Dongguan Bailida health scales outside the fair called boost sales in 2011

        the 2 billion 100 million generation AM-OLED panel production line in the construction of Samsung Electronics 5.5 generation panel production line, the domestic OLED industry to catch up with the pace is accelerating. In June 9th, rainbow shares (600707.SH) announced that its subsidiary of rainbow (Foshan) Limited intends to display

in Samsung Electronics investment $5.5 construction of the 2 billion 100 million generation AM-OLED panel production line in advance of production,, the domestic OLED industry to catch up with the pace is accelerating. On June 9, rainbow shares (600707.SH) announcement said its controlling subsidiaries Rainbow (Foshan) flat panel display Co., Ltd. intends to self 315 million yuan funds for the construction of AM-OLED panel test line project, and intends to issue 16 billion yuan of short-term financing bonds.

sleep tops< p > Dongguan Bailida health scale to borrow Bo "said that" sales on June 11, 2011, as one of the main activities of the 17th Shanghai TV Festival International Film and TV Equipment Exhibition "has attracted foreign TV technical field of exhibitors, show the latest technology and equipment. Among them, the exhibition of 3D technology applications show particularly eye-catching, becoming a major highlight of the Shanghai TV festival.

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(Chen Yu reporter Sun Yiang) State Oceanic Administration to provide 2 million research start-up costs,, the use of units to give not less than 1: 1 of the research matching funds. China Polar Research Center personnel department relevant personage introduction, leader of the recruitment will assume the Antarctic astronomy and related fields, the important foundation and cutting-edge scientific research, dome a Antarctic observatory construction and astronomical business observation and polar Antarctic astronomy laboratory construction.

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a weight scale, not only to weigh out, but also to measure the body fat rate. In the forthcoming third session of fair, Dongguan Bailida Health Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Dongguan Bailida) will bring this product exhibitors.

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products display Dongguan Bailida is a Japanese funded enterprises,, had been in the 1st and second international expo. The company general manager Jian end introduced, before participating in the Expo, the company never to have any exhibition in China, and the company’s sales in China accounted for only less than 10% of the company’s total sales. This time,luxury swiss watch, by the foreign fair, the company plans to increase sales in China to 20%.

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outside the Bo will stimulate domestic impulse

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"we are in the foreign fair is the home electronics D648." Yesterday in Bailida company Casio rise through an interpreter told reporters that the company plans through this exhibition, display the latest products of our company.

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