Pirates of the Caribbean 4 film critics, Pirates of the Caribbean, 4, determined to introduce May

        "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" poster (1 / 2) in April 18th, according to the news release, the highly anticipated summer "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" (PiratesoftheCaribbean:OnStrangerTides) have been identified in the mainland and will lead Chinese.

"Pirates of the Caribbean 4" poster (1 / 2) www,www.fashionwatchtime.com.thesalewatches.com

time in April 18th, according to the news release, the highly anticipated summer "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" (PiratesoftheCaribbean:OnStrangerTides) has identified the introduction of China mainland,http://www.fashionwatchtime.com, and will be released simultaneously worldwide in May 20th. This produced, film by Disney Johnny · Depp (JohnnyDepp) will be epic fantasy starring in 2D, 3D, IMAX3D format release. www.thesalewatches.com

4 film Pirates of the Caribbean watercress Pirates of the Caribbean 4 "introduced in May 20th to determine the simultaneous release of Pirates of the Caribbean, 4 film" bean Pirates of the Caribbean 4 "is the" Pirates of the Caribbean "(PiratesoftheCaribbean) series of films of the fourth Works, and is the first to form 3D and IMAX3D, is the first time Chinese and simultaneous global release. "Pirates of the Caribbean" is one of the most profitable film series of the new century, the world’s only film grossed more than $2 billion 600 million, a variety of related products revenue, Disney park rides continued popularity, let Disney company of "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" heart full, it is not yet released in time already writing fifth scripts. And Johnny ·, Depp’s captain Jack is also deep into the audience to become one of the most popular role. Now, Captain Jack is about to lead the Chinese audience on the latest exciting adventure of fantasy, and domestic pirates have long been impatient.


, Pirates of the Caribbean 4,www.time4uwear.com, is a sequel, but in fact there is little correlation between the story and the first three episodes except for a few key characters. This set another strange, tells the story of a new legend: Captain Jack was king George II of England was ordered to seize, to find the legendary "fountain of youth", and he is going with his old friend, Captain Barbosa has been enlisted. However, the expedition does not go smoothly, Captain Jack met his old lover angelic, he did not know whether she really loves them, or in using him to find the fountain". But Jack is still on her ship, and her father, and a notorious repute Blackbeard launched the adventure of the unpredictable future. A few of their dismal heroine in this times mixed with pirate >