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,www.watchsaleprice.com greet 2011 Basel event, “masterpieces” series of watches second paragraph: “MP-02 time spoon “come out.

first able to do anything indicating” Your Time “watch

” masterpieces “series of complicated watches and extraordinary commitment to high caliber research and development. This new series based on the latest research in mechanical engineering made it come out from the production strength and growth. 2010 Hublot assembled a team of 30 top masters composed of senior watch custom team, focusing on research and development of highly complex series of watches. The series first watch MP-01 launched in January 2011. It is a barrel-shaped titanium watch, three sophisticated collaborative barrel constitutes column-wheel chronograph movement, able to provide ten days of power reserve. This series of limited production 100.

With the birth of digital civilization, sufficient information has been replaced by information in the sense of the material wealth. The world is full of all kinds of resources, and sometimes even appear disorganized, in which all we are facing a lot of information followed. Moment, we may experience anxiety from fascinated intoxicated to worry, cheered to the sad and disappointed from the huge gap. In this infinite wealth among what is difficult to achieve the ultimate goal, it is always in a state of scarcity? This is the “time” itself. Time is often defined as the true luxury of this era, but it is still an abstract concept: sometimes as fleeting as the moment passes, and sometimes it seems endless.

So, if a watch is able through its own mechanical device, giving you follow your own desire to master the ability of the passage of time, to really grasp the time to do your own ? The drive MP-02 Key of Time mechanical devices, through three different positions of the crown so that you can follow their own will “tune” every hour and every minute goes by. So with time spoon, the wearer can make happy time extended four times, but also allows the hard times shortened four times, while also retaining power at any time to return to normal. Three different indicators are arranged on the dial, star-shaped, respectively, indicating the current time speed to avoid any confusion. You can put this position a complex mechanical devices,CARTIER BAIGNOIRE WATCHES, or 3, and then, just simply to be transferred back to position 2, you can see the pointer back to the normal time display. Achieve this function, that is, the real movement “mechanical memory” devices. In addition to this unique complex functionality, MP-02 Key of Time also has a vertical operation Flight tourbillon cage, while the edge with the second hand indicator,TAG Heuer Monaco CAW211A.EB0025 Watch, prowess, proud.