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3999 Wyler limited edition Chronograph niche models table watch back _ watch _ auction _ fashion

< p > 2009 business,, stainless steel case, titanium and carbon fiber elements, the limited number 1584/3999, automatic winding 2894-2 movement, case size 53× 43 mm. forecast price: 27000 – 18000 Hong Kong dollars including commission price: 18750 Hong Kong dollars < p > and a watch industry veteran eat when speaking of a […]

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From the tourbillon to world time high Perot Foose presenting GMT world time watch [map] watch aucti

< p > this extraordinary watch, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey the effort invested in the second time zone display mode, namely GMT (Greenwich mean time) for navigator for historical reference longitude. This is a very practical complex functions, and connoisseurs great evaluation. The second zone is around the world businessmen, often in the outer reaches of the passengers, and those whose family and friends throughout the people all over the world and set. Loyal to the

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