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Rolex VS Glashütte Original


Is it possible to compare a SWISS made watch with a German made?


I will say yes.


Rolex have most of us heard about, but people who don´t are into

watches thinking of the DateJust or the Submariner when they heard Rolex.


The last model in the Oyster line was released a few years in at the 90´s

Rolex have name it Yachtmaster and the reference 16622 was released in 99.



The Yachtmaster have a different look and the other sport Rolex´s, this one

have both dial and bezel made in Platinum. Red letters and a fat minute hand

and a red second hand was unique for the model when it hit the streets.



The Glashütte Original Sport Evolution ref 39-42-43-03-03 is not what you normally

expect to see when you talking about Glashütte. Glashütte is well known for dress

 watches and when I thinking of that and I wasn´t sure if they made watches in SS

when I heard about them for the first time.


This is a great looking diver watch and it don´t really looks like they use

to do. It have a own style and they haven´t just copy another brand,  a

case with a unique style.I will say this is a watch that smiles at me.



Here is how it looks.



The Yachtmaster is 40 mm and The GO is 42,5 mm.


Here is a side by side view.



The GO is a little thicker than the YM. The GO is 14 mm thick and

the YM is 11,5 mm thick. The weight of the GO with the Trieste band

is around 120 grams and the YM with a full linked bracelet and the

Daytona clasp will be around 150 grams.



Both watches have sapphire crystals and the GO have a sapphire crystal

backcase too. A nice little option is that the GO´s backcase is not flat, it

line up with the watchcase.



The Trieste band will leave no gap between the case and the band and it gives

the watch a great touch with the red stitching. That was the reason I didn´t go

for the bracelet model. It fits well between the heavy lugs.




At the end there is a regular buckle.



The YM have a unique clasp too just at this model, but I have change it for

a Daytona clasp.


The original.



And the Daytona clasp.



Another thing with the YM is it have polished solid middle links and that is not

what Rolex use to put on their SS sport watches.



The YM have some unique lugs too and it looks like they don´t fits with the

solid end link. The YM have polished lugs too, the GO have just a little bit

polished at the case.





The bezel at the GO is made of SS and the nicely doomed insert is made of

aluminum, for secure you can only turn it backwards and it have 60 clicks.



The YM bezel is made in Platinum and can operate in both ways, it have 120 clicks.



The YM have the classic bubble to magnify the date.



The GO have a big date window, GO call it Panorama date.



The GO have a screw down crown and removable crown guards and the watch

is water resistant to 200 meters.



The YM is not a diver watch so it´s only water resistant to 100 meters but the

TripLock crown is rated to at least 1220 meters and the YM case should be the

same as the Submariner when it comes to water resistant so I will say it´s good

for 300 meters. But  Rolex will only rate their diver watches to 300 meters or

more and the rest ones to 100 meters in the Oyster line.



So what will the watches have under the hood?


If we looks inside the YM, so will Rolex not give us the WOW experience. The YM

have the in-house caliber 3135 and that is one of their working horses. Rolex don´t

care about the finish, when they made a movement they do it for it should work

in different situations. Rolex made tool watches even if the YM are a little more

bling, bling than tool. The movement are in my opinion one of the best ones

when it comes to durability and reliability. You can drop it at the floor, shake

it and it works like a charm. Around 45-50 hours power reserve, 31 jewels,

28800 bph and the microstella adjustment.





The Glashütte Original Sport Evolution is powered by the in-house movement cal 39.

This is really a contrast to the Rolex movement, this is art. A well made great looking

movement with a awesome finish at the parts. Gold, brass, steel and jewels in a

stunning mix. 44 jewels and only a date complication will say it all. This caliber

is made in some different configs like chronograph, moonphase and perpetual

calendar. 40 hours power reserve, 28800 bph and swan neck regulation.



The swan neck.



The lume is great at the both watches, Rolex have a little stronger lume.


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Maybe a wallpaper?

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I really like both watches and they will get some wrist time both of them,Fake Cartier Pasha De Cartier Watches. This little

tour was not made as a review, it´s just my reflections and what have get my attention.


I hope you enjoyed the tour.




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