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< p > auction is a major bright spot,
Glashuette Original Sixties Watches, is a possession of a hand? Magnificent royal presentation musical fan music fan, Prince Ferdinand of Gotha and Saxe-Coburg gift to the vicomte de Morais, Geneva Piguet & amp; captopril in about 1810 product.

Lot Piguet 189 – &

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< p > this is a very rare, gorgeous gold enamel painted porcelain painting inlaid pearls music fan, possession of a hand? And visible rose trimmed? Balance, the fan to watercolor and gold paint. This important gold enamel music fan is the existence of three known only with hand and music fan?. Fan is very fine gorgeous, like other 19th Century Geneva? Made Trolltech and exotic valuables, the fan has been the exclusive royalty and the upper class.


189 / Valuation: 300000 – 500000 Swiss Franc

< p > "we collect some very rare and special auction, such as Rolex Rolex Ref. 1665 Sea-Dweller submariner prototypes and royal presentation fan fan,
Glashuette Original Watches, which really very exciting and we are proud to present in Antiquorum an Antiquorum auction will," Antiquorum an Antiquorum,
Tudor watches, President and chief executive officer Evan Zimmermann said. "So Zhong? Auction of historical importance and a series of patekphilippe Patek Philippe watches and other senior Zhong, no doubt, the auction will is not to be missed a rare machine met.

Aaron Kwok to appear in Guangzhou as the Longines Tianhe City new store opening ceremony

        Valentine’s Day was held in Hongkong after the New Year Concert Aaron Kwok, first appeared in Guangzhou, as the world watches Longines in the city of Guangzhou Tianhe store openings to do publicity. Aaron Kwok has always been to dominate the dynamic danceLongines

series table movement after the French Open tennis tournament, it is understood. Longines (specify timing, Longin also served as the 2007 Shanghai Masters Cup tennis tournament and launched in events during its motion series watches – speed series, Longines tennis special design, every model is built for speed meter scale display, rate reached 2 Maher; Kankas diving series, with water depth and depth meter display; in addition to series table section,FRANCK MULLER WATCHES, aviation expresses Longines "faster, higher, farther more," the spirit of sport.

new year first appeared in Guangzhou, Valentine’s Day was held in Hongkong after the concert of Aaron Kwok. As the world watches Longines in the city of Guangzhou Tianhe store openings to do publicity.

healthy image by advertisers favor. As a Longines spokesperson, Aaron Kwok has always been to the dance steps dominate the world. Had played a beautiful hand Longines, a fur nostalgia look debut placed large pose captured the hearts of the presence of the fan and the audience.

A special version of the

designed for tennis, Aaron Kwok with the hand Longines. "Said the preferred entertainment is watching movies, also like to play tennis, tennis is running the biggest advantage is that you can and friends, and in concert, will choose to run as the fitness function,Urwerk UR-201 collection watches, a person running and others do not have to chat because,Urwerk 110 Collection watches, can quietly thinking problems.

longines l4.708.4.72.2

        net assets: $11000000000 global Rich List Ranking: seventy-first when the last luxury markets rebounded when the sunglasses, king saw his Luxottica company sales jumped nearly 15% to $800000000, shares rose 20%. At the age of 7 Dale Vergy O was sentNet assets: $11000000000,

The global rich list ranked

: seventy-first

last year when the luxury market rebounded when the sunglasses,longines l4.708.4.72.2, king saw his Luxottica company sales jumped nearly 15% to $800000000, shares rose 20%. At the age of 7 Dale Vergy O was sent to an orphanage. He was in a manufacturing auto parts and glasses mold factory his apprenticeship. In 1961 he founded Luxottica, and started making his glasses. He is still the chairman of the Luxottica group. The company is the world’s largest maker of sunglasses and prescription glasses, the glasses is also the largest retailer, has more than 6000 stores, including USA chain SunglassHut and bright perspective glasses shop, in charge of Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) and Oakley (Oakley) brand. His son Claudio has USA men’s clothing retailer Booker brothers (BrooksBrothers).

Mens watch brands and fashion industry billionaire face-to-face, net assets: $7600000000

The global rich list ranked

: 122nd

company: the Japanese company (FastRetail)

due to a strong yen and Japanese domestic market is shrinking, the company into the world’s leading clothing retailer obstruction. In the past year,Franck Muller Watches, the company’s share price fell 15%. In order to overcome larger rivals,Tissot Watches, Ryui Masa performed each year opened about 300 stores plan. He also plans to make English as the common language of the whole company. In order to strengthen the company’s charity, he and small loan bank Grameen (GrameenBank) cooperation in Bangladesh to produce clothing, low price and sold to the local people. He was racing fans and owners.

Net assets: $7200000000

Mens watch brands ranked the world’s richest ranking: 132nd