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crocodile leather strap

< p > strap is expensive than belt, and this is reflected in the crocodile leather strap,
Graham Watches, a original original estimated price estimation in 2000 yuan of above, luxury brands sell 4000-5000 yuan are not unusual. Allegedly crocodile crocodile leather strap is farmed alligator strap for the American alligator, and caiman,
www.wrist4usale.com, before quality as well.

1, caiman and alligators are two different varieties in different growing sites; Crocs,

crocodile strap

< p > 2,
Michele Watches, used in the fabric of the Cayman crocodile skin texture is irregular torus, and alligator is trellis design;

3, Alligator Crocodile Leather is better than Kaimen, Kaimen on a "brittle" crocodile skin;

< p > 4, alligator is more valuable, in the fabric of the best, and its aesthetic value and also the Cayman crocodile leather can not be compared.

Ochs und junior a niche brand creative

ochs und junior: a niche brand creative

Ochs und junior

‘s creative is how to generate

six years ago, Oechslin Ludwig and I put into the research and development of MIH. The MIH table contains a number of lateral thinking design, different from those of the factory’s products. The general clock makers like to add some of the so – called complex functions to their timers, which always contain as many components as possible, and are extremely complex. And Oechslin just the opposite, which is quite rare in the middle of the clock designer. Oechslin has a broad and in-depth knowledge, including mathematics theory, archaeology,http://www.bagsbagu.com, astronomy, there are, for example, for the repair of the Vatican Farnese pendulum. All of these reflect the his achievements. There is no difference in the Renaissance of the Renaissance, Oechslin takes the concept of an indirect way, and does not follow the rules. For the study of mathematics, he learned that the simple things are always more elegant and more appropriate,www.fashionsalewatch.com, of course, if the result is correct. In the face of complex issues related to functional complexity, Oechslin is willing to respond to a simple and satisfactory solution. MIH is the first work to follow this direction.

Ochs und junior

is a natural continuation of the wisdom, and is more than simple. Simplicity and rigor are recognized features of architectural design, industrial design, art, and software programming. Simple solutions that are creative, often in a long period of time. Oechslin have a number of good ideas in the pipeline — they are one after another. Und junior Ochs is the platform he took those creative achievements, and my role is like the staff of the embassy, to ensure that all of this as clearly as possible.

no doubt, Oechslin is a complex type of clock and clock R & D,www.luxury-free-store.com, so he has his own watch company to produce his ideas, which is reasonable.

what’s your design idea?

design is not independent of und Junio Ochs, which is the process of conceptualization and simplicity. The most obvious external manifestation of this aspect may be that there is no letter or number on the dial. If it’s just a glance, the analog display is more intuitive than the number. Once, this understanding led to the date indicating the window is too large, and the impact of the whole timer is beautiful.


takes a different approach: und junior Ochs uses a series of holes on the dial to show the calendar, in which the dots can be seen in the orange. People don’t spend too much time on this concept, and it is easier to recognize and to be more beautiful. These holes are Ochs >

Xianglong offer on inventory Imjin Lunar New Year of the dragon limited edition watch the top [map]

dragons greetings inventory year of water dragon celebrate the New Year Limited Edition


watch dragonCount < p > collection’s most outstanding designers, watchmakers, goldsmiths, jewellery master, sculptors and enamel painting master, successfully will be multi brand a unique technology production technology perfect fusion, crafting a series of a total of 24 creation, to the vast art seen wild interpretation of Chinese mythology and fables in the outline of the imaginary world, constitute a inspire and cultivate a series of dreams. This a series of stunning watches are equipped with the count of La Cote-aux-Fees production workshop designed and manufactured by the movement, from ultra-thin movement to the complex floating Tourbillon movement, from the classical atmosphere styles even stunning senior jewelry styles. For the people of the world show extraordinary brand watches artistic attainments. The 24 pieces of works especially from Switzerland arrived in Beijing, held before the dinner and reception debut, including a pair of priceless, dragon and Phoenix, three-dimensional modeling in senior jewelry watches. Weixiaoweimiao performance of manufacturing industry let a person gasp in admiration.

dragons greetings inventory year of water dragon celebrate the New Year limited edition watch the top

Chopin (Chopard) L.U.C Urshi maki-e watch series blue dragon watch

< p > this series to ancient Chinese philosophy, the fundamental elements of the universe, "five elements", is a gold, wood, water, fire and earth, respectively, the corresponding design out five kinds of beast: crouching tiger, Lan Jiaolong,
Glashuette Original Senator Watches, basaltic snake beast turtle, Phoenix, moonlight Kirin, blue ceratopsian dinosaur for which a watch. Urushi is a long history of Japanese lacquer painting art,
Glashuette Original Sixties Watches, Chopin XP L.U.C urushi will take the lead in this precious lacquer painting process, the introduction of decorative dial. L.U.C XP series of ultra thin shell, the thickness of only 6.8 mm, with perfect elegant demeanor. National treasure maki-e art collocation and combination of traditional Japanese craft and top Swiss tabulation process both, both the East and the resulting from the fusion of beauty was palpable. This series of watch dial design and drawing completed by the lacquer art Master Mr. Masumura Kiichiro himself, Mr. Masumura Kiichiro is Chanticleer artist of Japan,
www.free4usale.com, is Japan official named artist of the "treasure of the world", L.U.C Urshi maki-e watch process value can be seen in general.

Used floating type Tourbillon – Chanel premi s re [map] watch auction used fashion watch the Pacific

level floating Tourbillon — ",www.4usale.com;Premiè re"

this remarkable is the Renaud (Piguet Audemars) advanced R & D department & Papi (SA APRP) designers,www.heuer-breitling.com, engineers and watch the results of the work closely together, but also two companies jointly developed the first floating type of flywheel. This is a floating type Tuo flywheel is carved into a favorite Ms. Chanel camellia flower pattern, "Premiè re watch center silently rotate in a, low-key to almost mystical. Sparkling petals and dense Diamond Flower Camellia beauty add radiance and beauty to each other, bring fine. The floating type of the flywheel rotates a circle every minute, and the petals show the passage of the second.

grade floating Tourbillon — Chanel "Premiè re",Glashuette Original Senator Watches;

< p > this medal "Camellia floating type" of the tourbillon movement installed in accordance with tailored to the case of a rectangular bottom board, dynamic storage for 40 hours. All detail decoration and chamfering, straightened and torus decorative parts were in accordance with the highest standards of luxury Swiss watchmaking tradition, with manual carefully. The hour and minute hand is mounted in the above black high-tech precision ceramic dial. This is a "Premiè re floating type Tourbillon watch size of 28.5 x 37 mm and retains the classic" Premiè re watch 19 x 26 mm in perfect proportion. The case, bezel and crown were studded with long ladder shaped diamond, round diamond or precious stones. "Premiè re" floating Tourbillon limited edition 20, each with independent number. Watch with 18K platinum to create, mosaic 101 single length of ladder shaped cut diamonds (total 5.2 karats) and 127 star brilliant cut round diamond (with a total weight of 2 carats).

Fault [electronic watch battery and selection of common map] _ watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _

electronic battery and common fault

electronic watch should choose what kind of battery? Electronic watch must use small size, capacity, voltage stability of the battery,www.4usale.com, so the selection of silver zinc batteries and zinc mercury battery. The more common use of silver zinc batteries. The difference is, the voltage is one point five volts of silver zinc batteries, zinc mercury battery for a little dog. The life of silver zinc and zinc mercury battery, which depends on the capacity of the battery and the power consumption of the watch.

electronic watch battery and common failure

when the power is running out, the light will become dim, or when it is turned on,http://www.chrono2u.com, the digital display will suddenly become dark and even disappear. A quartz watch, which is equipped with a battery life, when the battery is running out of power, all of the display numbers will flash together. The digital watch’s lamp consumes a lot of power. Generally open for a second, the power consumption can be used for normal time with more than one hour. In the international,Rado Watches, the specification of the watch battery is not standardized, so the general, the exchange difference. All kinds of electronic watches, have specifically designated use of batteries. Some can be used in a certain range, but for what brand of watches, are there are provisions, not free to use. Replace the battery, if they don’t understand watch technology, should repair shop watch battery installation.