Ten major news this week the debt crisis in Europe and the U.S. stocks fell

        the NASDAQ index fell 13.94 points, close at 2796.86 points, fell 0.501%. S#183; Wall Street this week ten news back: Goldman Sachs every U. S. Department of justice survey this week on Wall Street ten back: the United States enacted: killed the this week on Wall Street ten big news: the S & P

NASDAQ index fell 13.94 points to close at 2796.86 points,www.breitlingtag.com, down 0.501%. S& P500 down 5.41 points, close at 1331.1 points, down 0.408%. The following is the Wall Street this week ten news back: https://www.wish.com/merchant/fuzhouhengdetradingcoltd

1 European debt crisis is still involved in the U.S. stocks fell

https://www.wish.com/merchant/fuzhouhengdetradingcoltd< p > is on Monday, as the market as investors worried that the European debt crisis intensifies, U.S. stocks is a global stock market decline of panicky mood lower. Monday the Dow closed at a multi month low. There is no indication that Europe’s debt crisis has worsened, the outlook for economic recovery has dimmed, and the market is under pressure. On Monday, the Dow fell 130.78 points, to close at 12381.26 points, or 1.05%; the NASDAQ fell 44.42 points to close at 2758.90 points.


3 dollars in cash capital intends to 470 million Kinmen old pizza



< p >, an American private-equity firm Golden Gate capital GoldenGateCapital issued will be published to about $470 billion in cash acquisition Pizza Company (CaliforniaPizzaKitchenInc) (CPRI). The sale of the sale of the pizza valuation of $18.50 per share, compared with the stock closing price of 16.71 U.S. dollars on Tuesday’s closing price premium of 11%. It is reported that in February this year, the company began to consider the sale of the company.


4 the U.S,cheap price. real estate market can hardly be optimistic https://www.wish,www.bags4usale.com.com/merchant/fuzhouhengdetradingcoltd

< br / > the U. S. Department of Commerce released on the 24th speech show that is April this year of new homes in the United States send sales showing the chain increased, year-on-year decline in styles, clinch a deal the price still maintain is low, showing the U. S. real estate market still can not be optimistic vulnerable styles. April new homes in the United States send the quantity that is sold by season zero at an annualised rate of care is 32.3 million sets, annulus comparing fell 7.3%, but in April 2010 the volume of the same period last year cut 23.1%. The United States national real estate business association released Friday, April home sales to be completed index fell to 81.9 to 11.6%. The index was revised down from 94.1 to 92.6 in March.


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