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Watch [map] _ minute difference coordination watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _ Pacific women’s n

time division pin coordination

The reason for the difference between the

time division is as follows:

1,, the surface of the plate with the installation of the poor (usually mosaic or printed)

2, the scale of the dial to have a printing error

< p > 3, dial the center hole and the movement, and the second hand shaft hole do not coincide, pan claw and movement between also exis

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In 1958 the Rolex Submariner reference 5512 was introduced as with Rolex nothing is absolute. This reference was produced from 1958 (I can substantiate that date 58 as I have seen a 2 line 5512 with a serial number 371,,xxx) and continued through 1978 with several calibers over the years. I am sure there will be some controversy but the 1030 may also have been used in the early years. However I have not hard facts just s

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