Li Xiaoran spring sowing opened red series prelude to spring

        although Li Xiaoran Yan Po cut event was to let Li Xiaoran sad silence in case of "winter", now she finally All sufferings have their reward. spring ". Just with Peter Chan, "martial arts" cast of Cannes’s red carpet, unlimited scenery, soon after returning to Hangzhou

Li Xiaoran


Yan Po cut event was to let Li Xiaoran sad silence in case of "winter", now she finally All sufferings have their reward. spring ". Just as Peter Chan "swordsmen" crew walked the red carpet in Cannes, unlimited scenery, after returning home soon came to Hangzhou, calling for his drama starring "spring". Zhejiang satellite TV will begin in June 5th, 19:30 day, two episodes broadcast the play, and this is the second consecutive starring Li Xiaoran, in the Zhejiang satellite TV, before she is a partner with Zhong Hanliang’s "too late to say I love you", is Zhejiang TV hit and hit a ratings gratifying.

Li Xiaoran’s "spring" broadcast to uncover the "red series" prelude to the 30 set of blossoming flowers,, opened the "red series" prelude to

spring 30 TV sets "spring" mainly tells the story of the heroine Ye Xiaowei legend of the rough life experience, she was born in this small family knowledge princess in her husband after going abroad has become a left behind women, lives alone with her children. Experienced, when the conductor, opened the bus, the final choice in the invisible into hard pioneer, a responsible woman, in the entrepreneurial success,, also ushered in another spring of love. The "spring" is a reflection of China after the economy began to take off in 90s at the beginning of the story, compared with the previous repertoire of more realistic and meaningful life, so be good transition to the upcoming meeting the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding atmosphere,, opened the Zhejiang satellite TV Chinese blue theater "Prelude red series". And then to the "Oriental" "my father was a bench", "bright sword" together for the party for 90 years blessing.

Li Xiaoran ",TUDOR WATCHES;and" turned "butch"

since his debut, Li Xiaoran has been dubbed the "Lady" in the title, "spring", Li Xiaoran bold breakthrough image, she played Ye Xiaowei, and in the two hit after a divorce, try a different occupation in life, from the slender weak literary youth, into the mouth can suck "butch" to the audience, find everything fresh and new feeling. Turning to the "breakthrough", Li Xiaoran frankly, in fact, they are very tough in life, "to my age, the experience of life than before, more in favor of the role of the interpretation of this type." She also said that she and the characters Ye Xiaowei has many similarities, "we are very dedicated to love, are very strong, although"