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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; glashtte Dragon Wall every watch with 18K platinum material, all equipped with cal 100 automatic mixing machine, cal.100 with original second automatic return device zero, changed at 8 o’clock position of saddle button operation, and not the crown single mode of operation, but also because of the

      mechanical power source, usually only about 2 to 3 days of storage, when the table a long time not to wear, it must be time to adjust, but in general, consumers generally do not wait until the second hand to position number 12, to pull the crown to adjust the time, this kind of adjustment will occur in the second minute scale, but not at the 12 position at the same time, or the second arrived at the 12 position,luxury swiss watch, the minute hand and has left the correct scale velum minutes for the deficiency of cal.100, a new movement of independent adjustment mechanism in the second hand, as long as the adjustment time, at the same time, under the pressure of the crown and the second independent at 8 o’clock. The adjusting knob, the second moment can fly back to 12 place, the minute and second hand are at the correct scale, not only improves the precision time, complex "fly" performance, is the clock For the first time in the form of the basic statement of the table, the pragmatic performance and have excellent performance in the performance of the appreciation class.


  & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; movement for cal.100 along the glashutte each tabulation of the strict requirements, integration of the traditional watchmaking technology and modern science and technology, in addition to the second independent zero outside,silk nightgown, and 5.6 mm in thickness of the movement is currently glashutte the thinnest movement and high-efficiency bidirectional mixing mechanism to significantly reduce the mixing time, the previous generation of single box spring power storing for 42 hours, double barrel dynamic storage also increased to 55 hours, is also in line with modern Zhou Xiuer future work on the following Monday watches still walking and precision requirements.