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        eggs; first practice the muscles! So they dare not rush you. Eggs are what countries, Easter, parents will hide in every corner of the house dyed dyed eggs (now mostly exquisite egg shaped chocolate), so that children find. The movie maker borrows

and other eggs, the first muscle training! So they dare not rush you.

what is an Easter egg,



countries are at Easter, parents hide stained eggs (mostly painted egg shaped chocolates) at every corner of the house, so kids can look for it. The movie staff borrows this concept, in order to "encourage" those who have the patience to the audience watching the credits, the credits will be in the middle or last placed a hidden plot, making customers, or funny picture. This encourages viewers to respect creators and to surprise fans.

did you wait for the Easter egg today?! Pirates of the Caribbean 4 subtitles, eggs in Hollywood, there are a lot of director and producer also joined the "love eggs" in the credits, such as Peng Haoxiang’s "puff", a movie starring Jackie Chan in the end there will be a NG lens, this has become a practice. We have a simple statistics, the recent release of the mainland, "speed and 5", "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" and so on, there are eggs at the end of the film, you see?

The tragic history of

and other eggs

@ Tristan: "Iron Man 2" midnight premiere, I have been waiting for more than 10 minutes, clean aunt came, security came, another security came, eggs still did not come. Finally in the three people’s attention ceremony, nor an apology is not angry, softly leave.

@Sherryxo: we have been doing the original silly thing called eggs.

@ C+: "Han sword night" to the theater before the netizen detective tips, must look at the subtitles, there are answers for the answer, people are gone, had to stand on the lower screen, no!

@ Wu Chun’s Treasure: inception, the cinema lights on, and all the people turn off the lights". The waiter was depressed: "no falling to the ground of the gyro." As a result, an audience: "I heard it yesterday."……"

"two theater managers accompany me to watch by myself! I kept comforting myself, and there was no, and I saw 10>