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time division pin coordination

The reason for the difference between the

time division is as follows:

1,, the surface of the plate with the installation of the poor (usually mosaic or printed)

2, the scale of the dial to have a printing error

< p > 3, dial the center hole and the movement, and the second hand shaft hole do not coincide, pan claw and movement between also exist radial clearance),,

,, 4 minute when the assembly installation error of

watch minute poor coordination of

< p > on watch, poor coordination, in the industry standard "mechanical watches, QB/T1249-2004 is such a requirement: when the needle with the character center superposition, minute deviation" 12 "when character center angle should be in conformity with the provisions of this. 1, excellent products of —18~18 (angle); 2, grade —24~24 (angle); 3, qualified —30~30 degrees (angle). Check up, every 6 degrees for a lattice, that is to say, up to the minute hand of poor coordination of not more than 5 lattice. When the minute installation error is generated when the minute hand assembly, poor coordination of the main reason. , coordinated the examination method in the industry standard is such a requirement: "clockwise respectively with" 3 "and" 6 "and" 9 "," 12 "character coincident with the center and check the minute hand of the deviation angle of" 12 "conform to the center of the", should be in accordance with the above requirements, this check is watches use reliability.

In 1958 the Rolex Submariner reference 5512 was introduced as with Rolex nothing is absolute. This reference was produced from 1958 (I can substantiate that date 58 as I have seen a 2 line 5512 with a serial number 371,,xxx) and continued through 1978 with several calibers over the years. I am sure there will be some controversy but the 1030 may also have been used in the early years. However I have not hard facts just shifting information. The mainstay calibers included 1520, 1530, 1560 and 1570. I have seen several from 1961 / 62 that carried the 1560 caliber. The 5512 did not as a rule carry the C.O.S.C. certification for its entire production,, but it did have the chronometer certification in the last years of production.

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