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        CHANEL legendary Chanel watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watch     CHANEL is known as "the mother of the French fashion", she in the heart of the people, elegance is not only a brand,Audemars Piguet watches, is a new female confident, independent, modern logo. In August 13, 1883, Chanel was born in France to a needy family. When 12 years old mother died, his father disappeared,, she and her sister were sent to an orphanage. CHANEL tailor learning in orphanages, the tailor’s shop to work at the age of 17, where she opened her own life. At the time of the French social conservative, Chanel to simplify, launched the female students, young and rich flavor of youth with rebel outfits, which caused the agitation. Leo her talent and beauty in a body, small strong and confident, full of enthusiasm and vitality. 1910 in Paris on the streets of CAMBON, Chanel opened a shop specializing in hats. Her hat was a famous actress of France has been the favorite, so her fame, and she herself is simple and lively style also favored by the people. In the eyes of the public, Chanel is a focus on the work, strong minded woman. She started from scratch, by virtue of her extraordinary creativity and unyielding spirit to become the leading designers. Chanel has completely changed the concept of women’s dress, she advocated a "simple" concept, to subvert the prevailing fashion. Nowadays, CHANEL has become a noble fashion index, because the brand younger, and once again lead the world fashion trend. Whether handbags,, jewelry or earrings logo is a symbol of gorgeous and noble, it makes every woman want to have it. Wear and wear of CHANEL women, rather than chase fashion, rather said is in search of eternal grace. CHANEL died on 1971, aged 88. Her life is a typical Leo, full of colorful clothes, high society, admire lover constantly, but in the end still lonely self. Today, CHANEL products include: clothing, accessories and bags, shoes; cosmetics and perfumes; couture and high-level jewelry and watches.

When the World Cup encounter Watch

        HelloKitty angels and Demons 2010 Football Theme especially series wrist watch N Wang Fanyu six or seven months, South Africa World Cup is every man the absolute protagonist in the mouth,Breitling, a sleepless night, watching television, is crazy. Through this four years to have a business opportunity, the surface

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six or seven months, the world cup in South Africa is every man the absolute protagonist in the mouth, a sleepless night, watching television,Ap watches, is crazy. Through this four years to have a business, the business also with table football began, pushing a variety of World Cup theme watch. Love to watch collection fans can shot. Replica watches for sale

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HUBLOT became the 2010 and 2014 World Cup official timekeeper, this is also the history of the world cup for the first time appointment watch brand as its official timekeeper and official wrist watch. Zidane, Erwin, Messi and other famous star also poses special section of their cooperation with the watch brand and limited edition. Ball fans also unwillings to lag behind,Audemars Piguet watches, and their favourite team and cartoon characters celebrating the world cup. Replica watches for sale


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following the 2008 European Cup for Germany to design the pilot DFB special edition Chrono rattrapante, this session of World Cup, IWC again for the football team launched second official watch — large Engineer DFB special edition chronograph watch, for each in the world cup, German player army, build a number his jersey number the same watch, show the special status. Timing watches the DFB special edition, with double pawl on the original IWC manufacturing chain system, provide ample power reserves for the wrist watch. Appearance, with engineer series of the same typical tough watchcase, watchcase contrast to 45.5 mm in diameter. Dynamic and elegant temperament integration style, show > technology characteristics of the rise above the common herd

Tiansuo extraordinary creativity, derived from traditional

        Tissot: extraordinary creativity,outletonhere, derived from traditional name,Audemars Piguet watches, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, Tissot fusion sapphire watches 150 years of creative and traditional Swiss watchmaking technology, is the leader in the Swiss watch industry. Its goal is to provide the gold silver price to the public of the watch. Tissot except people talked about sport series, the classic gold watch and pocket watch it enjoys high reputation in the watch industry.   Rapunzel series           the creation of this series can be regarded as a watch manufacturing the first time in history, Tiansuo designed a new gold watch styles. Watch from the frilly gold pattern composition, from gold manufacturing, rose red, white and gold in three colors. Like the braids pattern as the strap is very light and soft, let a person fondle admiringly, but also have very strong resistance,Ap watches, can also change the shape with the wrist. A smaller rectangular stones inlaid with the version now also began to market, there are two nodes in the central part of plait table, just like the fairy tale princess hairstyle, which is also the source of this watch name.  

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        on SIHH2010, the IWC launched the Da Vinci series ceramic new chronograph. Number: IW3766 movement: automatic chain IWCcaliber89360, 40 drill vibration frequency: 28800bph kinetic energy: 68 hours of power

universal IWC launched the Da Vinci series ceramic new chronograph. SIHH 2010.

number: IW3766


40 drill core: IWC calib 89360 automatic chain.

800bp frequency: 28.h

kinetic energy: 68 hours dynamic storage http://replicawatches,hublot


case: zirconium oxide and titanium metal synthetic data in

size: 44mm x 52mm x 15mm

table mirror: anti glare sapphire glass

: 30 meters waterproof



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Oris launched a new Artelier artist series, to

        Artelier in French means studio (stuio) mean, Oris launched under the name of Artelier series table section in 2003, hoping to art and design (Art) of the original spirit, shown in table

will date with unique and clear display. Significant date through large windows the twelve o’clock position read. Another

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Ori launched in 2003 under the name of Artelier series table section,Replica TAG Heuer – MONACO Twenty Four Calibre 36 Chronograph Steve McQueen CAL5111.FC6299 Men Watch,       Artelier in French means studio stuio. Hope the art design of Art original spirit, appear in the table above, entity, with a powerful and unconstrained style creative inspiration,Audemars Piguet Watches, achievements Artist Series refined watch features.

features in the emphasis on a case,       Ori is the latest Artelier series. With a variety of performance movement, let the case design as the series of image identification of any small parts, are sufficient to represent the Artist Series transcendent spirit; new case deep rich features, combined with the artist unique visual aesthetic angle cutting, let the charcoals capture inspiration, precisely in the practical work. Artelier 3 chip case structure of multiple safe screw fixation, calculate the arc extremely accurate, to ensure that the combination of wrist watchcase with comfortable docile, and presents the final creative accommodate various performance movement. It is particularly worth mentioning Artelier follow the ergonomic design of the crown, the Ori table factory, especially the density and engraving, improved the size and feel perfect crown, let the game player can experience the mechanical mixing and fun correcting time. In addition, Ori more opportunity to artist series as index, has launched its first big windows Big Date complex performance table, symbolizing the tabulation process Ori has always been known for high precision machinery, again a big step forward.

The new case

with artists to capture the visual aesthetic inspiration charcoals A rteli deep rich features. >

plus whole watch curve graceful and soft, form the perfect combination with wrist, created a renowned, classical and elegant watch. Artelier series table section of the plate are guilloche, collocation projection of the scale and coated with Superluminova fluorescence calibration and polishing the pointer, >

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        inspiration Borel designers from this beautiful mermaid fairy tales, design a combination of classic and fashion the perfect Yashi series. Barrel type casing and elegant, full of intellectual women’s Charm Pink and purple two

Swiss quartz chronograph,Vacheron Constantin watches online, Borel Yashi Mermaid series. With 1/10 seconds, 60 seconds and 30 minute timer function, sapphire crystal glass table mirror, waterproof 30 meters, looks elegant and rich in content, art and utility in one, the crystallization product Borel another fashion concept and exquisite technology.

design a combination of classic and fashion the perfect Yashi series. Barrel type casing, elegant       inspiration Borel designers from this beautiful mermaid fairy tales. Show the intellectual female charm of pink and purple two stingray strap, such as foam like little white, elegant with smart lively. The 2006 Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant "natural ice blood quality, intellectual beauty life" theme coincidentally,Audemars Piguet Watches, as a valuable prize of a new session of the miss, Miss show the inner wisdom and beauty in nature.

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