Fuji Cherry Hill is strong day time zone watch to accompany you to travel all over the four seasons

spring: cherry petals

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was in March, of course,click here, is a good time to go out to relax. Japan Sakura global famous, famous visitors must not be less. When you in the Mount Fuji,vacheron constantin watch, enjoying the snow,http://www.luxury4ubest.com, side bursts of cherry blossoms fall, you will feel the most gorgeous and the most short of that kind of beauty. In the appreciation of cherry blossoms, but do not forget the time oh. This is from a series of Campanola AG6230-57P watch, is a dual time zone watch function.

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!As Japan’s most famous clock production company, CITIZEN has been developing and innovating since its inception in 1930. So it is today recommended AG6230-57P watch. Silver table body, as if recounting the snow melt when a melancholy. Cherry blossom is short, just as this thought is generally floating in the wind. Double sided sapphire crystal glass material of the mirror smooth texture. Except for double time zone function for you the correct time, pressure display also can let you in the mountain more than a safety.

The low-key and luxurious elegant childe watch [figure] department recommended _ watch _ famous shop

Watch: super complex function time series 5073P Platinum Disc black watch

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luxury swiss watches!The Patek Philippe

Ref.5073 three is one of the few with time to ask the watch chimes and church calendar watch. More commendable is that table ring 103 long-range diamond shaped and 55 gold inlaid in the dial and table buckle on the diamond shows this watch showily temperament. While the disk is used as the standard scale, however,www.luxurylikestore.com, 3, 6,www.topwatchbest.com, 9 points have been used in the square cut diamond, saving the disk space.




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watch with a 42 mm diameter case, PT950 platinum material, with the traditional cold molding process and processing. Watch bezel and table inlaid ears were 103 top Wesselton long shaped diamond, weighing about 4.33 carats. Black gold inlaid dial 13 long shaped diamond (0.25 carat) as time scale. Another 42 long – shaped diamonds (about 0.69 carat) were embedded in the surface of platinum. In accordance with the practice of Patek Philippe, watchcase in position between the lugs mosaic a low-key introverted 0.02 carat diamond, in order to show the platinum watchcase.

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fashion: Dior D de Dior Opal La series

< p > Dior La D de Dior opal series of this watch reflects what is called minimalism, black satin strap with 18K white gold round dial,
www.topwatchbest.com, bezel and ear are inlaid with sparkling diamonds and dial without any decoration, only two indicating time pointer, but all this simple design are for the dial fascinating color collocation,
click here, the pink,
luxury swiss watch, white and yellow mixture sometimes exudes a quiet atmosphere,
www.salewatchstore.com, sometimes rippling captivating charm, let a person unable to avert his gaze.

fashion collocation Tips

< p > this year’s hot black and white stripes, can show thin and full of fashionable feeling, waist bag hip styles appears the woman flavour is dye in the wood. Chose the black and white stripes, jacket and other accessories also corresponding to a black-and-white choice and does not require any decorative pattern, this match will not look on elements too cluttered. Black and white minimalist just Dior this watch design and fit, the look is both stylish and full of feminine.


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the first stop of the Sicily

: Limelight Garden Party series recommended watch G0A37170 watch

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is decorated with a rose delicate time for blocking the troubled eyes cover,luxurylikestore.com, the quiet time flow away. The wrist gently, the flowers, the picture will be time to walk leisurely presented in front of. The subtle tonal harmony, so watch the whole beauty shown to the best advantage. Rose gold and hollow diamond petals around the embedded single circular diamond flower heart,http://www.onheresale.com, quiet natural bloom and crown and cover with mother of pearl coating. The fresh soft flavor to the female tribute.

element: lace, tropical,click here, hot sun, white,

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longines watches!

the Sicily in the Mediterranean, is always a bright pearl in the territory of Italy. The gentle sea breeze dense with the special charm of the medieval restoring ancient ways, fully display unique in their clothing and tender romance. Hollow small details, bloom in the skin pattern, regardless of carrying on the pure white lace, or black lure lace, a dress is like a long story, romantic intoxication.

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talking about "seeking girl", I believe we are not unfamiliar. After all, in the film starring Zhang Yimou,luxury swiss watch, the most famous director in China,www.fashionsalewatch.com, has served as the leading lady in the film,www.luxury-free-store.com, which means a new height of his career. The latest generation of "seeking girl" Ni Ni recently shot a group of magazines. Dressed in pink dress her in the scenic backdrop of dazzling. Coincidentally, Zhang Ziyi,www.free4usale.com, Dong Jie and Dongyu Zhou also have similar pink dress. Let us take a look at their collocation effect, the evaluation of a good or bad!

Ni Ni

showed bright pink coverThe overall

score: assumes

.< p > the latest generation of seeking girl Ni Ni, in the 2011 movie of the Jinling 13 hairpin successfully played the "Yu Mo" such a righteous, dare love to dare to hate the woman and a new attitude to boldly entered the film industry and by virtue of the film obtained a number of rookie of the year award. On the cover of her to show signs as in the past smile, bright pink dress is also very refreshing. The sparkling diamond watch collocation, you can not for dumping.

collocation recommended:



in the world, most often with exquisite timepiece to create women’s love, people feast their eyes on the vision. Today we recommend the MissProtocole series of G0A25022 watch is no exception. The black strap is delicate and gorgeous, a neatly arranged diamond such as the water drip hits your heart.

< p > if you heart is also ready to make trouble, think for yourself up beautiful spring feeling, then this a diamond Square Watch mix pink chiffon dress is most appropriate. Pink Handbag and black high-heeled play the role of icing on the cake is inevitable, he let you 100% Beckoning.


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wild Bohemia wind ,www.4usale.com

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!< p > during New York Fashion Week, Qin LAN see show photo shoot two not mistake, while gold sequined shirt, while green simple sweater, but the most dazzling but also the number of the full of Bohemian flavor print dress, the dress right shows the qinlan tall. Ornate black small coat collocation of golden chain bag, reveals a trace of mystery and modern sense, the wrist between the gold wristwatch is will this street interpretation of luxury to the extreme.

Recommended: Happy Sport series

watch 283583-5007 watch

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!< p > a Chopard happy sport series of this watch dial with 5 teeth can move diamonds, this compact design with a touch of playfulness. Strap and case pink dial collocation rose gold,
www.fashionsalewatch.com, into a female element to the whole watch. Roman numerals time scale with sword shaped pointer echoes, the 12 hour time disc, 30 minutes drive time and small seconds disc into inverted triangle shape distribution on the dial, table circle and strap are inlaid with diamonds,
www.topwatchbest.com, the whole watch looks gorgeous.

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floral skirt not only tall MM patent, collocation woven wedge sandals can. The retro style belt is used to improve the waist, so that not only can appear long legs, can adjust the proportion of. Metal sense of strong chain bag and retro bracelet can enhance the sense of fashion, remember to to Qin LAN as the watches and bracelets worn together oh.

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Nirupama Jonny Buagtti PFH365-1201403 watch

watch series: Buagtti

movement type: manual mechanical

material: 18K platinum

braceletstuff: crocodile

case diameter: 36 mm

< p > watch comment: this wristwatch has reason to become Parmigiani selling styles, in fact, is Bugatti to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the day and Parmigiani launched in collaboration with the super sport watch, two big brands Qiangqiang joint nature will be produced beyond the general effect. At the same time watch highlights is when the original mechanical table onto the vertical axis,
www.bagsbagu.com, to allow the driver to focus attention on the dashboard. This design requires the use of 90 degrees of time to set up the system,
Replica watch, also need to add a double gear and other elements, it can be said that the Jonny Nirupama brand in the watch and a breakthrough.

Nirupama Jonny Limited Editions PF011128.01 watch

watch series: Limited Editions

movement type: automatic mechanical

material: palladium 950

braceletstuff: crocodile

case diameter: 46,rado replica watches.6×34 mm

< p > a brief review on watch: palladium as a rare white precious metal and its unique temperament much global attention,
luxury swiss watches, it inherited the evolving styles, is becoming new palladium generation new favorites. This material will be higher than the price of platinum watches but is still relatively low compared to the platinum.

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watch R5,www.time4usale.com.5 series R28886162 watch


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!< p > since the last century in the pop set off a wave of since the there are countless young at least taking advantage of the young to the last bus pursued this wave of the tide, and now is no exception, this all black high-tech ceramic r5.5 watch reproducing classic design,
replica iwc watches, rounded square dial and strap unaware of one,
http://www.time4usale.com, completely blurred as the gender orientation of a watch, people can not help but recall the bell bottoms, sunglasses, flower shirt is popular in.

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collocation Tips:

< p > retro watch more suitable for retro collocation, just this watch is not only retro so simple, revealed the eclectic taste let man full of interest. Handsome and retro jeans and its collocation is most appropriate, with is eclectic, with neat whims. In the crowd must have been for you to overlook.

Rose diamond table senior female combat workplace perfect partner [figure] _ watch _ famous shopping

is no longer a workplace rookie, did not work to the highest level in the middle of the workplace, how do you choose the watch? Remember to keep a low profile and show your identity.

Li Bingbing: beauty is a kind of beauty

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!< p > joke in the movie "I wants" played a design company executives Tang slightly, as dare love dares hate resolute character "demon", she in the workplace is dominated by the attitude let many men find humbling. In the film,
www.luxury4ubest.com, Li Bingbing multivariant style and luxury, it is very capable is dye in the wood, and mature woman amorous feelings,
http://www.chrono2u.com, and wrist white Bvlgari diagono rubber series is the finishing touch.

Recommended: Bvlgari Diagono

watch DGP35WGDWVDCH/8 watch

series rubber

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!< p > Bvlgari diagono rubber series this watch with 18k rose gold material,
www.free4usale.com, bezel and on time scales are inlaid with diamonds, wear in the wrist can instantly improve your noble temperament. The rubber strap not only stylish, but also prevent sweat allergy,
http://www.onheresale.com, quite comfortable to wear. The overall white design for a variety of colors, the general OL commuter dress can be collocation.

and Tips


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!< p > coat and dress combination is the women in the workplace "glue", each fight female to in the closet for 1 to 2 pieces of classical styles. Color collocation not too obtrusive, like this blue and white match, plus white Bvlgari watch, absolutely perfect, ably cool professional female image was born. The yellow bag just played the role of neutralization, adding trace elements in various soft cool shades.

The wrist success five identity [map] _ watch watch recommended _ famous shopping guide _ fashion wa

Patek Philippe (

) 5146R rose gold watch

watch series: 5146

movement type: automatic mechanical

18K rose gold case material:

braceletstuff: crocodile

case diameter: 39 mm

domestic price: $371100

< p > comment: if allowed by the economic base is sure to start a Patek Philippe, in my heart it is top of the watch industry, no one can out of the left and right. There are many reasons to start with Patek Philippe, it is low-key,
luxurylikestore.com, concise. This watch is recommended by the high cost of the watch, 18K rose gold case build. Cal.324 S IRM QA LU watch equipped with automatic movement, using a new silicon gossamer gossamer,
www.onheresale.com, power reserve up to 45 hours. Watch with a date, week, month,
http://www.salewatchstore.com, moon and power storage.

Rolex (Rolex) Day-Date (Daytona 116598) RBOW watch

watch series: Day-Date (Daytona)

movement type: automatic mechanical

material: 18K gold

braceletstuff: 18K gold

case diameter: 40 mm

reference price: $735200

< p > comment: Rolex 2012 Basel exhibition to launch a new version of di Tonna, domestic price reached 735200 yuan, such a price, is not an ordinary person can withstand. That Rolex’s successful promotion of captive words say to, really understand the table and fully understand the people will choose Rolex, truly understand the people know, Rolex is the most accurate and durable watch brand, do not understand the table of people,
Replica watches, so that really understand table and fully understand the people will choose Rolex.