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        micro-blog’s charm is now being recognized by more people. As the domestic online games to accelerate the industry’s leading enterprises, fast travel accelerator also followed the trend of the launch of their own micro-blog,
replica watches, where players can better and more quickly grasp the rapid launch of every activity,, the

micro-blog’s charm is now being recognized by more people. As the acceleration of the domestic online games industry leader, Xun Yu accelerator also followed the trend micro-blog launched its own, here can be better and more rapid game player to master every activity launched fast travel, understand the latest developments. Fast swim and the players want to share a wealth of Internet information, more online game industry information, timely delivery to everyone. A topic, interesting gift, sticky, interactive, fast travel and game player have in common, "the US website, we grow up together."

360 fast travel online fast travel Sina micro-blog accelerator accelerator "is, March 8th -3 month 15 days all the attention of fast travel micro-blog fans, by forwarding this activity for micro-blog, the future direction of product design and development, and proposes the effective user, will have the opportunity to win. Products include fast travel card,, VIP card and the value experience of fashionable digital products such as Apple’s IPAD.

addition. Fast travel micro-blog will launch more awesome follow-up activities, the mysterious you will take, please pay close attention to micro-blog dynamic, good luck at any time.

about fast Swim:

360 fast travel online accelerator Sichuan fast travel network technology Co., Ltd. is the first online games to accelerate service providers. In the long-term development and operation of the practice of mastering the most advanced online game acceleration technology and a wealth of online games to accelerate operational experience. Fast travel is the Sichuan fast travel network technology Co., Ltd. launched a dedicated online game acceleration products. Fast travel through the dynamic adjustment, by all operators of node deployment,replica watches, 24×7 hour national network status and speed and data transfer technology, effectively solve the network encountered in high latency, landing difficult and easy line problem, in addition to supporting more than 1400 domestic games, online games and also support the service station serving the United States European service online is accelerated the majority of online game player tool.

is currently online accelerated the market share of the first product, fast travel in the establishment at the beginning of the service object is the network game game player, with the development of technology maturity and product platform, powerful function and humanized design has been recognized and affirmed by more and more game player. As of December 2010, the fast travel accelerator has more than 40 million registered users, the game player reputation fast travel quickly attracted manufacturers and attention, and then thunder, Qihoo 360, Hao Fang, grand, perfect world, LineKong, kylin.