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Andy Cullen Geneva November modern and antique auction [map] _ chronometer watch _ auction _ fashion

< p > auction is a major bright spot, Glashuette Original Sixties Watches, is a possession of a hand? Magnificent royal presentation musical fan music fan, Prince Ferdinand of Gotha and Saxe-Coburg gift to the vicomte de Morais, Geneva Piguet & amp; captopril in about 1810 product. Lot Piguet 189 – & ; Capt < […]

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In the name of Princess glorious time inventory watch behind the Royal legend watch auction us

is now the collection,, it is not as boundless as the sea and sky, the pack. Since the famous old brand new goods be nothing difficult,, rare, also can make the young nobles scramble for the royal family in europe. Monaco Leini AI Royal that several not easy the princess and the prince all watch […]

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On the watch Run string problem _ watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _ Pacific women’s net

, about running string problem < p > string running in the watch assembly and repair, the main purpose is to check, axle is reliable in axis eye, the gear alignment and meshing condition, axial lubrication, the gear face beating, axial and radial clearance gear, axle wheel tip concentricity, gear transmission, sensitivity degree. All […]

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Fault [electronic watch battery and selection of common map] _ watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _

electronic battery and common fault

electronic watch should choose what kind of battery? Electronic watch must use small size, capacity, voltage stability of the battery,, so the selection of silver zinc batteries and zinc mercury battery. The more common use of silver zinc batteries. The difference is, the voltage is one point five volts of silver zinc batteries, zinc mercury battery for a little dog. The life of

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