In 2010, the current news commentary asked true fans not this V

        – New Express reporter Chen Yingya "not for several unrelated people left here, because I want to leave here no longer appear this kind of phenomenon here. No matter who is responsible for this, there is no explanation." – – in August 27th of this year, Chen Yang was named "C"

– the new express reporter Chen Yingya


" is not for a few irrelevant people to leave here, in order to hope that there is no longer this phenomenon and leave here. No matter who is responsible for this,, there is no explanation."

– – in August 27th this year, Chen Yang in the name of "chensir" on the "old micro-blog" released a sentence.

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in August 27th this year, Guangzhou famous person Chen Yang officially shut down his name is chensir Sina micro-blog, and special statement: abandon micro-blog and some short micro-blog (commonly known as Zombie powder) related. Chen Sir which attracted many users fans hot, many netizens Chen Sir micro-blog feel sorry, some netizens think Chen Sir as the "zombie fans" to give up micro-blog and give up the interaction with the fans and listen to the speech channel, the "The loss outweighs the gain".

on October 14th, the new Bulletin revealed Chen Sir back to Sina, micro-blog news. Close second days called "chensir" micro-blog as early as August 27th, Chen Yang, he reopened on Sina a "for its rusty revolver, but is" but because the accounts are not real, there is no "V" certification, so most users fans did not know. Until October 12th, Chen Sir because of negligence in the "old micro-blog" released its hosting program related information,, only "leaked" he has long been "hidden back to micro-blog Jianghu" news.

Oprah: Chen Sir


in Guangzhou, Chen, Sir, Chen Yang’s name is almost household name, audience, audience,, net friend, many fans. He is not a star, also did not go to college, but he presided over the problems, people close to the style, let him get a lot of items. He put forward the "new Guangzhou", "Guangzhou, Guangzhou to promote friendship". Chen Yang has almost become a cultural noun in Guangzhou.

from 2002, Chen Yang served as "night person", "night without trace", "Pearl River Delta life attitude" and other presenters, has a reputation. News commentary on the Guangzhou news channel hosted by Chen Yang on 2004