Tiansuo together MotoGP precise timing technology and perfect witness against speed

        Tiansuo together MotoGP precise timing technology and perfect witness speed against the Swiss watch brand, brand watches,Longines Watches, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch world-renowned classic Swiss watch brand Tissot (Tissot) has to " 2006 World Championship motorcycle " (MotoGP), fifth consecutive became the event’s official designated time partner, superb skill and global hundreds of millions of viewers with a taste of the world’s top motorcycle players experience the wonderful be struck with fright,Dior Watches, against the common. It is worth mentioning that, since March this year, after fierce competition in Spain,Hublot watches, Qatar and Turkey top three station, each elite recently gathered China Shanghai, started fourth stations worldwide exciting contest, Tissot (Tissot) is a way to accompany these players here, the common witness this exciting moment.   in order to commemorate this world event, Tissot special design to a world championship motorcycle themed watch — Global Limited Edition of 6002 pieces of racing series MotoGP  2006 limited edition, China only sold 299 pieces. List box of the limited edition watch uses a motorcycle helmet type design, and engraved with box comes with 17 different global track pattern table cover, they can tie in with the special tools purchase offer, let the wearer to replace, reveals the movement character, very collectible value.   relative to other partners in 2006 annual MotoGP event, Tissot is playing. Tiansuo not only once again become the tournament’s official designated time, also launched a specially designed MotoGP2006 Limited Edition watch. Especially for hundreds of millions of fans crazy screaming, Tissot first American sports men Ambassador cutting-edge –MotoGP Racer Nick · Hayden (Nicky  Hayden) will also appear in the game, as the most striking the contest favourites.   in 2006, Tissot will launch a carefully crafted Nick · Hayden Nicky  Hayden limited edition watch, the selection of bright orange,lady watches, the detail structure into the motorcycle in design, and have a unique " on the rear lid seal; 69" digital clock, so as to meet Ainike · motorcycle Hayden for idol to follow enthusiasm.  

Rolex was selling $45000 during World War II.

        during World War II, Rolex sold 45000 dollar watch brand,Dior Watches, the Swiss watch brand,CARTIER WATCHES, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch CCTV.com news (the first time): Recently, an Australian auction a Rolex watch his father wears off, went so far as to sell $45000, because his father was once the war prisoners of war, this watch and therefore have a particular value. This watch is the father of John Clive’s World War II in 1940, when Clive was captured in France, was held in Poland in the third camp, was arrested when the Nazis looted their watches. The news was Rolex founder Hans · Wilsdorf after know,luxuryshopsale.com, he designed the Rolex earliest fairy gentleman series watch, hope to give the prisoners, and allow them to the end of the war the re payment, which is the famous "prisoners watch". John said, his father was written to Rolex to buy a watch, but he did not know the father in the circumstances, the last is how to get the watch. In 1948, his father paid $23 to buy the watch. Now,finest-watch-sale.com, this form together with the father was addressed to Rolex’s letters make a total of $65000.

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penetrate brands. Lee Hom was filming for watch ads show professional side, net apt entertainment reported in May 4th (photo / East Star) because a see mark spokesperson, Lee Hom’s 1st array of TV plus airplane advertising respectively along KenshinNawa and along the Japanese adviser

penetrate brands. Lee Hom was filming for discern ads show professional side,cd1235f0c001 replicas, net apt entertainment reported among May 4th (photo / East Star) because a watch mark spokesperson,Dior Watches, Lee Hom’s 1st order of TV plus airplane advertising respectively according Japan won the director KenshinNawa plus Japanese notable advertising photographer KojiKayano accompany A shot surrounded Taipei. On the same day for the filming this daily 1 discern brands. Lee Hom was filming for look ads show a professional one month quite cool days,Online shopping, Lee Hom of adviser plus photographer exchange give production aboard the side apt penetrate jot Daquan,image exhibit universal Po industry.