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Fiyta plans onward Fiyta Hongkong to HK $9000000 acquisition of Swiss Montres100% shares plus associated rights plus obligations. In addition, the company intends to set up the fashion brand production marketing Chinese district Fiyta

company plans to write off of the short-lived ownership Xi’an giants Food Entertainment City Co. Ltd.,A. Lange & Söhne Lange 31 Watches, Shenzhen Feijing precision optical instrument manufacturing enterprise finite investment plus affair projects. The corporation intends to sell the Chengdu Huashun building property and Anhui power co.. In addition.cheap cost see

the enterprise intends to set up the fashion jot production marketing Chinese zone Fiyta plans onward Fiyta Hongkong to HK $9000000 acquisition of Swiss Montres100% shares plus related rights and obligations,Breitling Professional Watches. In addition.cheap price penetrate

corporation intends to through the Fiyta (Hongkong) Co., Ltd. to HK $9000000 acquisition of Citylion Internat Limit Montr Chouriet SA the Swiss company holds 100% peg among the enterprise and the related rights and obligations. Fiyta announced on October 29th.inexpensive cost penetrate

Citylion Internat Limit namely a totally owned subsidiary of Montr Chouriet, Switzerland SA enterprise Founded surrounded April 9 1998, the registered main of 250000 Swiss francs. The corporation namely responsible for man-made Deperi Mr. Jean,coverage of happening research and evolution,blueprint manufacturing, sales of Emile Chouriet mark watches. Its products are mainly sold to Southeast Asia plus mainland Chinese.

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the company’s total assets of 561300 Swiss francs (3525800 yuan) absolute liabilities of 378300 Swiss francs ($2376300) of assets and liabilities rate of 67.38% web profit -5.03 million Swiss francs (RMB -31.75 yuan) along the abolish of June 30,bulgari bbp39bgld/roma, 2009.cheap cost penetrate

the “Emile Chouriet brand has a long history of 300 years, Montr Chouriet SA, the Swiss see manufacturing company namely a stranger. The discern is exquisite workmanship,elegant taste, show the Royal, the Swiss see mark belongs to the field of prejudiced positioning. The acquisition of the corporation and its brand,entirely amid line with the evolution tactics of Fiyta international jot.inexpensive cost see

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was founded surplus than 130 years of the world’s altitude watchmaking factory – the Audemars Pigeut (AUDEMARSPIGUET), since December 4th (five) to 8 (two), organized the “Audemars Pigeut 2009 current exhibition in Bao Hong Tang watch Taipei Minsheng mart

Audemars Pigeut preferential escapement watch has recently won the 2009 Geneva watches awards “best men” award; among September this anniversary also won among Singapore Asia Geneva watches Award “the Public Choice Award”,Bulgari Watches. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/New-Catlike-Whisper-mtb-Helmet-Cycling-Bike-Accessories-Carbon-Mountain-Aeon-Bicycle-Mountain-Bike-Helmet-Men/1089563_1620279970.html

was founded extra than 130 years of the world’s height watchmaking factory Audemars Pigeut (AUDEMA RS PIGUET since December 4th (five) apt eight (two) Bao Hongtang watch Taipei Minsheng cache held a “Audemars Pigeut 2009 new exhibition.


highest high-profile nature is just apt watch the Audemars Pigeut preferential escapement 2009 SIHH show published, this table apt the industry created per hour up to 43,aboard display a great many current table section. 200 corner the balance wheel vibration frequency and the momentum to three days storage showing the history of clocks and watches a groundbreaking precision never only to all media namely extraordinary,entire watch game performer namely likewise One’s blood boils with indignation. December 3rd (four) by 2:00 pm aboard Bao Hong Tang watch Taipei Minsheng storage held a press conference, this watch longing be officially unveiled. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/New-Catlike-Whisper-mtb-Helmet-Cycling-Bike-Accessories-Carbon-Mountain-Aeon-Bicycle-Mountain-Bike-Helmet-Men/1089563_1620279970.html

2009 year desk full stage debut Audemars Pigeut exclusive escapement watch http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/New-Catlike-Whisper-mtb-Helmet-Cycling-Bike-Accessories-Carbon-Mountain-Aeon-Bicycle-Mountain-Bike-Helmet-Men/1089563_1620279970.html

to watch history 1st per hour up apt 43,in 2009 won the tall evaluation of medium plus collector of watches: the annual Audemars Pigeut exclusive escapement watch. 200 turn to lofty swing frequency effective pose exhibits eminent 72 hours dynamic storage and excellent seismic poise without fuel lubrication,omega dark side of the moon replica, greatly amend the precision plus stability of the watch time The advent of 3D chart depth,will a crowd of complicated architecture entire included 950 platinum colossal watchcase, sapphire crystal transparent mirror plus a bottom cover,Breitling Professional Watches, a feed one’s sight aboard tall precision mechanical device http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/New-Catlike-Whisper-mtb-Helmet-Cycling-Bike-Accessories-Carbon-Mountain-Aeon-Bicycle-Mountain-Bike-Helmet-Men/1089563_1620279970.html


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Valentine’s Day was held in Hongkong afterward the New Year Concert Aaron Kwok,first appeared in Guangzhou,for the globe watches Longines among the metropolis of Guangzhou Tianhe cache openings to do publicity. Aaron Kwok has all been apt dominate the dynamic danceLongines

series desk deed afterward the French Open tennis competition it is understood. Longines specify timing, Longin too served for the 2007 Shanghai Masters Cup tennis rivalry and launched in events during its motion series watches – velocity array Longines tennis special chart every model namely built because velocity measure scale display, rate reached 2 Maher; Kankas diving array with water depth plus depth measure display; surrounded accompanying apt array desk section aviation expresses Longines “faster, higher,Cartier Watches, farther more the spirit of amusement www.lvrolexshopping.com

new yearly 1st appeared in Guangzhou,Breitling Professional Watches, Valentine’s Day was held among Hongkong behind the agreement of Aaron Kwok. As the earth watches Longines surrounded the metropolis of Guangzhou Tianhe storage openings to do publicity. www.lvrolexshopping.com

healthy picture by advertisers favor As a Longines spokesperson, Aaron Kwok has entire been to the dancing steps dominate the globe Had played a beauteous hand Longines, a pelt nostalgia see debut placed huge pose captured the hearts of the attendance of the fan plus the crowd

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A special version of the

designed for tennis, Aaron Kwok with the hand Longines. “Said the accepted entertainment namely watching movies,likewise like apt movement tennis, tennis is running the biggest vantage namely namely you can plus friends,plus within approval want select apt escape as the fitness feature a people running plus others do never have to chat for can noiselessly thinking problems. www.lvrolexshopping.com


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        altar table blew a strong wind restoring ancient ways in this year, many watch manufacturers have launched with Treasury antique movement or heavy mining classical movement design Vintage watches. DanielRoth Athys watch by, minutes and seconds, dry

is Miss old-fashioned pocket watch onion shaped trenches with crown. Athy watch waterproof up to 30 meters,       this manual winding movement by rotation especially for Athy watch the crown. Paired with a black hand sewing crocodile leather strap and K gold folding buckle. Danil Roth will launch 15 K white gold material, 15 red K gold, and 5 platinum, 35 Athy Watch Co limited.


multi table factory have launched with Treasury antique movement or heavy mining classical movement design Vintage watches. Daniel Roth Athy watch by, minutes and seconds, clean dial display,       altar table blew a strong wind restoring ancient ways in this year. The hundred years of watchmaking tradition as real Athy watch. "Pure" Ati Latin, while Daniel Roth Athy show, just join a radical and modern, will people to watch the legacy of ancient times, appeared on the watch. www.watch4uwater.com

case design to have double elliptic design,Breitling Professional Watches, Daniel Roth classic blue steel hands, Rome digital time display, dial design, decoration and movement, maintained Daniel Roth has always been a delicate. IWC Calib 952 can be traced back to the 1927 launch of the IWC number for the 95 movement, in about 1950, evolved into the anti shock performance of Calib 952 movement. This machine is composed of 161 parts, with the 19 stones. This form of escapement using Bao Ji type hairspring, rotation by raised slightly off center, can carry on the same axis swing greatly and reduce the friction. The effect can be integrated escapement swing, vibration frequency reached 18 per hour,Omega Watches,       Daniel Roth Athy using the IWC movement No. 952 manual winding movement. 000 times. After adjustment escapement Daniel Roth watchmaker are prudent, vibration frequency shows incomparable stable, harmonious, precision.



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        return, is the generation of products from design, material to restore, templates and other details, to be innovative, designed for the expression of the miss that product and respect, is due to the classical and regeneration. From the past

case diameter 38.5mm steel, the automatic winding mechanical movement L615 ETA 2895/2 energy storage for up to 42 hours. Table mirror less reflective sapphire crystal, the appearance of black lacquer dial, 11 red Arabia digital time, decorated with luminous dot markers, rotary table pointer back, rhodium plated luminous hands, Strap Black Leather Belt / brown alligator strap, waterproof up to 30 meters, Ref.   No.: L2.731.4.53.2  Price:RMB10900 www.watch4uwater.com

will be a generation of products from design, material, template and other details to restore, copy. To be innovative, designed for the expression of the miss that product and respect, is due to the classical and regeneration. Find the charm from the past, is noted for its elegance and culture of Longines,311., this season especially for modern gentlemen recommended retro nostalgia, a story of wrist scenery: brand 2009 latest replica watches, Longines watches and Longines SilverA rrow WWW watch. www.watch4uwater.com

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Longines launched SilverA rrow watch is 1955-1956 the new copy. The old style case diameter is 34mm and the new style and habits of modern gentleman is to increase the diameter of 38.5mm shell shape is more rounded some. Dial time decorated with gold and rhodium, 2009. Exquisite detail, with three pins or date display two styles. Surface engraved logo Longines wing hourglass. A leather belt or steel chain options. www.watch4uwater.com


nostalgic atmosphere rich,Breitling Professional Watches, the design comes from the 50’s of last century. Suitable for cool to have experience of the elite, as work life precision timepiece, also can match with daily and formal dress, make wise spirit, showing good taste. www.watch4uwater.com

case diameter 38.5mm steel, table mirror organic glass, dial 11 silver plating time, and the luminous dial, rotary table pointer back, rhodium plated luminous hands,A. Lange & Söhne Watches, Strap Black Leather Belt / black alligator strap, waterproof function   up to 30 meters, Ref. No.: L1.647.4.72.2& nbsp;   >