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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Bureau of the organization as soon as possible assassination team to overseas in addition to rape Zhao Yang Guo / Wen Li Xiangdong case skyline why more and more officials carrying large sums of money and fled abroad? Why this phenomenon is not effective? One of the most fundamental reason is that our country is lack of a severe

agency as soon as possible to organize the assassination team in addition to rape

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Guo Zhaoyang / text

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Li Xiangdong case there will be more and more such officials Xie jukuan fled abroad? Why this phenomenon is not effective? One of the most fundamental reason is our country lack a severe punishment measures, lack of a can to Tianya Tianya to kill people, so in order to the security of the country, in order to social justice, to the sanctity of the motherland laws must to teshiteban, rapid bold mobilized national best secret service officers them form a by the Bureau directly under the leadership of the in addition to those who is the main task of the assassination mission, to the world to, timely will all escaping officials, one by one, all of them.

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Li Xiangdong case Bureau organized the assassination team as soon as possible to the overseas eliminating traitors, all officials defected, dared to defect, is a point of view, once defected to foreign countries will reach, it is impossible to recover it to the overseas property, less likely to take their lives, once the basic point is broken. Officials will not be defected abroad, therefore, we must intensify overseas to punish,breitling watch, where officials fled to kill the family, causing a "escape overseas, die quickly" situation, to state officials fled overseas situation, completely change the officials fled, and strictly formulated the measures, the provincial leading officials abroad, where officials of the Department of the province abroad shall be headed by the main province, overdue not return, revoked duties, and be held responsible according to circumstances Ren, such as Xie jukuan misconduct, leading to the crime of CO and strict measures, provinces, cities and counties of the leading families are not allowed to immigration formalities going abroad and illegal for those who shoot on sight. The officials abroad defectors their families are,http://www.luxury4ubest.com, be limited by March, such as defectors will not return,Longines, his family all shot.

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defected abroad and Liu Rongfu,www.breitlingtag.com, who is a fellow?

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< p > today, "Guangzhou Daily" an article entitled "Guangzhou Huadu District Animal Husbandry and director of the United States for more than two months, not to be dismissed" the disclosure, Huadu District, bureau of animal husbandry and veterinary director Liu Rongfu on August 19 to for private passport to leave for the United States, and subsequently to traffic accident as an excuse for Hugh sick leave a month until October 7th. But until today, according to the relevant negative > Huadu District

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