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< p > auction is a major bright spot,
Glashuette Original Sixties Watches, is a possession of a hand? Magnificent royal presentation musical fan music fan, Prince Ferdinand of Gotha and Saxe-Coburg gift to the vicomte de Morais, Geneva Piguet & amp; captopril in about 1810 product.

Lot Piguet 189 – &

; Capt

< p > this is a very rare, gorgeous gold enamel painted porcelain painting inlaid pearls music fan, possession of a hand? And visible rose trimmed? Balance, the fan to watercolor and gold paint. This important gold enamel music fan is the existence of three known only with hand and music fan?. Fan is very fine gorgeous, like other 19th Century Geneva? Made Trolltech and exotic valuables, the fan has been the exclusive royalty and the upper class.


189 / Valuation: 300000 – 500000 Swiss Franc

< p > "we collect some very rare and special auction, such as Rolex Rolex Ref. 1665 Sea-Dweller submariner prototypes and royal presentation fan fan,
Glashuette Original Watches, which really very exciting and we are proud to present in Antiquorum an Antiquorum auction will," Antiquorum an Antiquorum,
Tudor watches, President and chief executive officer Evan Zimmermann said. "So Zhong? Auction of historical importance and a series of patekphilippe Patek Philippe watches and other senior Zhong, no doubt, the auction will is not to be missed a rare machine met.

In the name of Princess glorious time inventory watch behind the Royal legend watch auction us

is now the collection,, it is not as boundless as the sea and sky, the pack. Since the famous old brand new goods be nothing difficult,, rare, also can make the young nobles scramble for the royal family in europe. Monaco Leini AI Royal that several not easy the princess and the prince all watch connoisseurs and buyers. Relied on them from France and Switzerland, very close to the convenience, often shuttle between the Three Kingdoms, get good table block Kexin, than the ZA change clothes also easy to do.

Royal watches Pinnacle: Breguet series

queen of Naples

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,

!< p > the queen of Naples (Reine de Naples) series watch name to Napoleon’s sister Carolina & middot; Murat (Caroline Murat). Carolina & middot; Murat alive bought 34 Breguet table, one of the most outstanding is Breguet created in 1812 a built-in thermometer hit spring meter. This was fixed on the gold woven strap on the watch to become the world’s first watch. Now the birth of this watch has been going on for nearly two centuries, Breguet for the introduction of the memorial as Reine de Naples series of senior jewelry watches.

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,

!< p > if you want to give my wife or girlfriend to buy a watch, "the queen of Naples" series of watches is quite good,, rare egg shaped, diamond, pearl Pinctada veliger more rare is the Bijou rare lunar phases and energy display. No more than 5 pieces of the "Queen of Naples" appeared in the international auction market for several years.

On the watch Run string problem _ watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _ Pacific women’s net


about running string problem

< p > string running in the watch assembly and repair, the main purpose is to check, axle is reliable in axis eye, the gear alignment and meshing condition, axial lubrication, the gear face beating, axial and radial clearance gear, axle wheel tip concentricity, gear transmission, sensitivity degree. All of these can through the string running in a short period of time was observed. The gear system, which is equipped with a gear assembly, also includes the related gear, such as calendar,
Chopard Watches, calendar, and other related gear. They are slow in speed. The string should be carried out in the wind, and all the oil and the oil is finished.

on the watch running string problem

< p > there is a saying: when after the end of the string running process, if the escapement wheel or second wheel has the right amount of cyclotron, train good; I personally think, second round there is no cyclotron, or to structure movement, usually is partial center drive, and a big box’s movement prone to cyclotron, that is because a box wheel in the string running process, resulting in an inertial, when the net spring string, it still continues to rush forward, resulting in a spring core reverse deformation,, this will lead to a modest rebound torque.

Fault [electronic watch battery and selection of common map] _ watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _

electronic battery and common fault

electronic watch should choose what kind of battery? Electronic watch must use small size, capacity, voltage stability of the battery,, so the selection of silver zinc batteries and zinc mercury battery. The more common use of silver zinc batteries. The difference is, the voltage is one point five volts of silver zinc batteries, zinc mercury battery for a little dog. The life of silver zinc and zinc mercury battery, which depends on the capacity of the battery and the power consumption of the watch.

electronic watch battery and common failure

when the power is running out, the light will become dim, or when it is turned on,, the digital display will suddenly become dark and even disappear. A quartz watch, which is equipped with a battery life, when the battery is running out of power, all of the display numbers will flash together. The digital watch’s lamp consumes a lot of power. Generally open for a second, the power consumption can be used for normal time with more than one hour. In the international,Rado Watches, the specification of the watch battery is not standardized, so the general, the exchange difference. All kinds of electronic watches, have specifically designated use of batteries. Some can be used in a certain range, but for what brand of watches, are there are provisions, not free to use. Replace the battery, if they don’t understand watch technology, should repair shop watch battery installation.