Tissot MotoGP watch series launched in 2009 a new (map)

        2009 launched new Tissot MotoGP watch series (Figure) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,www.timeon24.com, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,http://www.timeonhere.com, Tissot sapphire watches in 2009 for ninth consecutive years as a MotoGP official designated time, for a long time, the development of Tissot is committed to technology research and events products. At the side of the track, Tissot timing experts to provide accurate timing service to seize every minute and second motorcycle events; and as the Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot annual professional, will launch a series of watches products for MotoGP. This year, to contend for the MotoGP tournament will be 18 matches in 14 countries and regions. In 2009 April, MotoGP 2009 season opener will kick-off in Qatar fiery, and Tissot for 2009 MotoGP enthusiasm had burned out! Work closely with the Dorna Sports once again join during the Basel watch and Jewellery Show,Finest watches, Tissot hall held a formal ceremony, to show the media and exhibition visitors: MotoGP game official time table is ready. Tissot President Francois? Tim Po to Dorna Sports chief executive Carmelo Ezpeleta presented three new table. Dorna Sports is the exclusive owner FIM organized to host the MotoGP World Grand Prix motorcycle’s and television rights. In order to meet the needs of the world’s highest level of MotoGP motorcycle race, Tissot and Dorna Sports introduced the world’s top science and technology, both sides are very much looking forward to meet new challenges in the new season. This is the official MotoGP Tissot as Chronograph supplier for ninth years, with the development of technology change rapidly and the motorcycle speed continues to improve, the technical challenges for the event timing also reached an unprecedented height. Tissot innovates unceasingly in the timing process and watch manufacturing field, making it one of the top events of motorcycle MotoGP the best partners, to ensure that the requirements of this competition for timing accuracy. Tissot President Francois? Tian Bao said: "motor racing world fusion innovation and speed, and Tissot and racing industry cooperation fully demonstrated the vitality of the essence Tissot and its products. Tissot precision movement,breitling watches, as well as the constant pursuit of perfect performance, makes the watch series perfect launched a new interpretation of the Tissot MotoGP and close relations of cooperation." MotoGP and Tissot has maintained good relations of cooperation, the pursuit of quality and excellence Tissot precise values and MotoGP events in pursuit of speed limit, pay attention to perfect technology innovation fit. Tissot like MotoGP participants, on the performance of keep unremitting pursuit. Has appeared before the kick-off of the limited edition watch has been integrated into the new season of the original, the 2009 season has not started, has become a memorable season. The limited edition motorcycle helmet as a list box, containing 18 replaceable sheet cover, adjustable

Panerai luxury brand FERRARI push new watch brand

        Panerai luxury brand FERRARI push new watch brand watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch,Replica watches price, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch in 1947,Finest watches, when the first FERRARI is produced from MARANELLO in Italy factory, all with PRANCING  HORSE FERRARI the car began to production the. Therefore a on the dial with FERRAI logo watch also need to reflect its unique excellence. For this reason, watch technology and creativity Panerai presents very Italy style to the Ferrari.   now, Panerai is still on behalf of the Italy the essence of traditional FERRARI and be of an identical nature, this brand. FERRARI  ENGINEERED  BY  OFFICINE  PANERAI watch appearance is strongly influenced by the aesthetic idea of FERRARI car influence, in the continuous reference engine and car body watch and details,http://www.brand-copy-jp.com, finished streamlined watchcase modeling become FERRARI  ENGINEERED  BY  OFFICINE  focus on the exterior design of the PANERAI, especially the table ear design table frame and the bidirectional arcs of the neat. Alternate use of polishing and grinding process of velvet texture more improve the texture of the watch. The crown and the timing button used as FERRARI car dashboard button square nail pattern embossed, further revealing the FERRARI car element is FERRARI  ENGINEERED  BY  OFFICINE  the main source of inspiration for the design of PANERAI.   FERRARI  ENGINEERED  BY  OFFICINE  PANERAI is a high texture and reliable performance is the first creation condition, is a typical representative in the field of top tab. As the high standard Panerai watches the same: case and strap using high technology standard materials, such as AISI  316L stainless steel or titanium alloy. If it is a precious metal,www.timeon24.com, gold or platinum are used only 18. Closed to ensure the waterproof performance of 100 meters, at the same time table glass adopts sapphire crystal materials manufacturing.   loading movement has the most important function of sports watch required: display from a single calendar to GMT two time zones (Greenwich mean time) function; to more sophisticated split second function from having two timing disk Chronograph (with double longitudinal wheel stopwatch function system to improve the adjustment device the exact performance). Movement more therefore models table has no reliable performance indisputable top tab in the field.

Cartire Cartier

        Cartier watch brand Cartire,Replica watches for sale, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, watch model — Tank sapphire watches expensive watches,www.24onhere.com, was initiated in 1917 in spirit, sense from a wartime tank. Geometric design of flowing lines and smooth curves, into the infinite power to the Tank Francaise watch. Timeless classic famous around the world for 83 years. Cartire platinum mechanical watches, hand inlaid polished, Huizhong platinum bright Guanghua and rise above the common herd tabulation process, worthy of extraordinary classic masterpiece, sections are excellent craft, like nature itself — highest quality. Chic and elegant Baignore watch series,http://www.watch-online-replica.com, from the 1912 Cartire designed for the Duchess Pavlovna watch. Combines the characteristics of pearls and diamonds, not only add the wearer noble style,Finest watches, but also witnessed the historic moment of Cartire. Cartire Le Grie de Mandchourie clock

Swiss watch giant Swatch group to buy Italy jeweler Baoge

        industry giant Swatch Group CEO Hayek,/www.heuer-breitling.com, the Swiss watch manufacturing (Nick Hayek) said on Monday, the company is currently no Bvlgari and Italy jeweler (Bulgari) any form of bid negotiation. Hayek also said, the current situation, Bao

              industry giant Swatch Group CEO Hayek,http://www.24onhere.com, the Swiss watch manufacturing (Nick Hayek) said on Monday, the company is currently no Bvlgari and Italy jeweler (Bulgari) offers any form of negotiation. Hayek also said, the current situation, Bvlgari did not show the acquisition by Swatch will.

            Hayek is shown in the above point of view in this Monday to accept the Reuters telephone interview. Hayek said: "the Swatch group did not show any desire to rush to buy Bvlgari. On the other hand, Bvlgari also did not show any desire to rush acquired by Swatch. Both the public and behind the scenes occasions,Finest watches, Swatch and Bvlgari are not present any about takeover negotiations."

            according to German media Focus previously reported,www.chronoonhere.com, Hayek on the Bvlgari company said, this is a great potential for growth of high quality brand. But Hayek also stressed that the Swatch group and not in order to gain control of Bvlgari to the other party and launch a hostile takeover. Hayek told the Focus: "we are not a shark. We hope to build a business, but not random acquisition of a business." Www.biao168.com

              on the other hand, Bvlgari official also denied to sell the company to Swatch rumors. The headquarters is located in Italy Rome Bvlgari in its statement Monday said: "the two companies never negotiate trade shares in any form. The Bvlgari family did not sell the company will."

              Kepler Capital Markets analyst Cox (Jon Cox) said: "from a strategic point of view that development of this deal is beneficial to both companies. Swatch hopes to develop jewelry business, while Bvlgari watch brand is undoubtedly a good supplement. But from the >

Vacheron Constantin launched the OVERSEAS series of grey edition watch (Figure)

        Vacheron Constantin OVERSEAS series grey edition watch (map) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,Finest watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches this summer Vacheron Constantin OVERSEAS series to launch a full gray: from the dial to belt use monochromatic theme, full of vitality and elegant simplicity. The total of two watches, a basic function design,http://www.heuer-breitling.com/, the one for the chronograph watch the Vacheron Constantin OVERSEAS series VACHERON CONSTANTIN OVERSEAS GRAY grey edition watch styles: paragraph 2 diameter: 42 mm: 150 meters waterproof function: classical, minutes,breitling-heuer.com, seconds, date window /30 clock (three o’clock), 12 hours timing (nine o’clock), date window is large (12 points) (chronograph). Movement: 1226 core,www.timeon24.com, 1137 core (Chronograph) band: gray crocodile leather or black rubber.

Van Cleef & Arpels Mens Watch British Romantic Garden (Chart)

among 2009,Bell & Ross watches, Geneva senior watches Exhibition (SIHH) mounted men and women PoeticComplication series Pearl see Van Cleef & Arpels appearance continue to uphold his manly,Hermes replica,effortless touch extravagant manner Introduction of this exhibition

Van Cleef & Arpels British Romantic Garden Mens Watch louis vuitton channel

continue apt uphold his manly,finest watches,simple touch luxurious means A series of enchanted imagine launched the exhibition of watches,surrounded 2009, Geneva senior watches Exhibition (SIHH advent of men plus women Poetic Complic array Pearl watches Van Cleef & Arpels. Interpretation of poetry and as period louis vuitton aisle
Van Cleef & Arpels

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