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< p > tracing to its source, China is the world’s earliest inventions timer in the country, is the world’s earliest inventions watch country. In AD 1088, when China’s Song Dynasty, scientists made the water transport apparatus, became the world’s first clock, in the history of the world’s clock has an extremely important significance. Thus, China’s famous master watchmaker,, ancient clocks and watches collectors Mr. Kiu Tai Yu put forward the "Chinese people create history of watches and clocks" view.

1350, Germany appeared a mechanical alarm clock, the accuracy of the time is greatly improved, human entered the era of mechanical timer. With the outbreak of the first World War, watches become the trend of the times; the outbreak of the Second World War to watch the production quantity is greatly increased, prices also decreased, watch the time on this arrival.

the earliest mechanical watch in the world is in Hungary.

mechanical table by the movement in the spring as the power, thus promoting the hand instrument drive timing gear. Mechanical table through regular maintenance of oil, can use very long time. However, the movement of the inner surface is easy to be influenced by the gravity of the earth, which makes the time error of the table is relatively large.

is the world’s first electronic table was born in 1955. Relative to the machine table,longines watches, the error is small, the error of the high quality electronic watch can be less than 0.5 seconds.

electronic watch is a battery for energy, it not only can display time, but also can display the week and calendar. According to the sequence in the form and structure of the invention, the electronic watch is divided into: the balance wheel hairspring electronic watch, electronic tuning fork table,Moncler outlet, pointer type quartz electronic watches, digital quartz electronic table. The first three generations of electronic table are with the traditional mechanical pointer structure, and the fourth generation of the use of large-scale integrated circuits, completely out of the traditional mechanical structure, become the whole electronic watch.