Large + ceramic radar brand new this year two highlights

        super + ceramic radar brand new this year two highlights the brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, 2006 Basel international watch and Jewellery Show sapphire watches have recently in Swiss Basel falls next heavy curtain. It is reported, the radar continues to introduce multiple new watches in the current exhibition. Large watches and high-tech ceramic material continues to be the biggest bright spot of the new radar, and these latest watches will be listed in the domestic. Sapphire crystal cover the Silver Diamond super oversized mechanical watches drilling super large series of successful in silver, radar and introduced new silver drill mechanical watches. Transparent sapphire crystal cover another perspective, automatic movement take in everything in a glance. Case and bracelet used is not easy to wear high-tech ceramic material shine more brightly, complemented with observation window, the entire watch delicate fresh. The precision ceramics "chronometer" really drill series new Rado precision ceramic "chronometer" really drill series, platinum watchcase clear-cut, inlaid with 24 diamonds, shining. Robust design without losing the mellow, and preparation for fashionable ladies tailor. Dial has three kinds of gorgeous color options,Replica watches, respectively is the unrestrained jujube red, passionate and fashionable white pine green. White diamond edge and is made up by Arabia digital platinum gold — 12 point, 4 point and 8 point scale and pointer. The precision ceramics really drill series limited edition color layout, the passion, it is love at first sight,, this is the Rado latest masterpiece — precision ceramic really drill purple passion series (Integral  Jubilé "Purple-Passion") character. The watch table section consists of color made of high-tech ceramics, comfortable to wear. As with other styles of precision ceramic series, one streamlined design high-tech materials and chain delicate,Ap watches, it feels light and smooth. And high-tech ceramics can ensure that the "beautiful shiny purple passion" is not the time to wear. Sapphire crystal mirror protection seamless combination with a case, and the metal coating decorative crystal mirror color coordinated to highlight the whole watches the bright lines. Dial four diamond distribution on the soft matte silver background, and forty small diamonds in the case on both sides of the scintillation crystal. Also equipped with a medium style calendar window display. Limited edition series is available in two sizes: small (limited edition of 700 pieces) and m (limited edition of 300). RADO.TRUE I really new series RADO.TRUE me series of pure beauty and innovation of material perfect fusion, is the epitome of cutting-edge technology and outstanding shape, made of high-tech ceramics by perfect. In the creation process of RADO.TRUE,aphublot, radar table successfully for high-tech ceramics using opened two new technologies: high tech ceramics Satin matte and decorative patterns, is the world’s first. The circle is the infinite and eternal symbol of the new RADO.TRUE watch series is round. Ceramic bracelet seamless combination of ceramic case and delicate articulated, durable properties of ceramic materials;

White Gold Diamond, wrong timing for Swiss watches

        platinum and diamond, wrong timing for Swiss watches watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,Audemars Piguet watches, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch   CRAZY HOURS watch superb tabulation process, the fusion of FRANCK MULLER and unlimited creativity to another high. If it is not seen, thought FRANCKMULLER and numerous table fans make fun of! Because the Arabia digital CRAZY HOURS dial arrangement, the inherent law of the dial to completely break! Hidden tabulation artisans unique ingenuity. Crazy clock Crazy Hour when the first sight of the new table, also mistakenly think that Crazy Hour, purely because of surface random numbers to display, the period after it was discovered that the original clockwise actually can with the surface of the digital,, from 1 to 12 by beating mode! Its almost crazy ideas,Ap watches, people applaud. Although the dial Art Deco Arabia digital re ordering, reading time is completely without difficulty; the minute hand according to clockwise rotation, display minutes; and the key lies in the display flying back clockwise hours (Jumping Hour), Arabia digital just watching the clockwise refers to, can immediately know the hours time; such as in the photo to the clockwise – "10", that is ten; the view invariant, which is very; when the complete turn around ("8"), clockwise will immediately by "10" flying back to the general clock three position "11", which is immediately display eleven time. Using dial numbers occult arrangement, precision mechanism and Franck Muller have always been proud of, and ultimately to create this a precision watch, this spirit is really admirable. Crazy Hours radiation twist cable lines on the dial a polished multiple Art Deco Arabia digital pattern for embellishment, under different light and perspective, flickering, fantasy, make this watch is more interesting. Wrist Guanghua Lady ‘s Long Island 900 Franck Muller Long Island (Long Island) series of platinum and diamond watches, price is in 150000 to 6000 yuan. If I had one hundred and fifty thousand once upon a time, I think I will invest in the first layer of residential units,, but times have changed, and now even buy are not 100% value, but also to make the concept and discard. How to choose a good watch, at any time than buying their more practical, if you know all about the goods bought only increased potential for watches, second-hand price higher than the original price at any time, Franck Muller is one of great appreciation potential of the watch brand. Lady ‘s Long Island 900 to 18K White Gold Diamond rectangular watchcase silver dial with radiation pattern, general small bezel dial the central vertical placed the size of each one, and studded with dozens of glittering diamonds.

Machinery manufacturing quality exceptional IWC and nations

        machinery manufacturing quality exceptional IWC Wanguo watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watch       IWC IWC was founded in 1868, has 130 years of history of watchmaking. Liye place called Summer Buddha Hauser, local history of watches and clocks can be traced back to the beginning of the fifteenth Century, a full 459 years earlier than the IWC. IWC founder USA Boston engineer Florentine · Jones (FlorentineA. Jones), he founded the Swiss most early mechanical watchmaking factory in the Rhine River plant,tag heuer watches, realizes his new vision – to replace a part of artificial mechanical manufacture more precise parts,aphublot, then by the first-class table division assembled into extraordinary table. IWC watches in recent years sales growth of five hundred percent, rather astonishing results. Wan Guobiao is the hallmark of IWC, is a form of state companies (The International) abbreviation. This is a universally recognized as the Swiss watch brand in Japan, led the local practice: businessman with ROLEX (Rolex), a doctor with OMEGA (OMEGA), a university professor and engineer with IWC. IWC company website using Flash technology, interactive sex is very strong, which belongs to the superior of the clock in each site, distributors around the world agents can get the latest price through this website,Ap watches, the user can also open access product quotation. Registration: Swiss

Tokyo Flash with sliding cover double dial watch — The One

        Tokyo of Japan Flash company is famous for its fashion watches produced LED, many of which are used to watch display Le binary,, coaster unique. But considering that most people can not adapt to the binary watch, the company also launched a music without   Japan Tokyo Flash company is famous for its fashion watches produced LED, many of which are used to watch display Le binary,tag heuer watch, coaster unique. But considering that most of us cannot adapt to the binary watch,Ap watches, the company launched a music with a stainless steel slide double dial watch — The One, the left is the familiar ordinary dial and pointer, while the right side or the LED binary display. The binary dial with 2 rows of LED lamp,, representing the happy hours and minutes.  

10 years to repair 40000 watches

        now the idea on the watches has changed, small fan said. In the past who has a Zijin Mountain table, can be called family property now to repair the Shuangshi, enicar, plum and other imported table accounted for four into above,Ap watches, the main table in middle-aged and old people, and years

now on the watches concept has undergone great changes,       small fan said. In the past who has a Zijin Mountain table, can be called family property now to repair the Shuangshi, enicar, plum and other imported table accounted for four into above, the main table in middle-aged and old people,gucci replica, young people wear watches have rarely been everybody has a mobile phone, MP3 such as timer, to accelerate the pace of life changed people’s living habits. In this regard, small fan does not feel lost, repair also bought a lot of people do not have the old as the collection. Said he saw the clock is love, a kind of intuition.

3 years of age suffering from polio,       30 year old Xiao Fan is Anhui county. Since then the lifelong and crutch as partners. In order to work, 19 years old go to Ma’anshan art, determined to own both hands to create difficulties in life. Since my own shop ten years, took no fewer than 40000 clocks. Yesterday, Fan Qibing told reporters at his wa gallery is located in Nanjing City, only 5 square meters of Ruyi watch shop ", if the daily repair 10 clock calculation, has been repaired 40000 clocks, one of the most expensive 110000 yuan a OMEGA.


heard that Nanjing University Hankou road in front of the school gate flow,       small van came to Nanjing in 2003. The students’ potential to repair the old market, here 4 months stall. Fame has also sounded, students tell each other: that someone at the door no can not repair table. In fact, watch the principle is very simple, as long as the reach a certain technical level, should be able to repair. Small fan is introduced, Ma’anshan Qiu master opened a small shop in the United way, but a very sound reputation, around the city and old customers but also to hear the news. This few years he to master as an example, from the South Gate of the stall after the succession in the central door, incense and Ming wa gallery open a shop, some customers to follow him even from the central door, Qixia,, Xiaolingwei came looking for him is the reason for shopping malls to fix the watch the price is too high, a watchband less dozens of yuan, reach more than one hundred or two hundred yuan. And in the streets to watch repair old itself is a kind of memory, watch chat embodied learning is the process of urban culture. Small fan said that OMEGA is because long-term need, related parts and some malfunction caused >