Wuda wooden photo ride Pinzgauer well-known in the world.

Many fans and a seductive, damned 3D cinema let people love and hate is & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the moment of the hit American "Thor" and had to go to the cinema to see it! yes or no! In Natalie Portman, the little Lolita, has become a good accomplishment< br / > the moment of the hit American "Thor" many fans and a seductive, damned 3D cinema let a person of love and hate and had to go to the cinema to see it! yes or no! The film Nathalie · Portman,
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< p > wudamu photos Thor ride, Pinzgauer Mingyangsihai, Pinzgauer turned out to be manufactured by Steyr,
Replica Watches, Austria – Daimler puch company, now by the British vehicle technology company production in the UK. In 1971, will be put into mass production, unique chassis structure of the Pence Gower in off-road capability is the first-class, and Mercedes Benz g, Unimog side by side become Europe off-road areas three major brands, and Land Rover, Rover,
www.time4usale.com, Toyota Land Cruiser (quote parameter picture), Mercedes Benz g level (quote parameter picture) a game earlier in the Dakar Rally.

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Pinzgauer is 44 and 66 in two versions. Shape line edges and corners, the use of the central tubular frame of the whole alloy, pig nose type of steel plate. Engine installed in the car, power by the Z drive system from the outer tube into the tube, in addition to convenient maintenance, can also maximize increase bottom height and enhanced access. Drop.Gear was used in the design of axle and wheel, the ground clearance of up to 335mm. Full suspension driving the central backbone. The highest level of driving ability of the suspension drive. Drive all waterproof sealed, although the cost is high, but the reliability is also high, only the process of mechanical processing requirements are high, so only Austria,dealsforwatch, and other countries with higher levels of mechanical processing can produce.

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< p > Pinzgauer home – Austria is a mountainous country, special terrain prompted the country pay more attention to off-road vehicle design and production, the production of SUV has a marked characteristics, is narrow, light filial piety, from interval. Year in China at the time of the introduction of Steyr heavy-duty trucks, had considered the introduction of Pinzgauer this performance close to the Mercedes Benz Unimog 1.5 ton off-road vehicles. But the car cost is higher, the structure is complex, the parts of the processing technology requirements is high, obviously beyond the level of our country at the time of the mechanical manufacturing. Later, the performance is mediocre, extensive use of IVECO.

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