waterproof anti sweat and other excellent characteristics, more suitable for use in sports.



recommended: CHALLENGER 40 CHRONO DIAMONGS KunLun watch series 984.970.47/F371 PN34 watch

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buy jaeger lecoultre watch!

first appeared in 1960’s "Admiral ‘s admiral Cup Cup" KunLun table sports watch. More than half a century, this series of watches to heritage the unique mark of 12 sided arch watchcase and dial position 12 nautical flag pattern,, and innovation, let admiral Cup Watch series will continue to interact with the fashion, and the Admiral’s Cup victory No. 40 Chrono diamonds watch launched, also reflects its fashion sense. Watch design can satisfy the desire to watch women today, the case with a diameter of 40 mm fusion elegance and fashion movement in one, perfect fit pinkey Yuwan,, foil women stunning attractive side.




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!< p > Kunlun table deep Ms. Ming craving is a sports watch, rather than a medal men’s table. Therefore, the Kunlun table cleverly combines the design characteristic of the Admiral’s Cup series features and ladies watch, create the Admiral’s Cup victory No. 40 Chrono diamonds watch,, black or white Polly Nessie pearl timer display window, inlaid with 66 diamond (a total of 0.924ct) of of 12 arch side watchcase outer ring, showing light dynamic central the hour hand and the minute hand and second hand did not end design Kunlun table key symbol, the achievements of the exquisite watch surface. The Admiral’s Cup victory No. 40 Chrono diamonds watch after grinding and sanding steel tabulation models with rubber strap and 18K red tab paragraph with an alligator belt and diamond surface, design black or white two colors to choose from, waterproof to a depth of 100 or 50 meters.