Fashion DNA injected tannin wrist tide get along well with rivets.

Watch: Ho Yakalaila recommended twill series

cowboy is a popular fashion industry has long been a favorite, although no longer monopoly T Taiwan, but the impact of the cowboy to fashion a subtle role, perhaps the cowboy is a popular blue. When Hao Yakalaila launched twill series of watches, the stunning touch cowboy blue make countless love fashion people with bated breath. This summer,, blue jeans again swept in Zhan BA Disita & middot; Giambattista Valli Valli 2013 winter high fixed runway, wearing a beloved cowboy strap watch,buy jaeger lecoultre watch, fresh and together feel fashionable breath.


collocation cowboy strap watch + denim blue skirt

as a design element in the cowboy watch a few, but it is hard to find the trace of the watch in the major suit. Fortunately, TAG Heuer for us to such a full taste of fashion watch, cowboy blue skirt collocation,luxury watches, summer head to foot diffuse fresh style is a good deal.

Dorothy Perkins


Chantal blue and low with the bow tie


Alexander McQueen

blue water bag



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gentle girlfriend recommended

series ultra-thin Blancpain watch

painting< p > the Ms. Blancpain table collection has a very bold and avant-garde flange design,, precious mother of pearl dial,, diamond and the quality of silk strap times luxurious. The petals of a flower and a vivid interpretation of the flowers and flowers are made of a three-dimensional feeling. The size of the diamond studded with dew makes the whole table is smart and witty. Two lines of delicate mosaic of diamonds make the classic double double circle more vibrant. She like a lotus, is a symbol of purity and perfection forever,, if your girlfriend is a gentle lady, send this watch quasi right.

personality girlfriend recommended

Petite Herue Minute micro painted enamel dragon table

< p > watch to yakedeluo most representative section of the table is modeled and uses the brand most good at Daming fire enamel craft and exquisite enamel painting techniques, in eccentric disc to map out exquisite paintings. Painting technician adding fine gold foil in the paint, draw the radiant pattern. To show the true to life likeness Shuanglongxizhu,
click here, and scenes of the wings of the phoenix. Red gold watchcase and sharp golden hands embraced each other, Chinese and western wind cathartic for girl gave the pursuit of individuality.

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< p > Geneva haute Horlogerie Sharon is like a raging fire, 16 brands exhibitors have come up with an ace in the hole, a feast for the eyes. Richard Mille,, creative, not to be outdone, successive exhibited high tech sense watches, stunning,, edit the following will lead you look at the counter attack the Geneva watch exhibition of Richard Mille how what "Goodfellas".

time Richard Mille counter attack style sense of science and technology Geneva exhibition table

Richard Mille RM 27-01 Rafael Nadal To

flywheel WatchThe movement of RM27-01

is an amazing work on engineering and technology. Initiated building structure complicated and matchless, since the birth of Richard Mille want to develop a gold to hang the machine core is positioned in the central watchcase watch determination. Richard Mille from structure engineering of suspension bridge structure drawing inspiration and vow to the design of such a structure,, applied to only tens of millimeters of watches in the world. After several months of careful research and development, Mille Richard engineer finally embodies the concept of the avant-garde design, achievements of the most innovative in recent years, the construction structure. RM 27-01 Rafael Nadal Tourbillon machine plate by four cables connected to the case, the braided wire thickness of only 0.35 millimeters. A combination of rigidity and toughness, the movement structure protects the total weight of only 3.5 grams. The weight of the movement reason can greatly reduce, rely mainly on the application of high-end materials: deck with tourbillon framework to five grade titanium alloy is made, the clockwork spring box deck and gear mechanism is in aluminum lithium alloy made.

time Richard Mille counter attack style sense of science and technology Geneva exhibition table

Richard Mille RM 11-01 ROBERTO MANCINI automatic chain flyback chronograph

RM 11-01 the case once again presents 011 classic design RM. Barrel type watchcase, with 5 grade titanium metal to build and is composed of three parts, plus two nitrile rubber 0-ring, ensure the 50 meters water depth. In case 20 with assembled spline screw 5 titanium build plus 316L stainless steel anti-wear washer. The whole design of the case took 420 hours, more than 200 processing steps to make it more ergonomic design. RM 11-01 Roberto Mancini watch, as Manchester City Manager Roberto & middot; Mancini finally have the perfect weapon to control the game,, make its can grasp the opportunity of winning strategies.

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Portuguese series IW371417 CHRONOGRAPH chronograph watch ,

watch series: Portugal

movement type: automatic mechanical

gender: male

case material: stainless steel

braceletstuff: crocodile

table diameter: 40.9 mm

domestic price: ¥,replica handbags; 58500

comment: "the nations of Portugal" was born as early as 1830s. So far there are countless people dumping under its charm, the wristwatch in the shell can accommodate after second mechanism configuration automatic chain device of 79240 type movement, to per hour 28800 Rev run, is voyage in the best precision watch partners. Natural Portugal automatic chronograph watch is also equipped with typical characteristics of the Portuguese Watch: relief Arabic numerals scale,click here, slender dovetail type pointer and recessed minutes and seconds lap.

Chrono rattrapante series 03.2150,Fashion Travel bags.400/69.C713 watch

watch series: ELPRIMERO

movement type: automatic mechanical

gender: male

case material: stainless steel

braceletstuff: crocodile

table diameter: 44 mM

domestic price: $52300

< p > brief: most of the mechanical movement per second up to beat 8 times, and really force El primero movement is show the world the first equipped with 1 / 10 seconds. Automatic chronograph movement. This wristwatch will dial is divided into 100 scale and timing pointer 10 seconds around the dial rotates a circle, each step can be accurately displayed by a tenth of a second.

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editor: the constellation frosted Observatory 123,luxury watches. watch

1982, OMEGA launched a new watch,, and then introduce a very popular and classic design concept. This constellation series "Manhattan" watch, with the iconic "supporting claw" design, let it to become the world’s most easy recognition of the table section one. Automatic movement watch with coaxial escapement device, ensure the precise timing of stable and lasting. Siliceous card free spring balance. Two way automatic chain, reduce the chain time. Rhodium plated surface is engraved with a unique Geneva Arabia corrugated decoration.

interpretation: collocation of exquisite skill OL van

as the OL’s commuter accessories,copy bags, OMEGA this constellation series is no longer suitable for the observatory. The clothing simple black and white collocation, and without losing the sense of fashion, green embellishment bring vitality this summer.

[Purchasing Guide]

Beijing OMEGA store (Lufthansa Jin Yuan store)

address: Beijing city Haidian District Road No. 1 Jin Yuan Yansha friendship mall store

Shanghai OMEGA store (New World)

address: Shanghai City, Huangpi South Road, 331 business world business center

Guangzhou OMEGA store (Taikoo Hui mall)

address: Guangzhou Tianhe Road Tianhe District City,cartier watches, No. 383 two storey podium mall Taikoo Hui shop L214,


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on the occasion of the first month,, the annual Lantern Festival is approaching, you must be very worried about the home of relatives. How to resolve such emotions as the moon,, have a look on the wrist, with distant family.

golden shine 2290


recommendation: watch the Patek Philippe 4958 series 4958J gold watch

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!< p > Patek Philippe to pay attention to every watch people seem to symbolize a perfect,
fake bags, which from the side proved it in table altar God like status from the beginning to the end without change. The Patek Philippe 4958 series 4958J gold watch continued Patek Philippe consistent craftsmanship, worthy of the Chanticleer watch brand.




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!< p > in Lady Calatrava series launched this lady moon complex watch uses is satin silk quality strap, with elegant pink winding slim women’s wrist. On the case of gold depository diamond bright dazzling, more luxurious
luxury watches. Dial intermediate delicate carved with patterns in a layer of silver, in pearl dial Fritillaria flow an attractive luster,
luxury watches, people love at first sight.

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perhaps you have been married for many years, and are not like young men and women often give each other gifts. But in this romantic spring, do you also want to send a gift to the beloved TA to commemorate your love for a long time? These luxurious and elegant with the table can provide you with a lot of gifts to choose.

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Altiplano and 40mm 34mm rose gold diamond watch

< p > table diameter of 40mm rose gold case inlaid with 72 round diamonds, the dial is clean: only the pointer,
click here, time scale, located 10 o’clock direction eccentric small seconds disc and is located in the 3 o’clock position count logo,, in addition no other. The new Altiplano40mm rose gold watch can be said to be a fusion of classic and innovative. Eccentric small seconds disc and other altiplano is exactly the same, careful observation, we will find it with the new short rod shaped pointer and standard design, but this for the first time in the altiplano Series in use,

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,,

!< p > count altiplano 34mm table is one of the best-selling ladies watch, watchcase rose gold to table ring inlaid with 72 diamonds and weighs about 0.5 carat. Matte white dial engraved with Roman numerals scale, small second hand sub dial is arranged on the 10 o’clock position and sub dial inlaid 28 diamonds, weighing about 0.1 KT, Earl mark carved at 3 o’clock position. The dial looks clean and beautiful. This classic elegant watch can leave the best memory for your love.

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hand chain mechanical watch series B016200801S watch

watch series: mechanical watches

movement type: manual movement

case material: stainless steel

Braceletstuff: lizard

case diameter: 38 mm

domestic price: $3500

< p > a brief review on watch: the wristwatch Factory Beijing 2008 launch of limited edition watch, Limited 2008 only, design of the dial disc using classical small three pin design,
rado replica watches, bottom of the table also some characteristics, using classical 3 / 4 plywood, fine grinding Geneva stripes,, the gooseneck style fine-tuning, gold sleeve and blue steel screws, a wave of Ashkenazi watch fan, but prices are also friendly. Machine is equipped with SB18-3 manually on the chain movement, the full string walking up to 42 hours, handle the first shaft gear can be bent,, and the handle shaft out of the third can dial in and stop seconds.

Baume & Mercier (Classima) (classima) MOAO8590 watch

watch series: Classima (classima)

movement type: automatic mechanical

case material: stainless steel

braceletstuff: crocodile

case diameter: 42 mm

domestic price: $16700

< p > a brief review on watch: Mercier classima series of classic style watch, the simple three needle design,, at three o’clock position open at a time and date display window. The design of veliger black, wearing elegant appearance. The most important is the price of only 16700 yuan. As a celebrity in the entry-level watches is definitely a good choice.

Do not table face collection watches make love more Kung Fu Long [figure] _ watch _ famous shopping

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star couple: Simon Yam & Qiqi

Simon Yam said, "I had to send Qiqi watch. Look extravagant,bag outlet, but I know in my heart to let me be the luxury watch to send the woman. In this world she was the only one. " Now their marriage age has a cycle, 13 years of light and shadow can not change Simon Yam and Qiqi love each other. Rendahua and Jacob served together celebrity Omega ambassador also has more than ten years, so many years they had been wearing it to send each other omega watches, it has become the their commitment to each other, their emotional connection.

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OMEGA constellation series

couple of tables

constellation watches from the date of birth,, it will become the perfect choice for couples to watch in the world. Each one OMEGA constellation watches are perfect witness the true meaning of love,rado replica watches, bloom honed through the years of the ultimate glory. People wear watches constellation recording time, recording Beckoning each time a sweet. Constellation series also provides more choices in the material, meet every couple of aesthetic needs.

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The time of crystallization of the eternal theme of the wealthy family of eternal watch manufacturin

brand history

every producer has his own story. Wealthy family (SARCAR) of the founder of Carol & middot; own Salzano (Carlo Sarzano) before had worked for many famous Swiss brand. Due his efforts to the accumulation of watchmaking expertise, he happened to find a set up in 1919 the name for de MontresNiton manufacture factory is up for sale.

< p > Carol & middot; Salzano acquisition of the factory, and in 1948, Geneva and the birth of the a future among the forest of watches watches manufacturers,
copy bags, wealthy family. Slowly, the giants began to produce the top manufacturing process and the use of the most high-quality diamonds and watches, and to be the first to launch his product in the global market.

wealthy family jewelry watch< p > wealthy family (SARCAR) of the founder of Carol & middot; Salzano died in 1974, his wife Paulette Sarzano took over the management of the company. But soon, a series of difficulties also come in a throng. If you succumb to the times of mergers and acquisitions, mergers and mass production of the times, it is completely contrary to the original concept of Carlo. Finally, his wife PauletteSarzano chose to focus on creating a gold watch in the world. In the same year, the giants family launched GLORIUM series. This is a thickness of only 2.5 mm of the watch, the movement is completely integrated in the back cover.

< p > early in 1972, Carol & middot; Salzano set a such an important concept: "to invincible, ranging from no arrests." It never occurred to him that the idea was to be a guide to the action of the company, and to lay the foundation for a long time.

today,, sarcar tabulation technicians still insist on this principle, their intention to create the perfect exterior. Wealthy family of the designers have been able to gold, platinum, rose gold, precious stones, natural pearl, diamond all materials used in watches,, the right to deduction of precious metals. All of these are in order to perform their invincible free brand concept.

Crystallization of


Swiss watch master, love to say that the watch is like his child. Watches are not just timers,, but also the symbol of their lives.

starting from the production of the first piece of watch, giants family has produced more than a dozen series.

sarcar Odysseus Ladies Watch

the eternal theme

for the mechanical watch, creativity and quality is the eternal and unchanging theme. Giants family of watches and clocks are indeed