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        December 9, 2009, New York — BVLGARI Bvlgari group vice president Mr. NicolaBulgari announced today: BVLGARI Bvlgari brand was founded 125 anniversary celebration of fundraising activities through the year,U-Boat Watches, has raised more than $9000000


New York BVLGA RI Bvlgari group vice president Nicola Bulgari announced today: BVLGA RI Bvlgari through the annual celebration of the 125 anniversary of the creation of the brand fund-raising activities, has raised more than $9000000 in aid of rewrite the future "project of save the children, including on the night of December 8th in New York, Christie’s auction house to raise charity auction items. BVLGA RI Bvlgari as the 18 top jewelry special creation this charity auction and the limited edition watch works make a total of December 9,Bulgari Watches, 12009. The $546500 in aid of save the children. Replica watches

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to the auction will include Bvlgari group vice president Nicola Bulgari and his wife Beatric Bulgari Glamor prize winner, a famous Latin singer songwriter Ricki Martin Venice actress Rose Byrn Oscar winner Jessica Lang supermodel Esther Ca? ADA save the children’s chairman and chief executive Charli MacCormack save the children vice chairman and managing director Mark K. USA project Shriver and Veronica Bulgari Amy Fine Collin Marjori Gubelmann Nina Griscom Stefano Tonchi Gillian Minit Jennif Creel Dayssi Olart de Kanavo Corali Charriol Paul and Senat Bill Frist. Although the Ben Stiller failed to attend the auction,       the New York auction auction includes 11 parts, the one and only exquisite high-end jewelry and 7 Limited Edition watch. But he sent a surprising humorous video, auction >

ZENITH El Primero 40 anniversary magnificent performance

        text: to celebrate the 40 anniversary of the ElPrimero movement, brand in the display area, decorated with the symbol ZENITH the most representative hand carved ear grain celebration ribbons, and respectively by the purple, orange is symbolic of a symbol of honor

is the integration of the radical and modern characteristics,       where as the 40 anniversary of the El Primero Memorial watches watches the fun. The multi-level table ring and the ear grain face, show the tabulation process master, by time window can be seen in table movement bridge, plywood and the link shape, have been rigorous calculation, and face to color decoration through the right, while highlighting the commemorative value money, with elegant and classic image. In addition,’09 ZENITH also features using the same 1969 EI Primero movement limited engraved, with rose gold,Bulgari watches, stainless steel and titanium alloy three styles, which are used to represent the past, present and future. cheap price watch


brand in the display area,       text: to celebrate the 40 anniversary of the El Primero movement. Decorated with symbolic ZENITH the most representative hand carved ear grain celebration ribbons, and respectively by the purple symbol of glory, orange symbolizes joy, red is a symbol of power, the distribution of long-lasting brilliant, also connected to a "past", "present" and "future" time gallery.

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precise timing, the per hour up to 36,         El Primero core for ZENITH as a core brand. The turn of the 000 frequency to ensure watch has 1/10 second precision,Replica BRM, so in 40 years, the El Primero movement in the field of programs in the chronograph. Precision,Chopard watches, El Primero also express diversified design principle, the first taking automatic disc around the central ball bearing rotation, timing stopwatch movement automatic mixing, and this is reflected the strong strength of the ZENITH tab. cheap price watch

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was founded surplus than 130 years of the world’s altitude watchmaking factory – the Audemars Pigeut (AUDEMARSPIGUET), since December 4th (five) to 8 (two), organized the “Audemars Pigeut 2009 current exhibition in Bao Hong Tang watch Taipei Minsheng mart

Audemars Pigeut preferential escapement watch has recently won the 2009 Geneva watches awards “best men” award; among September this anniversary also won among Singapore Asia Geneva watches Award “the Public Choice Award”,Bulgari Watches. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/New-Catlike-Whisper-mtb-Helmet-Cycling-Bike-Accessories-Carbon-Mountain-Aeon-Bicycle-Mountain-Bike-Helmet-Men/1089563_1620279970.html

was founded extra than 130 years of the world’s height watchmaking factory Audemars Pigeut (AUDEMA RS PIGUET since December 4th (five) apt eight (two) Bao Hongtang watch Taipei Minsheng cache held a “Audemars Pigeut 2009 new exhibition.


highest high-profile nature is just apt watch the Audemars Pigeut preferential escapement 2009 SIHH show published, this table apt the industry created per hour up to 43,aboard display a great many current table section. 200 corner the balance wheel vibration frequency and the momentum to three days storage showing the history of clocks and watches a groundbreaking precision never only to all media namely extraordinary,entire watch game performer namely likewise One’s blood boils with indignation. December 3rd (four) by 2:00 pm aboard Bao Hong Tang watch Taipei Minsheng storage held a press conference, this watch longing be officially unveiled. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/New-Catlike-Whisper-mtb-Helmet-Cycling-Bike-Accessories-Carbon-Mountain-Aeon-Bicycle-Mountain-Bike-Helmet-Men/1089563_1620279970.html

2009 year desk full stage debut Audemars Pigeut exclusive escapement watch http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/New-Catlike-Whisper-mtb-Helmet-Cycling-Bike-Accessories-Carbon-Mountain-Aeon-Bicycle-Mountain-Bike-Helmet-Men/1089563_1620279970.html

to watch history 1st per hour up apt 43,in 2009 won the tall evaluation of medium plus collector of watches: the annual Audemars Pigeut exclusive escapement watch. 200 turn to lofty swing frequency effective pose exhibits eminent 72 hours dynamic storage and excellent seismic poise without fuel lubrication,omega dark side of the moon replica, greatly amend the precision plus stability of the watch time The advent of 3D chart depth,will a crowd of complicated architecture entire included 950 platinum colossal watchcase, sapphire crystal transparent mirror plus a bottom cover,Breitling Professional Watches, a feed one’s sight aboard tall precision mechanical device http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/New-Catlike-Whisper-mtb-Helmet-Cycling-Bike-Accessories-Carbon-Mountain-Aeon-Bicycle-Mountain-Bike-Helmet-Men/1089563_1620279970.html


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BenQJoybookLiteU121 fuselage lightweight (1.25 kg), thin (the thinnest by only 18.5 mm), with eight hour long standby skill and fast charging 1 hours tin cater a strong power as the longest six hours of power cell life, bring apt the preferences of mobile users great convenience. Not only the outer

BenQJoybookLiteU121 fuselage lightweight (1.25 kg), thin (the thinnest by only 18.five mm), with 8 hour long standby skill and fast charging 1 hours tin cater a strong power for the longest endurance of 6 hours, which provides convenience as mobile users preferences. Not only the advent of fashion, as the insure to IntelAtomZ530 as the present atom platform core construction, power consumption namely equivalent apt Z520,Omega Watches,merely the output power is more robust tin flee huge software alternatively deal with HD playback and other requirements, with 16:9 high resolution LED backlit screen full size keyboard,colossal skill HDD/SSD hybrid hard, hard to unload the HD HD advocate and so aboard never only aspiration the fashion personality, mobile and outstanding performance among a body,tin let the purchaser work, entertainment two never blunder,anytime and wherever feasible apt enjoy a current mobile life.

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        admiral 50 left crown chronograph is a challenge for a short time the ultimate measuring instruments, the watchmaker and the design team to create the best performance time measuring instrument, particularly to increase the Admiral 50 left the crown

its elaborate appearance retouching and oscillating pendulum engraved with the brand name CORUM,       admiral 50 left crown chronograph with KunLun automatic mixing exclusive chronograph movement. Every detail of the elegant show senior watch level and the pursuit of the perfect heart.

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        subprime crisis did Manchester United sponsor AIG, but stars gathered,A. Lange & Söhne Lange Zeitwerk Watches, your double Reds do not worry about their money. Have a look Ferguson smile, the fans will know that Manchester United on the news, according to "the sun"

the Reds could continue on season double side even further to complete the Albert crown three? This should see Manchester United said in the next season, the Hublot sponsorship of Manchester united. But the Manchester United CEO David Gil has be overwhelmed with joy and even take Ferguson joke: Arrakis (Ferguson), has always been much time,A. Lange & Söhne Watches, both on and off the pitch. Now the partners will share with him the passion.

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founded in 1980, Hublot is developing rapidly, the Swiss tabulation process is well known in the world. Group founder Carlo Crocco’s leadership, United’s new sponsor in 2007 turnover exceeded 150000000, and attracted the world famous luxury group Louis Vuitton (Loui Vuitton attention. Louis – Vuitton thinks Hengbao is a beneficial supplement to the group’s existing product portfolio, and in April this year announced its merged into the. louis vuitton outlet

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Hublot group already set their sights on this piece of fertile land of football. The group is the first 06 years of the Swiss national team during the world cup sponsor,Bulgari Watches, in fact. And as the official timekeeper of the European Cup in the summer. It is worth mentioning Huiyanshizhu Swiss became Spain’s partners in the European Cup, and released Big Bang Spanish football "limited edition watch as the matador bolstering departure >

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        has 139 years of exquisite watchmaking technology Swiss professional mechanical watch brand Zenith, will be 5 in Bao Hong Tang Taipei and Taichung store sync to host "Zenith2004 year Tourbillon watch and full range of to in September 1st

also has a unique aesthetic and philosophical insights into the Zenith of the time dial tourbillon device: in the overall configuration of the landmark for the absolute sense of modern non center, asymmetric style design,       Grand Chronomast XXT Tourbillon in addition to process evolution results combined with tourbillon and high vibration frequency chronograph movement. As described by Picasso to show the human face of general; tourbillon device is more traditional, eccentric move to 11 times for

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Taiwan will become the world’s first listed Zenith Tourbillon watch,       has 139 years of exquisite watchmaking technology Swiss professional mechanical watch brand Zenith to 5 in Bao Hong Tang Taipei and Taichung store sync to host "Zenith 2004 Tourbillon watch and a full range of watches exhibition in September 1st". Bao Hongtang is Taiwan’s first sales Tourbillon watch shop stores, and K white and rose gold two kinds of watches have. In addition, this exhibition, Zenith series table section will all, one of the new table there are several first exposure, like Grand Class Rattrapant double rattrapante automatic chronograph large windows etc.. In order to express this year heavyweight show attention, Zenith Global CEO Mr. Thierri Nataf the future, also will treasure Hong Tang stores in Taichung, will be an index table – Tourbillon is very important in the history of Zenith tab, showing people to Taiwan love table. www.watch4uwater.com


Zenith in R & D and manufacturing core advantage,       watches Bao Hongtang general manager Chen Qiutang said. Launched from the chronograph,Omega Seamaster Watches, moon phase, dual time, calendar, high-profile Grand ChronoMast XXT Tourbillon Tourbillon mechanical watch in the Swiss Watch Fair in this year, it is has been gradually moving towards tabulation technology summit. In recent years, research and design of Zenith is more focused on female mechanical watch, lively fashion modeling, as well as various tender bright color

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Submariner and Traditional GMTII (16710) Compariso

Here is another one of my Rolex comparisons off my website.  Do a search for Sheldon Smith Rolex and you’ll find the others as well as other tidbits.  This review is a couple of years old, but still valid.


The Rolex Submariner and the GMT II

With the Anniversary editions of the GMTII now released, there has been much discussion on the older, now “classic” GMTII that is still widely available. My GMT II D serial I have had since March 2006 after owning a DateJust, NoDate Submariner, and Turn-O-Graph. I obtained the Submariner (Z series) after trading my SeaDweller because it was too heavy. The Submariner and the GMT are two similar watches using the same case, crystal, chapter ring, but each of them wear differently because of a few distinguishing factors that I describe below.

In the mid 1950, the original GMT and the original Submariner were more similar than different, but each of these watches went on their own evolutionary track. The GMT, introduced in 1954, was an outgrowth of the Rolex Thunderbird introduced in at Basal in 1954. The Rolex Thunderbird was a DateJust with a rotating bezel made for the Air Force’s Thunderbird aerobatics team. From the Thunderbird, evolved the GMT II with the third hour-hand for pilots to use when crossing time zones.

The Submariner was first shown in 1953 and was released to the public at Basal in 1954 as model number 6204. The first Submariner had no date mechanism, the bezel was bi-directional, not unidirectional as it is now, and the hour hand lacked the Mercedes symbol that is now expected on Rolex sport watches. The depth limit was 600 feet and the watch case had no crown guards.

The early 1950’s were the watershed years for Rolex sport watches. During this time, Everest was being conquered, transcontinental flight were available to the masses, and underwater diving records were broken. In 1954, Rolex unveiled three breeds of sport watches. The Submariner for underwater exploration, the Explorer for conquering mountains, and the Turn-o-Graph for jet-setting businessmen. Later,Replica Van Cleef & Arpels The Alhambra Vintage Classic Series Watch, the Turn-o-Graph would be revised into the GMT Master, then revised in 1990 as the GMTII with the addition of a quickset date and independently moving hour hand to monitor three time zones.

Both the Submariner and the GMT II share the same hands, case,TAG Heuer Carrera WV211B.FC6202 Watch, and crystal. The primary difference between the watches, other than the obvious differences in the bezel insert, and the 24 hour hand on the GMT, are the clasp, the caseback, bezel, crown, and the half-link/full link.

Crystal Height

In reviewing my Rolex parts book, both the GMT and Submariner share the same crystal. Even though the crystals are the same, the crystal on the Submariner appers to ride just slightly higher than the crystal on the GMT. I try to capture the difference in the photo on the right.

The Rolex parts book does not shed any light on the crystal height difference; all the parts appear to be the same. It is possible that the bezel ring rides higher on the GMT because it requires a little more play to rotate bi-directional rather than un-directional on the Submariner.

Hieght & Weight

GMT: 127 g / 12.45mm

Sub: 135g / 13.00mm


Date View

With the crystal appearing a little higher, when comparing the two watches side by side, the date view appears a little bigger on the submariner. If the Sub crystal is in fact riding higher, the date would magnify larger than the GMT. The other theory is that the watch face is farther into the case, increasing the distance between the date, and the cyclops on the lens and making the date appear larger.




The Bezels

The bezel ring on the two watches are subtly different. The bezel on the GMT rotates bi-directionally, whereas the Submariner only rotates counter-clockwise. Although the insert appears to be interchangeable, the bezel is slightly thicker on the Submariner giving it a slightly more robust appearance. The picture on the right shows my extra Red-Blue GMT Bezel insert sitting on top of the Submariner bezel ring.

When looking at both watches side-by-side, the slight difference in the bezel thickness, combined with the subtle difference in how the number views in the date window give the GMT a slightly wider, shallower look. The Sub, by comparison, appears that the face is deeper in the case and the dial insert as being slightly smaller/narrower. In actuality, the bezel insert is the same dimensions as the GMT, but the smaller look is given by the slightly thicker bezel ring.



The Caseback and Height

The caseback on Submariner is thicker than on the GMT. The GMT caseback is reminiscent of the DateJust and has a very similar profile. The extra thickness on the Submariner caseback is one of the crucial differences, aside from the crown, that allows for a 1000ft / 300m depth rating. The caseback on the Submariner does not give or flex under pressure.

The next time you are at an AD, examine the GMT II. Place both your thumbs on the caseback and try to flex it. At first, you will not notice any flex, but after repeating the same test on the Sub, one will notice a difference.

The added thickness of the caseback makes the Submariner ride a little higher and with a little more watch-flop. The GMT fits closer to the wrist and seems to slip under a shirt cuff without getting hung-up.

As you can see in the old advertisement on the left, caseback thickness makes a difference.

“… At 1,700 feet the crystal began dot bend a bit. And at 1,900 feet the back showed signs of bending. At 2000 feet the crystal and the back bent severly…”


According to Carolyn (another forum reader) the caseback is almost twice as thick on a Submariner than it is on a GMT. Using calipers that have a .02mm in variance, she found the following:




Model Thickness GMT 16750 0.72 Submariner 1.51 DateJust 16233 0,Replica GUCCI WATCHES.81  

Caseback thickness really does make a difference in the depth rating of a Rolex.

The Bracelet & Clasp

The bracelet on both watches are the same with two noticeable differences. The links on the Submariner are brushed on the sides whereas they are polished on the GMT. The second distinguishing difference are the 4 &#189,Bulgari Watches; links on the Submariner’s 6:00 O’clock side versus 5 full links on the GMT.

For smaller wristed wearers, the ½ link helps bring the clasp to the center of the wrist. I believe that if the SD had 4 ½ links rather than 5 full links, like the GMT, I would have kept the SD. For small wristed folks (eg. 6 ½” diameter), the clasp hinge does not fully center on the underside of the wrist; part of the hinge hangs over the side.

For desktop divers and aviators,hublotsale, the increased clasp thickness is noticeable when doing desk work (keyboard, writing). The GMT clasp, being similar in dimensions to the DateJust from which the GMT originated, excels in desktop duties.



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The clasp hinge is the same on both watches, but the clasp cover is longer on the Submariner to accommodate for the divers extension. The divers extension expands very similarly as the SD. Some people have written that the clasp is longer on the Submariner. In actuality, it’s only the cover that is longer as the hinge is the same length. 



How they Wear on a 6.5″ wrist

Even though the watch cases are the same, the watches wear different because of the increased height and weight of the Submariner caseback. The Submariner feels heavier and a little more substantial than the GMT. The increased weight provides a little more feeling of presence on the wrist. The increase height also increases its visibility to others as well as to the wearer.

Perhaps the biggest difference in how the watches wear, especially for small wristed wearers, is the ½ link on the 6:00 side of the Submariner. For small wristed wearers, the half-link on the 6:00 o’clock side brings the clasp hinge closer to the center of the wrist. The ½ link combined with the increased height of the caseback make for a perfect fit for a 6.5” wrist. The GMT always sits on the outside of the wrist because all the links are removed on the 6:00 o’clock side and the outside band links somewhat cantilever off the clasp hinge thereby pulling the watch head to the outside of the wrist. This is not a major point, but noticeable when switching between a Sub and a GMT. For 6.5” wearers, the difference the ½ link might make the difference for prospective wearers deciding between a GMT and a Sub.

In all, I like both watches. I prefer how the Sub wears, but I appreciate the lower height of the GMT and the 24 hour hand for monitoring bicycle race start time in Europe. My daily wearer is the GMT, but I switch to the Submariner on weekends and I attempt to keep this one clean.

For sheldon’s original post in Rolex forum, please CLICK HERE