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films are passive only animation as incense, Kung Fu Panda 2 Mandarin subtitles, a few years ago to see dubbing audience can account for 60%, now down to 20% —

is currently being released, Mandarin dubbed version of "Shrek 4" well received, "China slang" emerge in an endless stream to the bursting point up, broke people for some Mandarin dubbing"". However, reporters found, "Shrek 4" can only be regarded as a successful voice special case, does not mean that the breakthrough of dubbed film studios, Huaxing deputy general manager Liu Hui told reporters: "has been dubbed" disgrace ", a few years ago, the audience can see the dubbing version 60%. Now, this proportion dropped to one or 20%, only the elderly or not easy to see the subtitles of the elderly or children only ‘passive’ choice to see the voice version."

– voice will cause the loss of

show emotionsAlthough "Shrek 4"

audio version of the audience is very satisfied, but the audience is still the first choice for the original, the voice of the industry, is a helpless ending". About the decline of dubbed film, all the people think this is an inevitable trend, Liu Hui said that the last century before the middle of 80s, the public in addition to viewing the dubbed film, no more chance to contact foreign film and other forms of entertainment, dubbed as people understand a unique window of the world, so quickly became popular. And now, the situation has been very different, making a large influx of foreign culture, the number of people learning English has increased dramatically, "the original sound and subtitles" foreign films have been favored.

worked for many years actor Zhang Hanyu said in an interview with reporters, he has been for many years not dubbed the "best voice actor, it is difficult to restore the actors in the drama in the mood", for example Zhang Hanyu said: "I am currently working as a TV series" Water Margin "Dub, original cast to catch up. No soundbite, now I feel very sorry, because of my voice.