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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; beautiful, and full of zhangxinyu, the mainland’s rising popularity model reds, "China’s first football baby", "the net swims the first" the laudatory name, the endorsement of the latest "through the fire" biochemical baby. Zhang Xinyu is still popular drama "when the youth", "< p > beautiful, and full zhangxinyu, the mainland rising popularity model reds, laudatory title of "China’s first football baby", "the net swims the first", endorsement of the new "through the fire" biochemical baby. Zhangxinyu also popular drama "when the youth", "flag hero biography" in have fared well, and participated in the Hunan Satellite TV’s "happy camp" program, popularity rose again. Zhangxinyu crazy bed care before has been reported suspected shaping rumors, although her blog denied,
canada Goose outlet, but now they blew the whistle on the more awesome. A netizen named "elegant man",, he broke out in the network and Zhang Xinyu according to the door, which is suspected of Zhang Xinyu former boyfriend’s friends said that Zhang Xinyu is indeed the entire shape. In order to increase the credibility of the "elegant man" also took his photos. Although there is no expert on this group of photos, but from the number of photos and body movements, "our Missy" zhangxinyu should escape "Edison" pornographic storm.< p > zhangxinyu Yan Fengjiao Cecilia Hsu Fan Bingbing spurting not elegant bed according to pK (figure, zhangxinyu happy camp, extending reading,

Zhang Xinyu happy base camp " the property market regulation " difficult to relax the central bank to stop real estate development loans

" Wang, " the highest price drop of 780 thousand for the industry veteran compensation

China most ten university students can pay attention to the grievances (Photos)

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