Anqing city in 2010 to select the Ten News and hundred events.

        editor’s note: 2010 is the year of Anqing tourism ‘s "11th Five-Year" ending, and also the year of takeoff to promote the "Anqing tourism trans action". The city’s tourism system comprehensively implement the city’s tourism development conference, insist the "11th Five-Year" and annual work targets, tourism

editor’s note: 2010 was the year when Anqing’s tourism industry ended in 11th Five-Year. It was also the year of the "leap over Anqing tourism action". The city’s tourism system comprehensively implement the city’s tourism development conference, insist the "11th Five-Year" and the objectives and tasks, grasping planning to lead the integration of resources, grasping investment projects, grasp the marketing management and expand the market, improve service quality, the work achieved significant results. Now, 100 tourist collections are compiled and compiled into "hundred events in Anqing tourism in 2010", and the "ten major news" of Anqing tourism in 2010 are selected".

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1, the city’s tourism development conference was held, 11 county (city, district) "a" mountain tourism. April 20th, the city’s tourism development conference held in Qianshan, municipal Party committee Zhu Duwen held an important note on the convening of the tourism development conference, mayor Xiao Chaoying attended the meeting and made an important speech. The meeting raised the objectives and tasks of Anqing’s tourism development by leaps and bounds, and commended a group of tourism enterprises and individuals who made outstanding contributions to Anqing’s tourism, and held the Anqing tourism achievements exhibition in the same period. Site links, 11 counties (city) district Party committee or the "number one" on the stage, accept, mountain tourism, has become a major highlight of the conference tourism development.

2 and "Anqing tourism action" started well. In accordance with the "foundation for one year, three years, the general requirements of five years a new leap forward", the implementation of the Anqing tourism cross action. The development of the tourism industry in the city has shown unprecedented strength, remarkable industrial status, rapid development of tourism economy, more abundant tourist products and remarkable expansion of tourist market. The annual total of 19 million 360 thousand visitors, an increase of 31.2%; total tourism revenue of 12 billion 760 million yuan, an increase of 30.1%, the index ranked the forefront of the province.

3 and the "ten billion tourism project" are progressing rapidly. The city has more than 160 projects under construction, with a total investment of about 20000000000 Yuan, with a total investment of 1 billion 616 million yuan in tourism during the year. The momentum of construction is in full swing, and the tourism situation is changing with each passing day. Qianshan Valley Nagareizumi lithoglyphs Cultural Park, Yuexi azalea garden and other scenic spots in Tongcheng city built, hole street, Yuexi hot springs, Susong cave, Zongyang Fushan, Graptopetalum paraguayense.