Van Cleef & Arpels legends ball Watch skimming over the surface of powder Gold Dial watch watch auct

Van Cleef & Arpels: Pink Gold Dial Watch dance legend between skimming over the surface of

St Petersburg, February 11, 1903

of St Petersburg, nestled in a world of ice and snow, like emerge from the Russian fairy tales in the magic world. Winter Palace Wang court gathered crown cover. The theme from Alexandra James: seventeenth Century Russian Imperial Palace queen.

Bal Du Palais d ‘Hiver watch

< p > BAL du Palais d ‘hiver watch with mother of Pearl for decoration, using complex function "24-hour poetry movement, time between powder Gold Dial skimming over the surface.

Van Cleef & Arpels: Pink Gold Dial Watch dance legend between skimming over the surface of

Venice, September 3,, 1951

< p > BAL Du Siè CLE is "Don Carlo" dedicated "to a quiet country" Venice of a gift! He’s going to be a grand ball to reproduce the past glory of the Venice,, Acura Shuicheng is not world of China and the United States. Whether in France or Italy,, he has a special liking for eighteenth Century,, so he set the venue of the dance in the grand Libya Venice palace, because the reception room is to mention the Poirot painting as a decoration. The theme is eighteenth Century non natural?.

Bal Du Siè

cle watch;

Bal Du Siè cle watch with mother of pearl dial color collocation aventurine glass, very kind of dance. 24 hours and watch it complex poetic time echo each other at a distance.

Wrist spin art flip watches century legend (on) [map] watch watch little knowledge of fashion watch

wrist watch art flip rotating century legend (on


ancient heroes each had a good horse. When the smoke and fire away,Breitling Watches, men find their new combat fun equestrian sport on horseback. And let the man on horseback is more clear, in addition to professional equestrian equipment, also did not work on the wrist. Rough shape, strong anti impact performance is charming on horseback watch enduring. Horse riding and polo watch the biggest feature is strong shock resistance, due to race on horseback, a moment can erupt the strong impact energy, the watch movement structure can be described as is the ultimate test, so the horse riding and polo table needs to have a powerful "core".

wrist watch art flip rotating century legend (on


story behind the flip table

at the beginning of 1930s, King Edward VIII of England family feathers engraved in the Reverso watch. The prince of Denmark also, he mentioned in a 1934 letter, "even in southern Morocco, bad weather, but the reverso watch still let you very satisfied." The famous American pilot Amelia Earhart took the first flight to New York from Mexico to on May 8, 1935. The British gentlemen are decorated with a selection of shield shaped logo on their watches. Reverso watch is cipl Princess bodyguard Gurkha Rifles elite love. And the Royal Sussex regiment soldiers and Cromwell Royal Air Force college students but also to the reverso watches the army’s own color decoration. Similarly, young British students to own reverso watches were engraved on the Eton,, harrow and at the University of St Andrews, shield shaped emblem pattern. And the other of the watch has a choice of more representative of their own choice, such as the cottage on the island,Movado Watches, the most like the country’s map, and even erotic scenes.

Fashion watch brand how to repair failure _ watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _ Pacific w

fashion brand failure how to repair

watch about weakness, balance sheet may be stopped, watch mainspring instability or spring deformation. Tighten the cover later watch does not go, remove the movement, and the normal walking,Chopard Watches, fault location may be: second high touch table glass, glass not impaction circle table, resulting in the second touch watch glass. Fault analysis of the watch,Glashuette Original Senator Watches, it is only possible to determine the location of the fault may occur. Where the failure occurred in which one or several parts, but also must be specific to the watch, to determine the final.

fashion watch brand failure how to repair

1, watch about weakness,Breitling Watches, balance sheet is stopped, the breakdown of where

?< p > watches failure may be: mainspring torque instability or spring deformation, prolapse of the box cover box of the gear tooth bending or break a handle shaft of small round rod is too long and scraping strip wheel box; a wheel box wall fracture or deformation of the spring is too wide, a box of lamp convex. swiss luxury

MILLENARYPRECIEUSE18K platinum substance / Cal.2046 manual winding machine / namely inlaid with 187 circular diamonds two.35 carats) / waterproof 20 meters Millennium treasures series Millennium

with gorgeous diamond styles,,prefer a blossom favor shape of the additional Dazzling diamond favor attract attention of champagne bubbles; sunny ring decorated with mama of Pearl irregular dial to belt look show nobility Comfortable plus paste dress among satin strap apt clothe women to show their polished coupled with the Audemars Pigeut preferential blueprint of OVAL DIAMOND clasp,,not only pricey plus more shining. Often people favor wearing a floral, let you bring out infinite sexy beauty


18K platinum matter / Cal.2046 atlas winding machine / is inlaid with 187 round diamonds 2.35 carats) waterproof 20 meters

Millennium treasures order

still follows the Millennium series of oval watchcase, Millennium Series is a array of delicate and singular watch based on elliptical watchcase. In 2009 the introduction of night watch More among the diamond inlaid approximately the desk ear plus soft as silk satin belt backdrop is especially charming. Simple and restrained lap diamond styles, regardless of the platinum watchcase with black satin strap alternatively rose gold case with beige satin belt tin reflect the polished Art D Co Art Deco manner The design of Arabia plus Rome period scale,also namely one of the characteristics of the Millennium series

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Dior Christal Rubber Ruby Chronograph Watch

        stainless steel / ETA quartz chronograph movement per hour, minute and second, date / time function / table diameter 38mm / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 50 meters / vulcanized natural rubber strap fashion brand Christ

soft and flexible; strap surface casting pit, press Dior Christal series of chain like       natural rubber strap watch by sulfide treatment. Then embedded in hand cutting and polishing gem crystal. Note the watchband each triangle tapered gem crystal by hand carefully steel jaw tight, the rubber strap surface to screw with stabilized, together as mosaic effect, to put the strap in turn to see the screw position, the detail design thoughtful, exquisite handmade fine dense, fully expressed the unique luster and textured Dior Christal watch series. In addition to the 38 mm of bright red chronograph, Dior Christal Rubber series is available in three sizes of six black or white model,graham watches, part is diamond studded style, providing more choices for stylish women.

    stainless steel / ETA quartz chronograph movement per hour, minute and second, date display / timing function / table diameter 38mm sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 50 meters / vulcanized natural rubber strap

table diameter up to 38 mm,       fashion brand Christian Dior launched a new bright red time special edition watch – Dior Christal Rubber Rubi Chronograph watch design with a sense of the times. A timing button inlaid triangle cone anti wear Ruby crystal, the dial pointer after polishing SuperLuminova luminous coating treatment, it can easily grasp time in dark environment. But in the unidirectional rotating bezel set with ruby crystal and 76 diamonds, rubies and diamonds,8908BB/5T/J70 D0DD, crystal phase, bright red rubber strap is also decorated with triangular conical crystal,GRAHAM LONDON WATCHES, red irresistible.

exquisite hand strap