In 2010 the entertainment list

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; – editor’s note: This article is purely entertainment zhangxinyu attacked in exergy read: Canglang fishing flute entertainment lumpy, often confusing, we can see is just the tip of the iceberg. So, the wisdom of the masses is infinite excited,
sexy Sleepshirts, the network on the endless analysis

– editor’s note: This article is purely entertainment

< p > zhangxinyu attacked in] read: Canglang fishing flute entertainment lumpy, often confusing, we can see is just the tip of the iceberg. Thus, the wisdom of the masses are infinite excited, the network on the endless analysis of the emperor who, is one of the best. They or ridicule, or spoof, or indeed evidentiality or let entertainment shows another interesting face. Zhang Xinyu hit the chest event – NO.1! The scene of the crime: December 3, a male signing will be held, known as "China’s first football baby", "the net swims the first" actress zhangxinyu as the girl on the cover of the journal appeared in sing at the scene. Is at the activity is coming to an end, the occurrence of the incident — a wearing a black jacket masks cover the face of the man to shake hands in the name of a surprise attack the zhangxinyu, which makes the scene of unrest,, mask male while disorderly escape the crowd. Suddenly hit the chest of Zhang Xinyu started crying on the spot, and later in the visit began to slowly calm and comfort. It is reported that the mask man has a problem, the organizers said the whole incident is still under investigation. Analysis of the emperor appeared: the attack on the chest of the incident caused a network of attention, friends have hit the chest men also have different voices issued. A netizen through a series of analysis and questioned the customers is actually a success is not speculation, leave the flaw is really too much! Trail: analysis of the emperor of xiongxi photos in micro expressions, micro motion analysis, there are four. , customers of man’s clothes and hairstyles and backroom staff comments, even the details are the same; second, according to the scene photographed a series of photos, zhangxinyu expression showed no emergency panic and, in several different angles, different positions of the photos is a prepared by the pain, is not entirely unexpected events of panic expression. Only answer is "the expression is deliberately installed come out to let people take pictures of"; third, zhangxinyu since his debut,, always wearing out on a show their bump caused by the impressive figure, activities on the day,
Replica watches for sale, as the cover girl for the men, but uncharacteristically wear high necked dress, will wrap himself very tight; fourth, Zhang’s action also is very unusual, normal attacked people should is the body immediately to the back, away from the male. But Zhang was at the time of action, but the body forward leaning forward, only to make a gesture of resistance, but more like to stay enough time for the scene reporters shoot. Above the clue, and analyzes the emperor that the customers for speculation will undoubtedly ", but speculation determination and intensity is not big enough, fried too stupid, fried paste! Analysis of strength comment:]]]]] the God of details, a reasonable inference, but also the use of a learned from the LIETOME "micro facial expression and micro movements, adequate technical content, imagination and entertainment is ready. NO.2 – "Inception" gyro supremacy scene: "Pirates of the dream of space.