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Swiss top watch brand Jaeger Le Coulter during the anniversary the sixty-fourth meeting of Venice Film Festival as the Venice International Film Festival (Mostra Internazional D Arte Cinematografica di Venezia because three continuous years of lawful partners. Held many grand activities apt celebrate the grand opening of the Venice layer celebration www,cd1235f0c001 replicas.fashion-watches-replica,Hublot Classic Fusion Watches.com

onward the earth noted watch auction companies altitude Swiss watchmaking mark Jaeger Le Coulter Reverso series Digu Lun presided over the auction ambition be held among the Venice Palazzo Querini Duboi. The auction namely filming the 6 medal according the Jaeger Le Coulter brand procurement Film Festival along the opening of the August 28th. And specially made finite Reverso Grand Automatiqu watch, the buck collected want be incorporated into the age Venice membrane restoration fund,accustom to repair damaged membrane The auction, the prevalent guide of the Venice Film Festival leader David Croff Marco · Muller (Marco M ller plus opening formality host Ambra · Angiolini (Ambra Angiolini at the scene,Longines Conquest Classic Watches, with the 200 guests witnessed the amazing kindness. www.fashion-watches-replica.com
Jaeger Le Coulter

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