Nicole Richie may not be on the radar the way she once was, but that can be chalked up to having a child, becoming a near-wife to a fellow celeb, and oh yeah, STILL dealing with her run-in with the law from over two years ago.

Nicole paid yet another visit to her defensive driving school and this time, she wasn’t playing around. Carrying an Hermes Birkin is one way to say,Sexy Lingerie, I’m a celeb and you’re not, but her drab ensemble definitely identifies with the “little people.” Or, you know,Replica BREITLING WATCHES, the homeless. From here,www.time4usale.com, Nicole’s Birkin looks to be a brilliant orange, but not the signature orange Hermes is known for. This shade is a little darker,TUDOR WATCHES, and it appears to be the standard togo leather topped with gold hardware. Yum!