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watch table mirror, waterproof cover, put on the first waterproof apron and corresponding to the standard. All waterproof sheets are marked with "RESISTANT WATER" or "PROOF WATER" on the bottom. No mark can only watch waterproof dustproof, should avoid water. 30 meters (3atm, that is three atmospheres) water table can be used for daily grooming or rain, namely, water drop only splash on the surface and no water pressure exerted on the table on. 50 meters waterproof table can be applied to swimming and general housework, 100 meters waterproof table can be used for swimming and diving,, etc..

top watch four maintenance

.< p > waterproof aprons aging can watch waterproof performance, so watch waterproof apron and head (containing a waterproof ring) according to use needs to be replaced regularly. The quartz watch should be replaced at the same time to change the battery, to ensure that the waterproof performance is good.

any FangShuiBiao shoulds not be wearing a hot bath,, sauna or the great changes in environment temperature in use. Because the waterproof apron will be affected by temperature expansion and contraction are void and accelerate aging and cause water and table of hydrometeor,, serious will make parts damage. sale hublot watch

Elegant and

brand golf leisureRolex

Phil · Mikkelsen is the choice of Rolex (Rolex) Cellini Slim (Cellini). No amplification of the calendar mirror, thin second hand,, no luminous green ghost standard, there is no automatic winding, but there is no sign of oyster shell type and waterproof to a depth of. Phil Mickelson’s this slim Cellini Rolex is some manual movement, with black crocodile leather strap, full of artistic connotation, called the real "graceful elder brother".


table from the name of Beiniuweiduo · Cellini (Benuveto Cellini), sixteenth Century Italy sculptor. He produced a large number of gold and silver industrial products and sculpture works for the French royal family and the rulers of Italy,, the technique is highly decorative, artistic skills are excellent. Later generations called him a dramatic romantic artist. Cellini series is in tribute to the great artist. The platinum noble metal shell, low temperature baking enamel surface, white jade,, never fade. Platinum Rome word scale, slim and sleek shell type and a subtle reveal of the classic OYSTER style,HERMES WATCHES, quite the old style antique Rolex means.

leisurely elegant top watch brands and golf

Rolex’s MILGAUSS is known as the "golf first guy," Adam · Scott’s watch. Now MILGAUSS series of well-known antimagnetic behind Submariner, Explorer and Daytona, but who loved science. The unique Logo is the one and only the lightning shaped Lightening Bolt seconds, there is a small orange arrow tip.

Using oyster case and strap > MILGAUSS, Rolex first antimagnetic basic movement packet soft cover, veliger also uses soft iron is made. Antimagnetic practical value not to mention. Is said to Donald Tsang’s son because of frequent access to the operating room, what to wear a watch every day will be faster or slower for half an hour, and finally to buy MILGAUSS was a great relief to. Magnetic field is also ubiquitous in real life, all kinds of electronic equipment and base station will release the influence of magnetism, many expensive tables are difficult to escape. While Rolex’s MILGAUSS series and engineers, antimagnetic function is quite strong.

And integrating watch watch auction used fashion watch the Pacific women’s network the two top brand

integration of the two top brand essence of Bvlgari Octo Maserati watch

The mechanical process of

extraordinary as if done by the spirits,

joint table to stand up and have a future thinking of the brand of traditional ideas for inspiration. In order to achieve the pursuit of perfection and precision technology, performance and style of the brand, Maserati Octo is specially equipped with a representative of the exquisite mechanical process of advanced watches movement: GG7800 Calibre. With all kinds of time measurement information display excellent arrangement design, this movement can be in the same type of complex mechanism to maintain its unique nature.

< p > in addition to the 12 o’clock position of the jump out of the window, this series of self movement is also equipped with four inverse jump display Benten fro. A including minutes, date and hour and minute time inverse show jumping, movement of all the complex mechanism all by Bvlgari Le sentier haute Horlogerie workshop personally R & D and manufacturing. Central timing second special configuration to 6 o’clock, to avoid affecting clockwise display Niao Kang C traditional build calibre GG7800 to guide column wheel system control the timing Benten fro. A given movement of top watches the excellent characteristics.

integration of the two top brand essence of Bvlgari Octo Maserati watch

height precision mechanical

have great originality "motor" collocation on the big 45 mm diameter stainless steel case. Start / stop and return to zero time according to the design at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock direction,, closely integrated into the table body, the rich table side of the design. This structure is integrated with the star shaped design lines, carefully crafted to the shape of the crown. Extremely sophisticated mechanical structure, each of the details are echoed with the core principles of Bvlgari and Martha Lahti brand. Pedigree,, technology of complicated Octo Maserati senior watches profound interpretation of lead the top car factory cars create a masterpiece of spirit.

< p > the scale of the ring part of the table, and velum is copying covered with Maserati factory producer of top sports car front front air dam design. So exquisite face plate is carved by Bvlgari enamel (champlevé) technology and processing. Enamel painting need through the ornamental hairpin h stage manufacturing, first of all to carve knife out hollowed surface for painting, then injected into the enamel, grinding, calcination, and polish, each procedure are not careless, was able to create the drow extraordinary velum.

integration of the two top brand essence of Bvlgari Octo Maserati watch

< p > disc shows the overall style of the multi-level effect, with blue background,, the various spiral lines and satin surface polishing treatment, 12 o’clock is 60 minutes scale ring, the date graduation in 6 >

The other side of the story — the top watch at night

On the other side of the

night legend — top watch of the night

dark night aesthetic

some watch the day to see the momentum, the night will be gentle and quiet, some of the table in the daytime quiet and dull, and one night will suddenly be gorgeous as fireworks. A table playing table is not due to the moment, the same. No surface and the truth, perhaps just this moment, he was. This time we want to say, is a range of art and technology control in the eyes of the luminous watch.

< p > during the day to see you will be slightly too fancy "California", to the night you will find its graceful: half Roman numerals half Arabic numerals dial design, in the night all watchcase surface detail is spent only left luminous pointer and scale, form the watch will break the monotony, is fun. And it is important to read, it is very easy to be in the night, and if the scale is simple and consistent, it is hard to tell what you are. And about this famous "California" also probably is more than Panerai and Rolex fans heart tangled (saying the "California" was originally specializing in production of precision instruments Panerai told the Italian Navy commissioned by the system, which uses a Rolex movement and crown technology, and the number of 3464 "California" Rolex Panerai watches has become the darling of the watch collectors). That later spread far and wide in the World War II Italian piece, Panerai has also been "cute" arrangement for a while for the Italian Navy "lay shot back. But it is undeniable, Panerai and Rolex in luminous technology and continuously explore.

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On the other side of the

night legend — top watch of the night< p > in the dark hours of readability, most of the watch is on the key scale with different shapes in order to make a distinction, such as Rolex 12 o’clock position is usually inverted triangle,, and Panerai is best known is typical of 369 type, namely at 3, 6, 9 scale by Arabic numerals. Of course, the clear luminous display, also have to mention Panerai famous sandwich sandwich structure dial, so to maximize the effectiveness of luminous material. And Rolex also do not throw in the towel, was widely welcomed the "Mercedes Benz needle", is in the clockwise to "Mercedes Benz" shape increases luminous range, so you can be the simplest way to tell time.

Pohl table of the "lantern",Graham London watches, not only from the form of color to distinguish. Blue gas lamp is arranged on the scale of minutes and 12 o’clock gas lamps for orange, green gas lamps in Chronograph pointer, and yellow gas lamp is arranged on the hour,, minute and second hands on. In a completely dark space, see a day exploration watch quite brave,, become like the fireworks shining sky.

With Patek Philippe [5040] feel different figure _ watch _ auction _ fashion watch _ Pacific women’s

same 5040 different feeling

machine No. 3128019,Tudor watches, case No. 4316823,Zenith watches, No. 5040G. About 2006.

< p > 18K white gold, with a calendar function, moon phase, 24 hours indicated and 18K platinum Patek Philippe hidden buckle core types of 240Q.


: the estimated price of CHF

price including commission: 43750 CHF

with the same paragraph, Patek Philippe 5040 different feeling

< p > Patek Philippe from 1992 launched a barrel shaped watchcase 5040, although its production life of up to 16 years old (1992-2008), but total output is not large,
HERMES WATCHES, so the market saw the opportunity is not much. Before seen a 5040, is very like, solid gold word, although it is still used in 240 circular core, but disk scale distribution profile is arranged in accordance with the watchcase shape, looks simple and elegant. This is only on the surface of the circular track on the increase in the scale, to tell the truth, I feel a bit strange. However, from the results of the transaction, or someone like it.

IWC IWC outstanding unique invention

        minute take sandwich double needle design, to fly back to the minute hand lever control is the first watch design. Through the open patent sealed toggle part, makes the low minute stay another minute to run, can be used to calculate the time segment, when closure

minute take sandwich double needle design, to fly back to the minute hand lever control is the first watch design. Through the open patent sealed toggle part, makes the low minute stay another minute to run, can be used to calculate the time segment, when closure wrist parts, low operation under the minute hand immediately returns the minute hand. The biggest advantage of this feature is the watch can display the "first" and "second" time, through two independent operation of the pointer,Replica Breguet, perform the segmentation time work, can not affect the existing timing work, at the same time as a series of time calculation section starting point.

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minority is located in German speaking Switzerland watch maker


minority is located in German speaking Switzerland watch manufacturers, was founded in 1868 in Schafhausen (SchaffhausenIWC des Nations table. And mostly distributed in the French region of LaChauxdeFond La Fengzhen and Jurassic Luoshan district (JuraMountain watch brands have a very different style. The IWC has become the "taste", "style" synonyms, people emphasize precision timing, quality of life of the most loved.


Tourbillon system

only a few experienced master watches have assembled Tourbillon ability, Tourbillon this item in the tabulation process was considered the top of complex function device. The objective to offset gravity to balance caused by gravity, the movement to lose accuracy, leading to watch go too fast or too slow. Structure Tourbillon is balance, Messenger,Breitling watches, gossamer and escapement device in a 1 minutes to rotate 360 degrees in a circle in the framework, the use of such a 360 degree rotation to offset the effects of gravity on the watch. At present this complex function device in IIDestrieroScafusiaDaVinciTourbillon and PortuguesTourbillon watches, using IWC alone for one minute tourbillon, Tourbillon framework titanium metal material antimagnetic, running 8 times per second rate of rotation,Hermes watches, in order to achieve the incomparable precision. This contains more than 100 parts of the structure are also worth mentioning IIDestrieroScafusia, its weight was less than 0.3 grams.

Bulgari Replica gift for lady

        CREDOR precious flower table top watch brand concept, to concentrate the Japanese aesthetic consciousness in Japanese culture, vocabulary, like Yin and Yang, bamboo and plum blossom, each a watch making,Bulgari Replica, whether it is polished, machine parts

first in the veliger to ink painted map, radical manual filigree sequence complexity. Through the master skilled neat filigree, faithful reproduction of gorgeous map. The filigree is fixed, the violet root handed down from ancient times (note two) adhesive made of, after high temperature firing will complete carbonization, will not affect the glaze, glaze (glaze in the fill), using 8 color glaze, make slim and elegant sense of hierarchy; after six the above repeated glazing and firing process, with the glaze layer, to create a sharp, rich layers of color. After the completion of the dial, with several stone grinding, by a professional chef, skilled in the fine art to adjust the thickness of each dial, dial shall at least spend more than 3 hours to render the

carefully pondering

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concentrated in Japanese aesthetics consciousness as the concept,     CREDOR precious flower table top watch brand. Into the Japanese cultural vocabulary, like Yin and Yang, bamboo and plum blossom, each a watch making, whether parts of the grinding, assembly, movement or gold engraving, inlay all kinds of decoration,Hermes watches, but also are done by has the state-level technology level master surgeon, altar table in become an independent school, become many collectors preferred collection watches. Replica watches

promotes the limited two combining essence artisans and radical technology enamel series table section. For the first time in filigree enamel technology, this year CREDOR continued the original Oriental style. Painted colorful scenery in Japan on the dial, the charm of living pattern and the brilliant colors, with 247 elegant time scale, and carrying the Cal.6890 ultra-thin manual chain two needle movement, unlike Europe is the brand of enamel watch, radical enamel art and more perfect combination of watchmaking excellence under good, perfect presentation of exquisite beauty, to attract the altar table at! More Replica watches

Replica watches

  Replica watches

GBBY998 18K rose gold case; colorful blooming cherry and gurgling water, rich and gaudy red maple and donate to donate a fly. Model GBBY999 18K white gold case Replica watches

complex order carefully pondering. Show the colorful spring cherry bright red maple and gurgling water