Pirates of the Caribbean 4 story will start the story of Pirates of the Caribbean 4 stills

       ;; 4 of the Pirates of the Caribbean, which we have known in the Pirates of the Caribbean, "Jack (JohnnyDepp), the" captain of the Johnny Depp ", will be looking for the fountain of youth (FountainofYouth),
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Pirates of the Caribbean 4 plot will we have known in the "Pirates of the Caribbean", Johnny · Depp (JohnnyDepp) played by the "Captain Jack" will go looking for the fountain of youth (FountainofYouth), but his motives are unknown. The report said, in fact,sleep tops, he is, is the British king George S (KingGeorgeII) want to youth springs, he ordered him to find, but also let Jack’s death to Barbosa (Barbossa) also to find,longines watches, and this is a team of friends so again.

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4 Pirates of the Caribbean Pirates of the Caribbean 4 "plot will still first plot details (figure, as George II is familiar with the British actor Richard · Griffith (RichardGriffiths), he was in" Harry · played Harry’s uncle Potter "series. And Barbosa will still be played by Geoffrey · Rush (GeoffreyRush).

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this journey as they expected as full of twists and turns, in Jack · Sparro also met his old Angelica (Angelica) and her father, the famous pirate Blackbeard (Blackbeard). "Angelica" by Penelope · Cruz (PenelopeCruz) as "Blackbeard" by Ian · (IanMcShane) as Shane Mike.

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"we have a contest in the film,fashionsalewatch.com, there is also a time when" rekindling, Depp explained his relationship with Cruz’s role, "the two of them is a love hate, very solid".

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only wants to see Orlando · Bloom (OrlandoBloom) and Kayla · Knightley (KeiraKnightley) people to be disappointed, because this set will not have the story of Will (Will) and Elizabeth (Elizabeth). Depp said: "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" is the most interesting place is you do not have to consider the continuation of the story of the Deputy line and the vice line, this is a new story, a new, like the beginning of a white paper." >

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