Leather strap maintenance method

      in addition to the metal belt, belt is most has the touch of personal beauty, so let the table fans envy!       leather strap is not only elegant more fashionable, variety of colors to match clothing more show beauty,Patek Philippe Watches, header itself, with appropriate band will make the wearer look more temperament. In the cold winter season, wear more feel warm and comfortable; however the belt maintenance is not easy to is the table fans feel the pain!       while the belt is consumables have certain life, but if you have the correct maintenance concepts and knowledge, will be able to make your leather strap with long service life, after all, the belt asking price is several hundred to thousands of yuan, is not cheap goods.       watch belt cortex variety, can generally be divided into calfskin, crocodile skin, shark skin, ostrich skin and lizard, · · animal skin is more exquisite making, leather and other agents containing antiseptic drying stable cortex, but is used properly, repeated wear the hand washing with water or rain wet to dry back and forth several times, a long time erosion agent in the leather, must accelerate the cortical sclerosis, and even deformation or fracture.       watch straps in the summer or movement is easy to sweat, if at ordinary times and often wears a face and hands wet belt, long time of perspiration, dust in the air entrained dirt attached erosion, when the leather strap is used for a long time, there will be odor. Furthermore, each person’s food,Vacheron Constantin watches, life, the use of the different habits, the discharge of sweat, dirt is not a form of acid-base; in addition to produce sour smell (such as sweat sour heavy) if you continue to wear, and even cause skin allergies!         processing method for above problems;     method: belt inadvertently wet or rain soon take off immediately,Discount watch, with dry cloth to dry and dry, can continue to wear; because the human body is normal, if the collection must be natural air drying or on a belt coated leather oil have a protective effect on the belt.       method two: when the belt to produce sour smell, soft hair brush to dip slightly spicy soap wash the dirt quickly, quick rinse with water, mining "pinching" way to make soap can be, the best course completed in 15 seconds; furthermore or use hair dryer is 15 cm to the natural air dry method (or belt charred deformation) drying.       consumers can also painted a little leather belt, leather oil "by not only on the belt to have protective effects, it can make maintenance work more perfect. Be careful. The best first off lugs, belt apart to clean, avoid the belt should not be soaked.             notes.