May 27, 2011 news, May 27, 2011 news, evening edition

                  (broadcast May 27th 22:40, 23:10) "the whole point of news" (evening edition)         (title) (broadcast) leaders of France and the United States hoping to restart the peace process in the Middle East &   nbsp;   (title);   Egypt will be long-term Rafah crossing      


(broadcast at 22:40 on May 27th), "whole news" (evening edition)

        (title) (US) leaders hope to restart the Middle East peace process as soon as possible;

        (title) Egypt will be long drawn port

        (title) the Russian fire broke out and triggered a shell explosion;

, May 27, 2011 news, May 27, 2011, "the whole news" (evening edition,        

; (title) gunfight in Western Mexico, killing at least 29 people dead

   ,replica watches for men;     (title) the Dow Jones index was born 115th anniversary; New York set up a memorial day


,; (headline) commentator connection: two big institutions predict world economic growth rate; the result is wide gap

   ,cheap price replica watches;     (title) Maldives looks forward to comprehensively deepening the mutually beneficial cooperation in Malaysia

        (title) jointly with United Nations agencies "focus on poverty";

        (title) Xinjiang will be built as an important tourist destination of China www.thesalewatches, >