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Zenith watches where to buy watch

crocodile leather strap < p > strap is expensive than belt, and this is reflected in the crocodile leather strap, Graham Watches, a original original estimated price estimation in 2000 yuan of above, luxury brands sell 4000-5000 yuan are not unusual. Allegedly crocodile crocodile leather strap is farmed alligator strap for the American alligator, and […]

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Ochs und junior a niche brand creative

ochs und junior: a niche brand creative

Ochs und junior

‘s creative is how to generate

six years ago, Oechslin Ludwig and I put into the research and development of MIH. The MIH table contains a number of lateral thinking design, different from those of the factory’s products. The general clock makers like to add some of the so – called complex functions to their timers, which always contain as many components as possible, and are extremely complex. And Oechslin jus

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Xianglong offer on inventory Imjin Lunar New Year of the dragon limited edition watch the top [map]

dragons greetings inventory year of water dragon celebrate the New Year Limited Edition


watch dragonCount < p > collection’s most outstanding designers, watchmakers, goldsmiths, jewellery master, sculptors and enamel painting master, successfully will be multi brand a unique technology production technology perfect fusion, crafting a series of a total of 24 creation, to the vast art seen wild interpretation of Chinese mythology and fables in th

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Used floating type Tourbillon – Chanel premi s re [map] watch auction used fashion watch the Pacific

level floating Tourbillon — ",;Premiè re"

this remarkable is the Renaud (Piguet Audemars) advanced R & D department & Papi (SA APRP) designers,, engineers and watch the results of the work closely together, but also two companies jointly developed the first floating type of flywheel. This is a floating type Tuo flywheel is


Fault [electronic watch battery and selection of common map] _ watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _

electronic battery and common fault

electronic watch should choose what kind of battery? Electronic watch must use small size, capacity, voltage stability of the battery,, so the selection of silver zinc batteries and zinc mercury battery. The more common use of silver zinc batteries. The difference is, the voltage is one point five volts of silver zinc batteries, zinc mercury battery for a little dog. The life of

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